Emotional Eating Right

I don’t know if it’s the time of year – or just a coincidence, but there seems to be a lot of talk time being devoted to the topic of emotional eating. We’ve also been getting many emails from people looking for help with this very common issue.

So, I’ve posted a basic, but helpful, article to help people who suffer from the mildest, but most common form of emotional eating. This article has been submitted by health writer, J. Davenport:

5 Steps to Stop Emotional Eating

By John Davenport

Do you ever find yourself eating even though you know that you’re not physically hungry? In nearly all of us, hunger is not only a physical thing but an emotional one as well. We eat, not just to feed our body, but to comfort ourselves when we’re feeling stressed out, sad, angry, or bored.

This is emotional eating and it’s a challenge millions of people face.

The problem is – if you want to maintain a lean and healthy body, all the extra calories you consume by emotional eating will come back to haunt you – in the form of excess body fat and a poor medical profile.

For this reason, I want to present you with a 5 step action plan by which you can stop emotional eating forever:

Step #1 – Avoid Comfort Food

We all have a weakness for certain kinds of food. These are the foods that give us the most comfort (short as it is). Each person has his or her own comfort foods but some of the more common ones include mass-market chocolate, ice-cream, pizza, and sugar or salt rich items (junk foods).

To make it easier for yourself to avoid these foods, you need to go through your kitchen and get rid of these foods. Just throw them out. Once these foods are not in your home, you will have to work harder to get them.

A little here and there is fine, but emotional eaters tend to use these foods as their main ‘crutches’. So there has to be some self-control in order to shift where you get your calories from. You want high quality, nutrient-dense calories first.

Then you can think about eating some of the “bad” foods you enjoy on a limited basis.

Step #2 – Cook at Home

I often see people eating their lunch during their work break. They are so hungry that they don’t even realize how much they’re eating. And the fast food lifestyle teaches everyone how to eat more, not less. So when you combine the stressful demands of work and the comfort found in eating, the combination is a bad one.

The best thing you can do to reduce temptation and overeating when you’re out of your home is to carry food that you’ve prepared in advance with you.

Yes, it’s a bit more work but it will not only save you a whole lot of calories, but some money as well. Cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out every day. And in most cases, it’s healthier.

Step #3 – Reduce Stress In Your Life

The biggest cause of emotional eating is stress. We are surrounded by it at our job, at home, when driving. It’s the hectic modern lifestyle, but you’ve got to find a way to alleviate some of this stress.

Here are a few tips:

– Try some breathing exercises each morning and night. Here is a free video on Breathing Exercises
– Practice basic yoga and/or meditation.
– Take some time for yourself each evening and watch a sitcom. Laughter reduces stress very quickly.
– Avoid people who add stress to your life. (this may be the toughest, but one of the MOST critical)
– Exercise daily, even if you only have 10 or 15 minutes on any given day.
– Try trading massages with your significant other; or go pay for one.

Step #4 – Eat from Smaller Dishes

Have you ever found yourself eating food right out of the bag or box and then finding out that you’ve eaten nearly all of it without even noticing it?

The best way to stop this kind of mindless overeating is to place all your food on a small plate or in a small bowl. Our mind immediately judges the amount of food we have by how it fills our dishes. If the dish appears full, we tend to think of the portion as sufficient.

This is an easy and effective way to eat less, regardless of your mood. And the more you do this, the more natural it becomes.

Step #5 – Practice Mindful Eating

The final step you need to take to overcome emotional eating is to turn eating to something more mindful. Most people eat out of reflex. They don’t put any thought into it. This is how you overeat because most people eat until they are ‘over-full’ in order to feel satisfied.

Before you eat your next meal or snack, stop for a second and ask yourself: “Am I really hungry?”

If the answer is ‘Yes’, go ahead and eat. If it’s ‘No’, then this was an emotional hunger and just by putting a little thought into it, you’ve managed to avoid falling for it.

You’ve just saved yourself some useless calories and have exhibited powerful control over your false emotions.

Use these 5 steps and it will become much easier for you to stop emotional eating, eat healthier, and lose body fat.


