-results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

“Dear Joey (please excuse my english ;-),

When I started your program I was an out of shape and flabby size 11-ish, depending on the day… at around 147-148.5 average lbs. My lower body was the worst. Jiggly inner thighs that rubbed together and cellulite on my buttocks and the back sides of my thighs.

It made me very self conscious and depressed – and at 45 years old this was not good. After just a few months of your program I am down to a firm and curvy figure – and fitting into various size 4, some snug/some loose (USA) outfits!! Here are my before and after photos to show you my successes.

Look how puffy and bloated I look in the first 2 photos. I always used to wear black to try and cover my imperfections.


Here (below) is what I look like now, Joey! My legs, butt, hips and thighs are tight and toned with beautiful lifted shape, my belly rolls are gone and my arms don’t jiggle anymore.


I’ve been trying for years to get my body back, and after only 2 months of following your advices and method – I have made dramatic changes – I am amazed myself. I get so many compliments from friends and family – they all want to know how I did it and I just tell them, Joey Atlas! You have changed my life Joey – I feel young, healthy and sexy again! I have so much energy and my spirit is alive.

Please feel free to use my photos and informations to help inspire other women who have tried many things but failed.

Millions of thank yous to you,”

– Chantal Marandola, President

— Marandola Artists Management, Mission Viejo, California


“Hi Joey,

Not sure if you’ll read this whole thing – but I had to share this with you…

I got to a point earlier this year where I hated myself, my life, it just wasn’t working for me any more, I felt stuck & alone, despite having a wonderful boyfriend of 10 years & a good circle of friends.

I decided to try to do something about it so I picked on the one thing that I hated most about myself & my life & tried to change it.

I had always wanted to be firmer, leaner, healthier & it was dawning on me that I could not physically do the job that I had chosen because I was not fit enough. I would do a gig, load PA in & out of a venue & run the gig then I would need two days to recover! Not good! not sustainable.

In a fit of spring madness at the beginning of this year I went on the net & looked for abs and lower body exercises because that was the part of my body I hated the most & wanted to change it. What I found was your stuff. As I have previously mentioned I did the free exercises & tried to eat better & gradually ended up on your Blow Torch ‘Diet’, The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover and your Abs/Core stuff too.

I have gone from fat, unhealthy and excess stones/lbs – down to where I feel and look great. I have been here for months now! Feel fantastic! Everyone has complimented me & wants to know the secret. Naturally, I point them towards your site.


This has all totally changed my life. Not only have I lost weight and gained sexy muscle, I have so much energy & confidence that I cringe to look back at that person that I was 8 months ago. I am well aware that 8 months is not a lifetime or even a year but I KNOW that I will never go back to being the way that I was. I feel kind of free, I am determined in my mind, my energy & my actions & I know that I can do anything that I want now.

Oh yeah! – the migraines have still not come back…

Anyway, Thanks Again ;-))

What else can I say? It really IS your fault! ;-))

- Julia Atkins – DJ DarkRage, Nottingham, UK

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I ordered The Leg, Hip, Butt and Thigh Makeover as my last hope. Nothing else has ever worked, but I said , ‘let me just try this program’ I am naturally quite bulky in my lower body area and ALWAYS found it stubborn to tone up without bulking up at the same time.

Your program really targets every muscle of the lower body – I have done this workout every two days, around 3 times per week & people are starting to tell me that I look as though I have lost weight. I haven’t lost much weight yet (its only been a couple of weeks but I have soooo toned up!! My butt has lifted… my hamstrings are firm and toned and my hips feel slimmer (my clothes fit better) … Amazingly, this workout has also toned my stomach as well.

I recommend this program to everyone!! Your posture will improve and you will certainly feel & see definitive changes. P.S. – I can’t wait to get the AB/Core work out – oh and by the way…… your workout truly is the BOMB!! It’s what I have been looking for and I can’t believe I found you.”

