I get this question a lot:

“Joey, what are some good snack foods that taste good and satisfy my cravings?”

When you are trying to keep your body and health at it’s best – what you put into your body is a critical factor. No two ways about it…

But it’s no secret that the challenge of ‘snacking’ can be the “Achilles heel” of your perfect fitness and nutrition plan. One slip-up and you drive yourself crazy thinking you’ll never be able to “stick with it” all because you haven’t mastered the art of snacking with satisfaction and wiping out your deadliest cravings…

Snacking properly is a critical part of your long term success. It’s one of the reasons so many people “fall off the program”. However – the right “snack tactics” can be your greatest ally in your personal quest.

Here are my top picks for ‘fitness’ snacks to keep you on target for your goals, and SATISFIED:

1 – One and a half ounces of almonds, cashews or walnuts and a small banana.
The mixture of high-fiber carbs/protein/healthy fats provides your body with the proper ‘fuel-mixture’ which wipes out feelings of hunger – and the urge to eat even more. With those 2 elements gone – you’ve ‘busted’ your cravings and it’s smooth sailing to your next meal-time.

2 – One cheddar cheese stick and an apple (gala, jonagold, braeburn, etc). The same physiological principle I mention in #1 applies here too. BUT – here’s an added tactic that not too many people know about. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on your apple slices – and sprinkle cayenne pepper on your cheese stick. These 2 spices have a positive effect on your blood sugar/insulin levels – and help keep your appetite in check for a while. I use both of these spices every day, on various snacks and foods.

3 – One half cup of dried-fruit & nut granola mix and carrot sticks. Same principles as # 1 & 2 above. And don’t forget the 2 spices.

4 – A nutrition bar with proper nutrient ratios for stable blood sugar levels and optimal energy. You want to be sure to stay away from any type of bar with artificial/chemical sweeteners (such as aspartame, acesulfame-potassium, sucralose, etc…). These can do a number on your stomach and actually increase your appetite (not good!) – not to mention your long term health.

My top recommendation for a nutrition bar is this one:
Crave Killer Nutrition Bar <= click to see it

The EFA's in these bars work magic on getting rid of hunger - and since they taste incredible, your cravings are totally busted and gone.

WARNING: if you have kids, and they find your stash of these bars - they will devour them. Yes, they are that good. Truth be told - I'm glad to let my kids eat these because there is no crap in them - and they are USDA Organic. Only 180 calories and ready for you to just grab and go.

The amazing dark chocolate coating is enough to make your mouth water just by looking at it:
healthy, crave-busting nutrition bars for the fitness lifestyle <= go check them out

All 3 flavors are incredible and what's perfect is I place a quick re-order every 3-4 weeks. I don't ever worry about running out of these because every month my new stash is delivered right to my doorstep. Life is easy - and good!

Let me know how much you love them,

Joey Atlas; M.S., Exercise Physiology - Partner of ProGrade Nutrition
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