This email came in a few weeks ago – in response to one of my snappy newsletters. I was going to answer this one, right here on the blog – but I thought of something a bit more fun – but still very helpful and insightful. YOU are going to put in your 2 cents in the ‘Comments’ section – after you read this email.

Here it is…

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Subject: FW: a personal email for you, C. It’s about your life…
From: c. s. – [email protected]>
Date: Mon, December 29, 2008 1:46 pm
To: – joey ( at ) joeyatlas . com –

I am 50 yrs old, i weight 200 lbs., i have arthritis in my feet and my knees, it’s a mild form of it…but still sore at times….

i’m not a whiner and never have been…but i have noticed that i have become very tired lately.

My metabolism seems like its slowed downed compared to 10 yrs ago. I seem to look for comfort food ….i do work at General Motors in Canada on the line, but as you know we have been laid off a lot this year, and i have become inactive. I guess i am trying to enjoy the down time, but having said that, i am also do myself a disfavour.

So i joined the gym with my husband but yet to go and work out . My sister just passed away from thyroid cancer she was only 55.

Now i am really concerned for my health.

And now after reading your article on ridding myself of junk and fast foods, it has me motivated to get up and go to the gym and like the Nike slogan ” JUST DO IT”. I am just confused as to what i should be eating and how much….i don’t care for a lot of fish or shell foods…i do like chicken, turkey and beef ….i love most veggies and fruit….I have a 12 year old son and i look after him and my husband first before myself.

I know what i am capable of doing, it’s “JUST DOING IT”.

I need to rid myself of sugar that’s in my body. i have been taking the acidophilos, and it seems to work, i also think i need a chromium supplement to control my blood sugar. But i will tell you what i need most and that is ” ENERGY “. Is there something that you can suggest like siberian ginseng or a combination of something…I used to be in a business called _______ ______ and i took a product of theirs that was called T_________e, it was great i had energy, and i felt great. It also curbed my crave for sweets. Anyways, maybe you might have something like that i could take. But of course it has to meet our F.D.A standards….

well i guess that’s all….

i do love getting your e-mails, they are very inspirational and helpful …..

Thanks again,


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Your trainer for life,

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