- Julie Chantery – Australia


“Hi Joey,

First of all, let me say that I appreciate the time you have put into helping people reach their goals and also for your genuine honesty. To make along story short, I managed to get about 60 lbs overweight, but with dieting some and working out I lost a bunch… I still have a bit more to go, but for the last 2 yrs I have not been able to get beyond that point. I have not been able to redefine my legs, butt and abs area like I wanted it to be.

I have tried all kinds of workouts – you name it (tae bo, cathe friedrich, matt fury combat conditioning, denise austin, kathy smith, jb burns rebounding, ellen barrett, 10 minutes solution, tamilee, leslie sansone walk away the pounds, lots of pilates) and a whole lot more. I have close to 100 home fitness programs and I have been faithful at working out with all of them, but I just couldn’t reach my goal.

At one point my husband told me maybe I should join a gym or just try a different approach. I was getting pretty frustrated with some of the fat deposits that I still have in some areas of my lower body. After three years of working without reaching your goal – it is enough to make anyone frustrated. It seemed to me that I would have to live with the fat, flab and cellulite, if you know what I mean.

I was just about to settle it in my mind, when I ran across one of your websites on the net. I wasn’t going to read your article, but something told me to just read it, what will it hurt? I read your article and to me it just made a lot of sense. I thought about it for awhile and said, “If it don’t work what will it hurt? I’ll just add it to my collection. So, I purchased your Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover.

After the first week of following your program (my husband didn’t know that I was doing this new program) my husband came to me and told me to keep on doing whatever I’m doing. He had that smile on his face, it’s a smile all women like to see on their husband’s face. I was so happy, finally I have found an exercise program, specifically for women that is delivering the promised results. I can’t wait to see in two months what happens to my body.

I’m so happy you made this program, Joey. More power to you! What a simple, targeted and effective routine with awesome results, so fast too.”

Thank you Joey,

- Meverllyn Frost


“Hi Joey.

I fell upon your website by accident but I have enjoyed your newsletter! I started doing that 3rd best leg, butt, hip and thigh exercise and it really does work – WOW! I just ordered your full lower body e-Manual. Because I know this is what is going to finally work for me! You seem genuine, enthusiastic and knowledgeable – all key qualities of a good trainer and teacher. I think this will be the first program I will actually use. After all, summer is almost here (although it is 20 degrees out tonight here in New Jersey ).

Thanks ! – wish me luck!”

- Diane Famula


“Wow, Joey! Your ULBHTM program is where the rubber meets the road – none of the fluff. I get so tired of that phony ‘inspirational’ garbage sometimes – just give me what I need. That’s what this program does. Nothing wrong with the inspirational stuff – it’s just not for me. The ULBHTM really works all of the muscles in those areas to the point of fatigue without bad pain – there’s a difference between good burn and bad pain. The day after I did it the first time, my legs were a little stiff, which was a great sign.

Other programs I’ve tried make you so sore you can’t move for days. That seems to defeat the purpose for me because any benefit I might have gained was lost because I had to start over every few days.

The approach is unique and I’m looking forward to your other programs. I like having a personal trainer in my home, available at my command, without the fees. I’m going to reach my goal and as God as my witness, I’m almost there and I will wear a bikini this summer!

- Audra Buckley, Dallas, TX


“Hi Joey,

Thanks a lot, I’ve tried all the fad workouts and none of them ever worked or made me feel like I did anything. This one, I can tell right from the start that it’s working. This is what I was looking for, real workouts for normal people looking for real results. This is truly a slimming and toning program that any woman can easily follow for life. …Awesome :0)…

I know I’ve been e-mailing you frequently but I had to tell ya that I am really pleased with what you put together and I can’t wait to get your other programs. Thanks again :0)”

– Rebecca Bookman 25, Akron Ohio

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Congratulations on your success. I’m the one with the bad knees who couldn’t do the squats and lunges. Your suggestion to hold onto a ballet bar (or equivalent) is working very well. I can now do 10 Modif Squats and 10 TeeDees – only 10 and holding on for some of my weight – but that is 10 more than I could do when we talked.

