As the first blog article on this site I though it would only be fitting that I start off with clearing up one of the most misunderstood aspects of enhancing the female leg, butt, hip and thigh area.

I used to find it irritating that women would continuously ask me the same type of question. I’m talking about different women over the course of time – many years actually. Although it had/has several variations of it – the question sounds like this…

“Joey, what can I do for my flabby thighs? Is there an exercise or a certain food?”

Again – there have been and still are MANY variations to this question (the cellulite on my butt, the fat on my hips, is there a toning pill, a butt firming supplement, etc… etc…) – you get my point, right?

Over the last several years my ‘irritation’ from these questions tuned to intrigue, curiosity and motivation. Intrigued to learn why women haven’t found the answer before they found me, curiosity as the what other “possible answers or solutions” already existed that weren’t getting the job done, and motivation to create the right solutions and then find a way to deliver the information to women who are ready to fix their problem areas properly and permanently.

This site is part of the solution. The title, ‘Leg Exercises Also Get the Butt, Hips and Thighs’, is part of my answer to all the women I’ve been helping over the years. See, there really is no ‘one’ exercise that targets a specific muscle in the lower body.

In the anatomy drawing below – we are looking at the back view of the butt and thigh area – with some of the surface muscles ‘removed’ to allow us to see the deeper layers.


In this image of the back part of the thigh and butt – I spotted about 18 separate muscles – and this is at a quick glance – if I took my time – or found a better image I would be able to easily point out more than that. Keep in mind we basically all have these same muscles (men and women) [In future articles I'll talk about how there are so many body types even though we all have the same bio-mechanical 'parts'.]

The quick point I’m trying to make here is that with all these muscles in the lower body – there is no one exercise that can be labeled as a true ‘isolation’ exercise to ‘spot reduce’ or to ‘lift the butt’ – however there are exercises that may “seem” like an isolation exercise that does improve a specific ‘problem area’ – but the truth is, a good butt exercise will also work the hips and thighs – a good leg exercise will also work the butt and thighs and a good thigh exercise will also involve the hips, butt and legs.

If I’ve confused you even more than you were before you read this – no worries – I usually have that initial effect on people – but hang in there – as this will all make perfect sense as I help you sort it out in future articles.

Before I sign off – I want to give you some more insight as to why I’m taking the time to write for you. I just did a quick search for the term ‘leg exercises for women’ – as expected one of my sites came up on the first page – but what also came up was some very scary – if not dangerous, websites and articles. Please note that this is only one term, amongst thousands, that women are looking for help under – and the same danger gets carried over to all these other problem areas.

It’s very hard for the average person to decipher good, fitness and nutrition information from misleading, harmful or just plain bad info.

Most of what I saw was completely inappropriate for the average woman who is searching the internet for leg exercise information. I’m simply taking upon myself to help fix this problem – simply because I care.

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