This lower body toning exercise combo which consists of several, highly targeted anti cellulite exercises. This dynamic combination stimulates the various muscle layers directly beneath the shadowy, dimpled skin areas via 3 exercise physiology principles: Form, Tempo, and Sequence.

These moves are all bodyweight movements and DO NOT require typical weights and machines found in a gym or health club. These exercises CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE…

But the real critical factor is this: bodyweight exercises stimulate more muscle fibers in the female lower body – and when followed with proper Form, Tempo and Sequence, the muscles get stronger and firmer… And they push outward against the ‘cellulite’ skin and create a smoothly tightened layer of skin without the bumps, dents and dimples…

**WARNING** Get medical clearance before starting any type of new exercise program. It’s better to be safe than it is to be sorry.

These are the 2 Anti-Cellulite Exercises:

1) Slow-Walking Lunge

2) Slow-Walking Lunge Touchdown

These 2 moves can be modified to accommodate various levels of users.Depending on your ability – you can go 1/3 or 1/2 of the range of motion, instead of full range… And you can combine these with some of the previous movements I’ve shared with you in past articles or newsletters.

It’s also important to note – it’s fine and normal for “knees go past the toes” in natural squat and lunge movements – it is OK and very natural. Our body is meant to move that way – DESPITE some gym/trainer myth which states the opposite.

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Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology

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