My knees are not bothering me and I can feel it working. I aspire to do much more, but I know it will come slowly. Meanwhile – the strangest thing. My knees no longer hurt after my 3 mile walk. It is definitely related! Meanwhile, on all the other amazing exercises (non squats and lunges) I am up to 15 times 2 sets, including the hard ones with the exercise ball. I feel great and already see glimmers of some results. I am very energized by your approach and it is so much easier to be able to do it in my own home whenever I can get to it. I just wanted to say thank you.”

– Sally (last name withheld at request)

“Hi Joey (here’s an update), I’m still using your exercises from the Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh MAkeover and enjoy them and do find they work. You might recall that you did a consultation with me. I was a 60 year old, not fit woman with bad knees and you gave me tips for the squats and lunges. I used your tips and, while I still hold on for balance and confidence, I am now quite capable of holding my weight on squats and lunges and feel very strong and good. Your other exercises work for me as well and I’m down a bunch of excess fat-weight from when I started. It’s a New Me. I find your emails very motivational. Thanks and Good luck on your new ventures.”

– Sally (last name withheld by request)


“Hey there, Joey,

Just wanted to email you to say thank you very much for the lower body program you have made. I did Level One first this morning and it felt great. I can feel every muscle in my leg, thigh, and bum area working. I have used the program for just over a week, every other day. I can already feel & see the difference. The fat is starting to come off and things are toning up very nicely.

To be honest I was a bit skeptical about buying the e-Manual. But I am really glad I did. I’m sure you hear this all the time but… Thank You!!

- Hannah B., UK


“Dear Joey,

Your leg, butt, hip and thigh makeover is the best thing I have ever done, and I used to teach aerobics, so I am pretty fit. I needed something for that area though, because no matter what I did, I never got the results I wanted. Anyway, after probably the second time, I noticed some little toned muscles in my legs!! I will keep you posted regarding my progress as I continue to tone up. I think this is perfect.”

- Maria DeLeo


” Joey, I just wanted to say thanks for making the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, and Thigh Makeover. I, along with several of my friends, have been using it for about two weeks. I must say that even though I have exercised for many years, after doing your first level, we were all feeling it, in a good way.

After two weeks, we already feel and see results. We women have been waiting for something that we could do that would tone us up without making us muscular, and we have found it. Our ‘buns are lifting’ and our skin is getting tighter! We will keep you posted on our results over the next several months. Thanks for making an exercise program that all women can do in the privacy of their own home that produces great results in the areas that we need it the most!! Keep up the good work, Joey!!!”

– Christi Rowe


“Joey, as I write this I’m in tears. Tears of pain, knowing how much money I wasted before I found you and tears of joy seeing what your program has done for me and my life. I learned this the hard way. The creams, the pills, the wraps… None of them worked. The dramatic changes started after following Your simple program for about a month. So far I’ve dropped several sizes & I am now able to wear clothes that I never thought I’d be able to wear again.”

– Valerie Knight

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“Joey, this is good! Your program has made me the butt, hip and thigh specialist at the health club. The exercises are just amazing! So often the women do not feel the exercises in their leg, butt, hip and thigh area. This definitely takes care of that problem, I’ve got husbands telling me their “wife’s butt is getting more and more firm and how they are excited about it”. This program will definitely help my business. Where in the world did you get these exercises from? Amazing stuff!”

– Geovanni Derice, Fitness Pro, NY


“Hi Joey,

Its Amanda here. I’ve done your workouts now for a week and its a great program. I feel like I’m already firming up and unlike the isolation exercises I was given to do before by the trainers at my gym, my legs don’t feel heavy and bulky. They feel long and firm & my butt is shaplier, I’m so excited to see these results! Thanks Mate!”

– Amanda Tedesco


“Joey, I’m totally in love with the L,B,H & T Makeover program. I have been working out now for going on 8 years and I do not feel as though I get the same quality workout from the gym as I do with your lower body program. I’m a pretty petite person, usually hover between 113 and 118, but it seems like as soon as I turned 29, cellulite became a big problem for me on the backs of my thighs…

So, I’ve been working out regularly with your program and I just know this will do the trick in getting rid of that problem for me. I have only just begun with your workout regime, but I can feel the changes starting already. I will keep you posted on my progress.

