I recently did a Q & A Interview with, Fitness Colleague, Mandy Gibbons of Virtual Fitness Trainer – out of Australia. Incidentally, the Q & A ended up looking like a list of the most frequently asked questions I get on a daily basis via email and phone regarding the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual.

Here it is…

Question: How does this program deliver results for various levels of users?

A) Extreme Beginners – Beginners can do this at home – there is no need for weights and machines. All that is necessary is some floor space, an exercise mat, a small step or staircase and an exercise ball. The Level One program is flexible and you can do half in the morning and the other half at night or even the next day. This helps the extreme beginner make progress without feeling overwhelmed.

B) Intermediates – People who already follow a routine can add this program into their current routine or substitute it in place of their current lower body workout program. By implementing a program that specifically targets the areas they want to improve, in a way that is, more efficient, fun and safe – the user can stick with this long term. The factors of variation, exercise combos & sequences, and consistency, stimulate changes in body composition and muscle toning that the previous routine or routines could not bring about.

C) Advanced – Most advanced users are accustomed to traditional programs of weights and machines. The LBHTM focuses on bodyweight and gravity to provide the necessary resistance required to elicit a ‘training effect’. While weights and machines can be useful in an overall fitness program, they are only one possible ingredient. Advanced exercisers get into a mindset that believes any program that doesn’t include the use of weights and machines just can’t be as effective.

This mindset causes people to get stuck at never-ending ‘plateaus’ – even after increasing variables such as weights, sets and repetitions (at some point this becomes counterproductive and dangerous). The unfortunate part is this belief is reinforced by many trainers. The reality is, a program that is put together, AND followed, properly doesn’t require any of the traditional tools that most fitness/workout programs promote.

Question: Joey you mentioned that a F.A.Q. that you see on a daily basis is, “My butt is very flat and my legs are too skinny, can the LBHTM add roundness to my butt and shapely muscle tone to my legs and thighs?”

Most definitely! While most women are interested in losing fat and flab and removing the appearance cellulite while toning and firming (about 83% of women purchase the LBHTM for these reasons – mostly by word of mouth referral – because they’ve seen it work for someone else.) – there are also many women that are challenged by lower bodies that are too skinny and flat with no sexy, well-toned curves.

The LBHTM “CAN NOT” make a skinny and flat lower body skinnier and flatter – it can only make your lower body fuller & shaplier. This program causes those areas to grow… (BUT, if you are carrying extra fat & flab, DO NOT WORRY, it can ONLY cause skinny & flat lower bodies to become fuller & rounder – for women with extra fat & saddle bags, the program reduces, tightens, tones & sculpts) …and the way to make this (make your lower body fuller & shaplier.) happen even faster is for the user to increase daily caloric intake – simply by eating more of the foods they already eat. I include specific nutrition guidelines in conjunction with the Blow-Torch “Diet” for specific lower body goals. Additionally, I include 3 different sets of Progression Plans that each cater to different types of lower bodies and goals.

Since there are usually no extra pounds and fat to lose – the muscles react immediately to this program by expanding in size and firmness. In most cases, women who want to build up their lower bodies see great results within 2 – 3 weeks.

Question: Why is this program ideal for women, regardless of age?

First and foremost, proper exercise is absolutely necessary for women of all ages – the health benefits are too long to list and extremely important. It doesn’t matter if you are 14 years old or 84. The essence of this program lies in the format and sequence of proper exercise instruction, attention to form & breathing, and gradual progression.

It’s not about grueling gym workouts or high intensity, weights & machine type exercises. It’s about using specific muscle groups with proper form and tempo. Bodyweight and gravity are two elements we must deal with, whether we are fit or not. So, why not use it to become fit, toned and sexy? As long as you have received clearance to exercise from your doctor, you can follow this program with continuous progress and success.

If you are unsure about your ability to do this program, that should not be an obstacle, but rather another reason why you should be motivated to do it. If, in the video, I say, “You should do 12 – 15 of these”, there is nothing wrong with you doing only 4 – 5. As you gain more self confidence and get more in tune with your body’s response to the exercises, you can add more repetitions until you are in line with the Progression Plans.

Question: Busy schedules are always a challenge for women with kids and a career. Why is this program a great fit for someone who has a tight or unpredictable schedule?

A) A gym or health club membership isn’t necessary because this program can be done anywhere, anytime. At home, the office, a hotel, or a friends house – in the middle of the day or middle of the night. It doesn’t matter where or when, the results will still come.

B) The whole workout doesn’t have to be completed in one session. If you only have 20 minutes to spare – then that’s what you do, follow along for as long as you can and pick up where you left off later the same day or the next day.

Question: You’ve had clients with different physical challenges (bad knees, bad back, etc.) use this program quite successfully. What are some of the most common physical problems encountered & what modifications of this program will allow clients to work around those challenges?

The most common problems are ‘bad knees’ and ‘bad backs’. My first suggestion, always, is “Get clearance to exercise from your physician.” And find out if there are any specific restrictions or guidelines. The most helpful solution for clients with bad knees is to reduce the range of motion for any exercise that bothers them.

For example, if any variation of the bodyweight lunges bothers the knees, just go through ¼ or 1/3 of the whole movement. If that is tolerable, keep at it for several weeks. Then try to increase your range of motion to ½ and then 3/4 and then eventually to complete range, IF POSSIBLE. This works extremely well for clients who are especially afraid of working out with weights and machines. Many clients report ‘surprising success’ with this gradual approach and some even eliminate what started out as an obstacle that prevented them from following the full program.

For clients with ‘bad backs’, the most effective recommendation is to stay away from any exercise that bothers the problem area, while focusing on the exercises that do not bother the back. As progress is made, and the back gets stronger, the exercises that bothered the back can be gradually introduced into the program.

Question: This program can be varied in the advanced levels for those who want a greater challenge. What are your top 3 variations that you use with your own clients?

A) The first variation is adding light ankle weights to the floor exercises. I emphasize the word ‘light’ because it’s easy to lose form and focus if the weights are too heavy.

B) The second variation is adding very light dumbbells to some of the standing exercises. Again, I emphasize the word ‘light’ for the same reasons mentioned above.

C) The third variation is to do these workouts after a 20 or 30 minute cardio workout. The cardio workout, depending on the intensity, can pre-fatigue the muscles of the lower body, making the LBHTM workouts more challenging.

End of Q&A

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