4 Lower-Body Exercises; Body-weight Leg, Butt & Thigh Workout for Women


4 Lower-Body Exercises; Body-weight Leg, Butt & Thigh Workout for Women

Synergistic body-weight exercises for women can help the average female achieve specific lower body goals. Primary examples are:

ONE: Anti Cellulite Exercises for targeting the cause of dimples & shadows
TWO: Toning Exercises for toning, strengthening and lifting saggy or droopy muscles
THREE: Sculpting Exercises for shaping specific lower body areas and trouble zones
FOUR: Firming Exercises for tightening up soft/atrophied muscles and smoothing bumpy skin

In this leg, butt and thigh exercise video clip, I bring you through a combination sequence of four body-weight exercises which stimulate the legs, glutes and thigh zones. These will also get the middle and lower back working as well to help tighten, tone and reduce flab.

This mini-workout can be done as a solo exercise routine – or you can combine it with the other free exercises on this website – or in my complete, home and travel workout programs for purchase (e-manuals,dvds, etc…)

This lower-body exercise combo-sequence includes four body-weight movements. They are:

ONE – Exercise Ball Double-Leg, Hamstring Curl (for back of thighs & butt)

Lying down on a mat or soft surface, facing up – place your heels and calves on top of an exercise ball (55cm or 65cm is ideal). Arms on the ground at your sides. Lift your hips off the ground by pushing your heels and calves into the ball. That is your starting position. Then curl your heels in toward your hamstrings, while pushing your hips toward the sky. Stop when the bottom of your feet are on top of the ball. Then slowly return the the starting position.

TWO – Double-Leg, Knee-Up & Down (for quads, fronts of thighs)

Get onto your hands and knees – on an exercise mat or soft surface. Bring your toes forward. Then slowly lift your knees off the ground and get your glutes up toward the sky – so your legs are almost fully straightened. Then slowly return to the start position – lightly touching your knees to the ground.

THREE – Symmetrical Hip-Extensions (glutes, low and mid back)

Lying down face-up now. Bend your knees and point your toes upward – so your heels are the only part of your feet touching the floor or mat. Push your heels into the ground and lift your hips toward the sky. Give a slight pause at the top. Then slowly lower your hips to touch the mat. Breath out on the way up (as you exert) and breath in on the way down (as you relax).

FOUR – Exercise Ball Squats (for the whole lower body)

Place an exercise ball (size 55cm – 65cm) against a wall and then lean against it with your lower back area. With your feet shoulder width apart – slowly squat down as the ball rolls up toward your upper back/shoulder blade area. Pause for a second or two – then slowly return to the top position, keeping a slight bend in the knees at the top. Breath in going down – breath out going up.

If going through this body-weight exercise circuit is too easy – try it a second and third time. You can also add 5 or 10 repetitions to each set for a longer exercise sessions and a more intense fitness challenge.

After you’ve tried this lower-body exercise sequence – please post your feedback and comments below – and then please do share this with anyone else you know who can benefit from this kind of helpful fitness information.

As always – I remind you to get your doctor’s medical clearance for exercise before starting any new exercise program – or if you are unsure about your own physical ability and readiness for exercise.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens Body Enhancement Specialist



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Mom’s Fat Loss Secret: How Siobhan Dropped LBS of Fat


Women send us these types of success stories every day – But as you can understand, most of them ask me NOT to share them publicly. And I understandably agree.

Fortunately, for every bunch of ‘private’ fat loss/fitness success stories I get – there is usually one person that allows me to share their story, publicly, on the blog – like this one below…

Please share your thoughts and praise in the ‘comments’ section at the end – and please share the link to this page with anyone you know who can use this type of motivation and inspiration… Here it is…

Mom’s Fat Loss Secret: How Siobhan Dropped Many LBS of Fat

happily submitted by Mom of 4, Siobhan Callaghan

I was in absolute terrible condition for my age! After having my fourth child I was so busy about home life, taking care of the kids and everyone else – I just put myself last and let myself go.

My heaviest weight was around 200lbs. I suffered from panic attacks low self esteem, constant headaches, fatigue and I had awful back ache, with falling arches in my feet as well.

Sadly, the only thing good was my cholesterol levels were fine!

I hate to admit it but emotionally I was crushed. I was always the high-spirited ‘’joker’’ of the group, the one who seemed to make others happy. I always knew people cared for me but they also (I feel), didn’t look up to me or I suppose maybe even didn’t respect me.

Siobhan at 200LBS, Before Weight Loss

Siobhan Before

I hated shopping because I could never find anything that would fit me properly and I always hated any special occasions that I would have to dress up for because I could only wear clothes that were made for women in their 50’s!

There were always tears to be shed…

But at the end of last April I went out on a friends birthday party with a bunch of girls and got the kick in the butt that I needed!