You can use this testimonial on your website if you think it will help other women. I really do swear by your approach as I can already see the difference a week made, and yes, your response to my last email really did help. Thanks again for all your help.”

– Crystal Phillips

…here’s an update:

“I want to thank you for making the lower body makeover! I have been working out with it going on a month and I can see some real results. My legs and butt haven’t been this firm in years and I have been working out for going on 10 years now. I have to say, I’m getting a much better workout with your program at home than I did when I spent 2 hours in the gym working my lower body. My legs have the sexy definition that I have always wanted and I can see those dimples starting to fade. I look forward to next week when I start level two of your program. I just wanted to thank you again for caring about us women enough to make a program that lifts our self-esteem 100%. ”

- Sincerely, Crystal Phillips


“Hi Joey,

Thank you for keeping in touch. As you may remember, I started using your program about 2 years ago. You have helped me in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. I have said it before; your approach to your business has been just as meaningful and helpful to me as your exercises have been.

Finding out about you has been a catalyst to my ability to see that anything is possible . I have used your program to help shape my body and spirit; I have lost a large amount of unhealthy fat. I went from a “healthy” looking size 10 clothes, to a ‘very fit’ and sexy looking size much lower than that. I am a mother and I will be turning 40 this year; I have never looked or felt better in my life.

- Darlene Martin
– bijouxbead.com

“feel what you wear, wear what you feel”


“Dear Joey;

A word about your ULBHTM program… Unbelievable! That’s how I describe it! It is simply amazing. In short, I love it.

For over ten years, I have bought so many exercise programs from stores, TV infomercials, Shopping networks, etc. They all belong to the trash now thanks to your home workouts. I especially like your genuine honesty instead of the normal “hype” from previous products I have purchased. I look forward to making more purchases from your company. I now know my body has muscles in places I was not even aware of. ”

Thanks so much,

- Synthia Stewart

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“Hi Joey,

I did my first work-out last Monday, I don’t know what I was thinking but I tried keeping up with your full progression plan, even though you warn that beginners should take it slower.

I guess I thought I was Hercules….heehee Half way through the work-out my legs, butt, hips and thighs were at muscle failure, but I kept pushing on (I could use that kind of determination in other areas of my life…heehee). Needless to say, the next few days were very uncomfortable. I allowed the soreness to subside while continuing to stretch and began the work-out again today.

I will follow your progression plan and take it slower….Rome wasn’t built in a day…..I enjoy the work-out and I know first hand that it is working the areas that I really want to target – something I never felt before. Thank you so much for such a great program and this time I’m gonna follow your advice since you are the trainer and I’m the middle-aged out of shape pupil. I will keep you posted on my progress because I know if I follow your plan that I will have progress – the changes have already started….

- Teresa Spelling



I can tell your going to have quite the following! I just bought your ULBHTM e-Manual this past week and I have done it just once, but there is no question that there is something special about this program. I will keep you posted on my progress, but more importantly I feel I bought more than a product. Your reaching out to us (your clients) like we are friends. I must say that I hope that no matter how successful you become, and I’m sure your going to do great things with your knowledge, I hope you always keep reaching out to us like you are now!

You need to know that you are helping clients like me, by sitting down and typing your heart out like your last e-newsletter! I feel like I am getting to know you as a person and that you truly care about my fitness. I know that fitness is your passion and you are following and fulfilling your dreams! That is amazing when you can live your dreams. I became a teacher last year (non-traditional student) and am now living out my dreams teaching young children to read.

You’re an inspiration to many and a soon to be leader (in your field no doubt) to many more. Your way of thinking changes lives, and not just your own! Your support is valued and appreciated.

