Resveratrol Supplements: The Dirty Truth About Resveratrol

Every few months – there is a “new kid on the block” when it comes to the next “magic pill” – and just like the recent crackdown on the rip-off Acai berry scam – each new supplement scam fades off into the sunset – only to be replaced by the next disappointing, money wasting “magic pill”…

One of the current ‘new kids’ in the spotlight is Resveratrol – and I highlight today’s feature with a question asked, and answered, inside the private member area at my other site BestFitnessAdvice.com…

Here it is:

HI Joey,

I’m new to the forum, but a long-time dedicated and successful “student” of your fitness program!!! Thanks so much for all of your amazing info!!

I have a question for you….what is your opinion of the much-talked about “Resveritrol” that is being marketed as “THE” youth supplement, claiming to increase energy, erase wrinkles, improve muscle tone etc etc?? It’s pricey, but seems to be well-researched and has been covered by some well-respected people such as Oprah and Dr Oz, and CNN, Today show etc etc!! I trust your judgement and your HONEST opinion, so figured I’d get the scoop from you before I spend my hard-earned money!!!

Thanks much!

Here’s my response:

Its the current ‘scam/fad’ of the month.

Show me the actual video footage of this (not clever photos on websites created to sell this stuff) “has been covered by some well-respected people such as Oprah and Dr Oz, and CNN, Today show etc etc!!”

Don’t get ‘sucked in’ by the clever sales story – Just like acai got taken down recently – this will be next.

There are no magic pills – or ‘newly discovered “shortcuts” – save your money – and do what you know works…

BTW – Thanks for your fantastic complements!!
Joey ;-))

And Soleil’s reply:

Thanks Joey! LOL, exactly the response I expected…

I DO know better! Your program has been phenomenal in keeping this 41 year old fit and toned for more than a year now. I’m 5’7″ and 118 pounds! BUT…I have one little “spot” that I can never get perfect enough for my taste! I have a little “band” of “extra” at the top of my legs where they meet my butt!

It’s not unsightly or dimpled/cellulite, but is definitely a thicker “fatty area” that I can’t get rid of! I have faithfully used your program every other day for 1.5 years…no fail…no kidding!

It has produced amazing results for me, and truthfully I look better than many women half my age…but, alas, like many people, I’m greedy in wanting to have that “perfect’ body, LOL! If you have any more ideas or suggestions to help me with that one last spot, I’d be grateful…


Good stuff huh?

Want more of the inside scoop on the soon to be next ‘has been’ fad diet & health supplement?

Here are 2 more places to learn the real deal about scam loaded Resveratrol supplements:

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