Womens’ Fitness: Ladies Should NOT Be Working Out Like ‘Tough Guys’

-by Joey Atlas, The Woman’s Trainer

Womens’ Fitness: Ladies Should NOT Be Working Out Like ‘Tough Guys’

A few weeks ago I had a new member post a question for me in the private forum of my interactive site (www.BestFitnessAdvice.com) – the one you get free access to when you get started on the ULBHTM program…

Anyway – here’s her question:

“Hi Joey – just ordered the e-Manual today and I’m very excited about this because I’ve been working myself like crazy 6 days a week in the gym – and I’ve been at it for about 7 years now. See, after my second daughter – my body looked like one of those big bean bags that you sit on – it was a mess…

Anyway I joined a gym and basically started doing the same thing that everyone else was doing – ya know – the squats with weight, leg presses leg curls, the smith machine, dead lifts – you name it I was doing it…

All the guys told me I was doing the right thing – to work hard and keep pushing…

Well after seven years and hardly any results – I knew I had to try something else… One of the other mother’s from my kids school told me about your lower body program and emailed me the link to
your site – and well, here I am!

I’m starting your leg, butt, hip, thigh and tummy Makeover in the morning – would you advise that I stay away from the ‘men type’ workouts for a while?”

Thanks, Joey


Hey Collette – welcome to ‘the club’…

First things first: You are a woman – so there is no need for you to think about working out like a man… Now there are 2 key reasons for this…

1 – most men don’t exercise properly (most of them just don’t publicly admit that they are not quite sure if they are doing the right program – most guys do the ‘monkey see – monkey do’ program) – if you watch them – they all do the same exact stuff – it’s like the blind leading the blind…

2 – a woman’s body is much more delicate and sensitive – and doesn’t react favorably to the strenuous nature of the weights and machines that men “like to do” because they are ‘tough guys’.

Most women – after pounding their bodies for several years with the gym type workout routine – start to get aches and pains that they never had before – these aches and pains are a crystal clear warning sign from your body saying “Hey – please stop beating me up every day – what you’re doing is not helping me – it’s hurting me and I don’t know how much more I can take be before I break down.”

So – yes – stay away from ‘the gym’ – at least for all your lower body work – if you still want to go there for some upper body and some cardio – that’s cool…

OK Collette – keep me posted on your progress,

So, have YOU ever done ‘the gym thing’ – did it work for you? Did it feel too strenuous? Was the time commitment a bit unrealistic? Did you get any of the aches and pains? …

… and most importantly…

Did you get ALL the results you were hoping you would get?

Let me know – just post your comment below…

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Best Leg Lift Exercise for Toning, Slimming and Sculpting

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

A common question I get from many women is, “What’s the best leg lift exercise for toning and slimming my legs?”

What made me think about writing this article is actually not the question but an experience I had during my own lower body workout a few days ago.

I happened to be at the local YMCA and I was finishing up my leg workout off to the side on a mat in some open floor space. About 30 feet from me were two other women doing some of their own leg lift exercises.

best leg lift exercise for toning slimming and sculpting
Toning Leg Lift Exercise

I got up to get a quick drink at the water fountain and a woman who had been watching my whole leg workout while she was on the treadmill came over to me and said, “I was watching your whole workout and what surprises me is that you didn’t use any weights or leg machines and your legs and butt look amazing.”

I thanked her and briefly explained a bit of my ‘leg exercise’ philosophy. She then commented on the noticeable difference between how I was doing my leg lift exercises on the mat as compared to the 2 women who were also doing leg lift exercises on the floor. She asked me for some insight on this.

I explained, “Most people haven’t learned that leg exercise tempo, form, sequence and grouping are just as important as the actual exercises. Then you introduce ‘micro-varying’ to your leg exercise program and you really make things happen. You were watching me do all of these things. These were the differences you were seeing between me and the 2 women over there doing their own versions of leg lift exercises.”

So in answering the question, “What’s the best leg lift exercise for toning and slimming my legs?”…

There is no single best leg lift exercise – but rather how you perform the leg exercise in regards to exercise tempo, form, sequence and what other leg exercises you are grouping it with. Beyond that – you want to consider ‘micro-varying’ your leg exercises for long term progression.

This is where the best results are achieved and that is really what we are after. The best results – and not actually ‘the best leg lift exercise’.

These are the principles that have made The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover so popular among so many types of women. The program teaches the exact ways to perform each exercise with all the elements I mention above.

Women who use the ULBHTM for their leg, butt, hip and thigh areas get results. Women who kind of just go through the motions without regard to leg exercise tempo, form, sequence and grouping (like the 2 women at the YMCA) – get no results or very limited results.

Are you getting the results you want?

Or are you getting no results?

Let me know – leave a ‘comment’ below…

Your trainer,

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