The Reading Teacher,

- Kristie Beyer


“Hi Joey and Pam,

So here is the start of my oncoming “success” story. I have worked out off and on for the past 15 years. Mainly for summer goals…aka bathing suit season. I’ve never really “reached” the goal of what I have pictured in my mind. But for the most part, I have experienced a wide range of weight and physical appearance fluctuations.

For me, having a gym membership is too costly and not motivating unless I had a partner (which I still dont). I’ve tried many programs and products throughout the years and after a couple of weeks (yes weeks) they start to gather dust. I still use some mat workouts at the gym, but never really felt them because I was doing them too fast. Since I started receiving your emails and newsletter, I’ve incorporated a couple of the mat exercises and have already noticed a difference. That is what made me purchase the complete lower body e-Manual.

That night, I took measurements and posted them on the refrigerator, and will update them monthly. I took out Level One, followed the whole thing (maybe should have done less than the higher end of the rep range you outline) and barely could walk into my kitchen. I FELT it!! I knew it was working! Some exercises I had already done (improperly), but loved the variations you do.

I was impressed from the very beginning with a particular stretch you demonstrate that, with just placement of hands, increase the stretch so much more. Bravo!

So, I do have a goal… again it is the bikini season, and a particular beach vacation in two months. The two girls I am going with have been going to a trainer at their gym for 3 weeks so far. I am excited to be the one that actually will have the most success, with your help. Thank you very much!

- Denise Trumpfheller, Philadelphia


“Hi Joey,

YES, my problem areas are definitely improving! I have been skinny my
whole life w/ a super flat butt & since I hit 40 a few years ago, it
seemed to have been heading South with lightning speed. Since I’ve been
doing your program & ‘3rd best butt exercise’ for the past few weeks, I can
definitely see that my butt is slowly lifting. I looked @ myself in the
mirror just this morning & noticed that I have nice curves! Of course, I
have improved my eating habits as well. I am snacking on more protein &
good carbs instead of milk chocolate. I also cut out sodas & drink only

My husband is a body builder & he has definitely noticed the change too
& thinks I may have a chance to compete in a figure competition this
summer when before he always said that I was too skinny!

Thanks so much for all your encouraging words & great advice!

- Michelle in Houston


“I ordered my leg, hip, butt and thigh program last week. The first day I could not go through the whole thing. I am a beginner on level one. Some of the exercises I did 8 rep’s and some I only did 4. Some of them I could do 8 rep’s with one leg and only 4 with the other leg. That night and the next morning I was so sore I wasn’t going to do the exercise that day, but decided it might help. It did. I was not sore after doing them again. I now wait a day in between. I have only done the program four times completely through and can already tell a difference in how my jeans fit. I have not lost any inches, but there is a definite difference.


- Kay Reed



I love this program. I have only been doing it for a few weeks now and
the results are amazing. My thighs (not my waist) have always been where
fat accumulates and now I can see my legs becoming more shapely. I’m 38 and
have 3 boys and have gained a little with each pregnancy and would like to
get fit before forty and keep it off.

Now if I can just get my husband to start using it!


- Trisha Taylor



It’s funny I was just this week trying to think how long I have been doing this workout. (Yes!!! I am doing it) So far I love it! There have been days after doing it that I walk slower but I keep saying if the result I what I want it is worth it.

I wish I had taken measurements, I did not. What I wondered the most about was how long, on an average it takes most people to see the workout working? Not to say I am giving up at all. That is not the case, I was thinking maybe 6 weeks to really see improvement is all.

I am a planner, and setting a goal and seeing it through helps me keep going.

Anyway, I love the program, some of the standing ones I have to skip (only two) because of my knees. Other than that I feel great during and after the workout. I’ve made great progress and have about 11 more I would like off. I laugh to my husband and tell him, he should be able to bounce a quarter off my butt.

This weight loss and your program are the first things I have stuck with in about 10 years. I finally decided that I can be a wife, a mom, have a job and still be a woman. This is for me and I thank you.