Siobhan After Fat Loss

Siobhan After

There I was among other women my age, who had children too, and well… embarrassingly I WAS the biggest girl there and the most dootsy dressed. The only thing I could think of that night was why and how have I done this to myself??

Siobhan Before

Siobhan Before

I thought that I too deserve to look and feel good, feel confident and sexy and most important to be and look as young as I was…. I was just going to have take the time for myself which I never did before, realizing that it wasn’t or wouldn’t be selfish for me to it. I would only be selfish by continuing to let myself get so far out of shape and unhealthy.

There was only me that made the mistake and only me that could fix it now.

The first thing I did was a simple, yet focused, week of healthy, controlled eating. I have to say it did help get rid of all the sugar and salt cravings. When the week was over I was stronger inside and more determined and I knew that this was something I really wanted to do, to take control.

I didn’t join any weight watcher clubs, I just stuck to fruit and veggies and chicken and started to buy wholegrain bread and pasta/rice and I bought myself a skipping rope! I was fairly new to the internet (and still am!) and just started to Google anything and everything to do with losing weight or exercises.

As my hips were the biggest part of me I Googled hip & bum exercises and that’s when I first came across my life support!–JOEY ATLAS!

Siobhan After

Siobhan After

There it was… a free download sample of exercises – and I signed up for his free e-newsletter which educated me and I just knew this man was talking sense and in plain old fashioned English with no big health or fitness words that I didn’t understand.

The best thing was, after doing my jump rope I always did the free exercises from Joey and you know, I could see results which made me want more. I was hooked – and Joey earned my trust.

I was so delighted to order his program – I knew it was just meant for me! I was like a kid waiting on Santa after that!

When I did my first session well what can I say I couldn’t do it.. that’s how unfit I was…

My whole body was shaking and nerves twitching everywhere that I could only do maybe 4 or 5 repetitions on each exercise! And as for the next day well it hurt (in a good way) and the day after that, too! I knew this would be the thing that worked for me. Even though it was a challenging start.

Siobhan Before

Siobhan Before

But as Joey told me in the instructions to “do what you can and that it will get easier”, well those words of encouragement really persuaded me to stick with it and of course he was right..it did get easier and I did do more and I got results!

Joeys plan is very easy to stick to and all the exercises can be done almost anywhere and as a busy mum of 4 kids, I didn’t have to leave the house to see to myself and get my workouts in!

More importantly I had no expensive equipment to buy which was an added bonus. The ULBHTM is very easy to follow, Joey makes you feel that he’s right there with you step by step by the way he structured the program, I found it much easier to stay focused, get into the exercises and I suppose, get them right.

Siobhan After

Siobhan After

My current weight is now right where I love it and I’m wearing my favorite dress sizes which are around (UK) 8/10. I had a wedding about a month ago and bought myself a USA dress size 4! WooHoo!!

I hadn’t wore a dress since my wedding dress nearly ten years ago and I went from white to black! that’s the dress in my after pics which I did pose for because now I can!! LOL!

Beforehand I always hid behind people in pics which now I wish I didn’t because I would have had great before pics! But nonetheless – you can still see how bad I was.

Its great; now I can almost buy anything I want to wear as long as its not too pricey and not too bare cos even though I’m “half the woman I used to be”, I am so used at covering up myself but I’ll get over that hurdle too!

I want to do more now, get in better shape & go out shopping more! I feel renewed!!

My physical and emotional energy levels are much better now and I’m always up for new challenges and fun things!

I feel that my personal success has made me stronger as a wife, mom and friend – and I have far more confidence in what I can do, not just emotionally but physically.

I have learned that it is important to start to love and and take care of myself and not just others, I need to be confident to make my kids confident, I need to be aware to make my kids aware, I need to be active to make my kids active, I need to be motivated to make my kids motivated and I need to care about myself to make my kids care about themselves, I am trying to educate them that it is important to be fit and healthy and that it can be very fun doing it!

The feed back from others is mostly good. A lot of people don’t recognize me anymore which can be funny! Then you get some saying ah you’ve done enough now you look brilliant so Stop!

It can be hard for some to understand that I actually enjoy eating healthy and exercising, that its not “just to keep the the weight off” for superficial reasons, I just need it for my emotional stability!! I want it for my longevity and… ‘cos I enjoy it!!! that’s all!!

I was asked “was I taking anything” which actually insulted me and I thought well if that’s what a close friend thinks then what does everyone else think! So it knocked me back but again I pushed forward! I’ve learned that people can be jealous of others success and I had it mentioned to me a few times.

