Lots of great feedback on the last post – thanks for that…

The 2 freebies I mentioned are in the works – as well as 3 others – including the article on walking. Stay tuned for them.

For now – below is a link to your 12 page [FREE] e-Guide on proper hydration – through water/fluid intake.

We’ve been getting lots of questions about various aspects of hydration – so the e-Guide is a collection of all the answers in one place for you. Additionally – we’ve been getting emails asking about ‘Fitnessjuice’ – something I mentioned on my old blog about 10 months ago – the answers for that are here as well.

Hydration for Health, Wellness, Fitness and Performance <= Click Here

After you download your free copy - visit 'The Fit Blog' at that site (the link is at the top of the site) - for today's article post - and don't forget to leave your comments or questions at the bottom.

Here is the direct link if you need it http://atlasjuice.com/the-fit-blog/ <= Click Here

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