In good health,

- Heather


“Hello Joey,

I started the exercises the same day I bought it. I think the
the workout routine is awesome. I used to go to the gym a lot and had
stopped because I was really busy with work and school. I would get
home from work exhausted and I was too tired to drive to the gym.

I do think I overdid it with too many reps on the first day. I did
about an hour and half the first day. I woke up the next day and my
muscles were sore for 2 days. But I was happy in a way because some of
those muscles had NEVER been sore before. So it felt like the workout
was targeting areas never worked our before not even with machines I
tried at the gym.


- Vanessa


“Hey Joey,

Had to write with a quick but exciting update. Less than a week
into doing your program, a couple weeks using your tips in your emails
and the fantastic advice you have given me about calorie
shifting, Im down several pounds and feeling the difference in the my
clothes.The compliments from people who dont know what Im doing are
just the added perks!

This DOES work and the results are fast!

Still lovin the burn during the workouts and the next day Im never
sore like I thought I would. I wish I would have known about you
years ago, you would have saved me years of yo-yo dieting and
endless time wasted in frustration and discouragement.

As a professed skeptic of organic and “healthy” foods I admit, that I
was surprised to be able to start noticing the taste and actual
texture of foods that have all the unnecessary junk in them. You
have changed my whole thought process and made this all so easy.
Many, many thanks.

- Lisa


Hi Joey,

Yes I have been doing your program 2 or 3 times a week. I am a
thirty year old mom of 5 kids.I actually just had my 5th baby 5
months ago. I have always been a huge workout buff and I start
really going at it when the baby is 2 or 3 weeks old. So I am in
really good shape, but then I stumbled across your program and “WOW”
all I can say is you are a genius. I appreciate you more than you know.

My measurements are — 36-28-36 at 5’8. After
having 5 kids that’s pretty amazing. At 18 I was 36-26-36, not much
of a difference!!! You seem like a genuinely great person and I
plan to order more of your videos. Thank you so much for your
guidance, God has truly blessed you with great talent.

- Ruth DuMont.

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“Hi Team Joey,

After my first leg, butt, hip and thigh workout, I was unable to do 15
reps on all the exercises and I was unable to walk properly the
next day (and this comes from a woman who’s been doing pilates for
3 years now, so I don’t know what the people feels like when they haven’t
been doing any exercise). This is now my third week of doing the
exercises and last night, I was able to do all of them, 15 reps each, and I can
actually walk today without any problems (lol).

I’m doing leg workout on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and
abs & upper body workouts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
(I rest Sunday and cheat Sunday afternoon with a biscuit or
ice cream – I am also following the blow-torch 28 day diet).

I have to admit that weight
(for me) is just a number; it is all about what I look like in the
mirror and how I feel inside my clothes. I just really want to firm
those parts that all women seem to complain about and clearly
pilates didn’t work as well as I thought it would.

As far as the stretching goes, I absolutely love doing the stretching
(especially at the end) because they relax me and after a workout,
even though I’m sweaty, huffing & puffing and it feels like my legs
are going to fall off (lol), I feel calm and relaxed.

Like I have said before, I really think that I have found the perfect
workouts for me. It’s really like having a personal trainer in my
house. And when I feel I can’t do all the reps, I know Joey would say
“and don’t worry if you can’t do 15, even if you do 10 or 5, that is
ok”, which makes me feel a whole lot better, but I still push myself to do 15!

There is one thing though; I don’t really have the time for cardio at
the moment. I’m a full time working mum and wife. Do you have any
suggestions as to when I should try and squeeze this in my routine?

I will keep you updated with my progress.

Thank you once again, these programs (workouts) have really made
ALL the difference!!

(I know this is only my 3rd week) but I am a firm believer in (what I
lovingly call) the “Joey Atlas Way of Life”. (the exercises &
diet). I will be doing these exercises till I’m too old to walk…

- Andia


“Morning Joey

Hope all is well with you and your family.

I havent been receiving your mails since February 7th and thought
I’d write in to check if all was OK. I do look forward to receiving
your insights, instructions and advice regularly.

Also would like to take the opportunity to check if you would be
coming out with any new programs sometime soon and what other
fabulous surprises you may have in store for us?? ;))

I must admit your ULBHTM has helped me like NONE other and its a
pleasure to workout along with you. I have been doing regular
exercises since the past 2 years and didnt see any difference
whatsoever. Then I get your program and the results are visible in 2
months!!! Halleluia!!! I havent felt sooooo good in the recent
past ;))

I have been struggling for over 2 years with lower body exercises
to lift my butt and shape my legs and all I got was very temporary
results. I am now the proud owner of not only your Classic but also
the Ultimate LBHT Makeover and I must admit that the exercises are
really kick-ass and the results “WOW”!!!

I cant believe I deliberated for over 2 weeks before I purchased
your program, but I’m ever so thankful that I took the plunge!! I am
now happily recommending you to ALL my friends.


Please do let me know of any new stuff in the making or to be
released soon. I’m now sure to purchase them without hesitation coz
I’m sure they will provide me with the results I want!

Look forward to your response…

Many thanks again,

- Jeanette


“Hi there Joey,

I am so glad I bought your Program. This is probably the first I’ve
done this type of workout without hurting my back. I stopped after
the first 30 minutes because my legs and butt was shaking so bad
that I couldn’t do it anymore. I woke up with a pleasant soreness
on my butt and thighs. I felt it even more on the second day. Wow,
what a workout.

Your inspiration about fitness is AWESOME. When I watched your
introduction I was taken away by how passionate you were. I was
about to buy this other program that was out on the market. It
promised unrealistic results, but I was desperate. GOOD THING I didn’t
fall into it.

The reason? I became a subscriber to your newsletter
way before I bought your program. Your newsletter educated me in ways
that I couldn’t possibly think and know of. Thank you so much for
sharing your passion. I will continue to keep working with your
program. I will keep you informed of my results.”

- Mai Hlo Yang



As a small child I was quite lean but my body would soon take an
ugly turn. Puberty started the rapid fall of my health and self
image. My parents both worked full time jobs. Dinner every night
was either Hamburger Helper or fast food take out. Friday nights
were Pizza night and mom kept the kitchen stocked with bags of
Doritos, fritos, chips, cookies, and soda.

I graduated high school wearing a size 18 jean at 180 lbs.
After the birth of my son I would balloon to 210 lbs and something
like a 24W jean…

In the past three weeks I have to say I’ve been a bad girl. I have
been doing only half of level one every other day. But I have
something very, very interesting to tell you.

Even only doing half of the workout every other day, in three weeks
I have dropped one pant size.

I’m loving my progress and it’s easy to keep it going.
My goal is to fit into a single digit size jean comfortably, run a
10k, and ultimately be satisfied with the way I look and feel.

Thank you so much – tonight I plan to go all the way!!!

- Happily Shrinking, Stacey


“Hi Joey,

Your workout is awesome! I have been a runner most of my adult
life. I even ran a half marathon in one hour and forty one
minutes, but I never felt this toned. I still have a way to go but
after just a few workouts I see a difference and it’s very
exciting. I will be getting married at the end of May and am so
happy and confident that my dress will look great. I will be
checking out your other website for the upper body workout.”

Thank you.

- Ana


Hi Pam-

For the first time today I worked through the “ultimate” lower body
routine and it’s great – impressive. I love the additional
exercises Joey has included and the added professionalism doesn’t
do any harm either without taking away from the common sense
approach to the whole issue of fitness. It will be good when more
“experts” focus on promoting a lifetime approach to health and
fitness, as Joey does, rather than on beefing up for the next
competition etc.

Thanks very much to Joey – he’s doing a valuable job.
Incidentally, in his introduction he mentions that the
mental attitude is every bit as important as the exercises
themselves but doesn’t go into a great deal of detail. Will there
be more on the psychology of health and fitness in his book?

I’ve previously subscribed to a number of fitness websites but am
unsubscribing because they can be a real time waster (reading
instead of doing!) and I’ll be sticking with Joey.”

- Pat Henderson



Your program is the greatest. The first day I received it I was so
excited. I read through everything straight through. I thought to
myself this is too easy until I got on the floor and tried level one.

I could only do 8 reps of each exercise. I did them
very slow and now I am feeling the effects. With just one day of
doing these exercises, I am feeling it already. Thank you so much
for being understanding and patient with what women need in the
lower body. Now, do you have something for the waistline? Lots of
luck to you and family in your endeavors.”

A true customer always,

- Miss Mary


“Good morning Joey,

I just want to tell you that I am one of your customers that
appreciate you as trainer. I just ordered the ULBHTM and
received several free bonuses along with it and I feel for once I
really got my monies worth.

I read through the first section with my husband and he as
well as myself really liked the fact that the workout is very well
put together and at the same time is very educational. Tips that
I can pass on to my friends and family. I’ve never felt so strongly
about a product than this one and that is a wonderful feeling.
Updates on my progress to be given soon.”

- Stephanie Kasper Wallace



I am changing my life in many different aspects and I am here to
thank you for helping me through my journey! If it weren’t for you
I would still be going on the roller coaster ride of weight loss
and failed workouts.

But since I’ve started your program I can tell
a difference in my body size and I’m shaping up better and getting
stronger (and without weights!). I’m ready to move on to the second
level. The first was getting too easy so I am assuming that even
though it has been just three weeks, I can move on to the next one
to make it a bit more challenging. Thank you so much for helping
me and so many other people find what really works, without the pain.

If I were sore from one day to the
next like I had been with other workouts, I would and have quit
because I don’t see the need to be in pain. So this is just awesome
for me! Thank you and I’ll probably annoy you with e-mails as I
make my progress, but it is great (one again you are great), that I
can do this in my own home at whatever time I want and still get to
communicate to the person that put it all together.”

- Desiree Pearce

…here’s an update from Desiree:

“Joey –

It has taken a bit of time for me to get this update to you, but I guess it is better later than never. On February 20th I had been doing your exercises for 4 weeks. Well, like you suggested, I measured myself and to my surprise I lost a bit in my stomach, hips, and thighs!

I haven’t lost that many inches in that short amount of time in my whole life! My body composition has changed quite dramatically – a very good thing… I have got to say I am reaching my goals! When I started your program I was in a ‘comfortable’ nine, tight seven. Now I am in a baggy nine, comfortable seven and a snug five! I bought a pair of fives because I believe within a month I will be in them comfortably.

That was my goal for the end of the year, not just in two months! I am VERY pleased that I am able to get results that I have been wanting for a very LONG time.

Get this – My Mom always told me that I was ‘big boned’, but come to find out, I wasn’t, I was just chubby!

My husband complements me all of the time and my four year old daughter now says that I’m not fat. I started your program because I was disgusted with myself. My nines were so tight, and everything jiggled. I was embarrassed of myself.

I have got to say that I haven’t seen much of my family in the past couple of years, but I am excited to see them to show them how good I look. Thank you! I am truly pleased and surprised to have got this much accomplished in such a short amount of time and your e-mails keep me motivated to do more!

- Desiree Pearce


“Hi Joey,

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the ULBHTM and I could
start feeling everything toning up right away. This is exactly what
I needed and was looking for – a personal trainer right in the
comfort of my own living room!

About three years ago I had my second child and I had gained A LOT
of weight during that pregnancy – about 65 lbs. That’s a lot of
weight to gain especially when your only 5′ 2″. I was determined to
lose the excess weight and by my daughters first birthday…

I had felt really good about losing the weight but
I did not feel fit because I was not exercising at all. So, it was
then that I was determined to get in shape and start working out.
That was two years ago and I have been working out every morning
since. I have been pretty much just doing cardio though, and even
though I have lost that last ten pounds I still needed to tone up.

So your program is exactly what I needed.

Thanks again for the great program, I really love the results and I
will definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to tone up
the problem areas that most of us women have!”

- Sincerely, Marnie Pontrelli

-results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

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