I also have learned that people can be inspired by others success and so encourages them to follow suit!

I feel in control of my life and health now, I know where the grass is greener! I wont let myself go like I did for so long, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier!

Now I always try to start my day off and get up an hour earlier than the kids to do my ulbhtm program, and like Joey advises, if you want your morning coffee then have it!

Joey has the best ‘secret seven’ snack foods ever, and people who come in to my house and see the (natural) peanut butter jar look at me funny and say you ate that and lost weight??!! (Good job the don’t see my dark chocolate!!)

I make good, healthy food choices, and if I get even ten mins free I do a little cardio like skipping rope to up the metabolism and to boost my energy levels. I usually go for a 4 mile brisk walk weather permitting! And if I don’t get the time during the day to do my ulbhtm exercises, I leave it till I get the kids to bed and do it then..

I feel that I’m now more the person on the outside that I have been on the inside for so long.. So I feel I’m freed from the suit or ‘shield of armour’ and instead put the armour into my mind so that I’m stronger person now.

For all the women, and men, who feel they’ve let themselves down or are prisoner in their bodies, well… you’re not.. that’s all in your mind.

Take control of yourself, love yourself and your body.. ‘Cos if you don’t, who will??

Start by saying to yourself “I am in control of who I am and I am going to be happy.. I deserve to be happy..”

And when you control the thoughts in your mind you will control what you do with your body… what you feed it, how you use it, and you will come to realize that the effort is worth it and more importantly it is fun!

And if you have a bad day today, then don’t tell yourself ‘you’ve failed’ or that you can’t do it. Don’t give up hope, because every minute that lies ahead waiting for us is always a new one that we can start from, again.

The only way to encourage change is to think like a baby; you have got to be able to balance on your feet before you take your first steps and then you must learn to walk before you run and everyone stumbles and falls, but rise again and soon you will be fast on your feet…

- Siobhan Callaghan

You must admit, this is an incredibly inspiring story of positive change and leading by example. We would love to hear your thoughts about this. Your success, your challenges, your goals – just post them below – because I would love to know… Just click on that oval shaped ‘Comments’ button you see just to the right over here…

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas


More Weight Loss Lies & Diet Product Scams


More Weight Loss Lies & Diet Product Scams

Enviga Beverage Weight-Loss Claims ‘Curbed’

Coke, Nestle, and Beverage Partnership Worldwide (BPW) have settled charges that they falsely advertised that Enviga, a green tea beverage, can result in weight loss by burning extra calories.

The charges were brought by coalition of 26 states and the District of Columbia, led by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. The companies have agreed to re-label Enviga and any similar product to add disclosures, to disclaim any weight loss benefit, and to note that weight loss is only possible through diet and exercise.

They also agreed to pay $650,000 to the states. In 2007, Blumenthal began investigating questionable claims that drinking Enviga would burn more calories than it contains and implying that consuming the product would lead to weight loss. The claims were based on a small 3-day study that could not establish that any calorie burning associated with Enviga could be sustained over time.

The settlement requires that in any marketing of Enviga, or a similarly formulated beverage, that uses the terms “the calorie burner,” “negative calories,” “drink negative,” or makes any claims explicitly or implicitly that consumers will burn calories by drinking Enviga, there must be a clear and conspicuous disclosure that the product does not produce weight loss without diet and exercise.

The other participating states were Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and the District of Columbia.

[Attorney General announces settlement resolving weight loss and calorie-burning claims about Enviga. Press release, Connecticut Attorney General, Feb 26, 2009] http://www.ct.gov/ag/cwp/view.asp?A=3673&Q=434756

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Kinoki Foot Pads?: Step Directly on Bullshit with Kinoki Foot Pads


Kinoki Foot Pads?: Step Directly On Bullshit with Kinoki Foot Pads

There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t get at least a half dozen emails asking about specific health or fitness products. Though I don’t have time to answer them all directly – we do try hard to post as many of them as possible on at least one of my sites.

Today is a good one…

Many people have been asking for my opinion about these foot pads that turn black when you wear them overnight.

My good colleague, Dr Stephen Barrett – at ‘Quackwatch’ has pulled this gem right from the FTC’s files.

Here you go…

FTC sues “detox” Kinoki Foot Pad Marketers

The Federal Trade Commission has charged Yehuda (“Juda”) Levin, Baruch Levin, and their Xacta 3000 Inc. with deceptive advertising. According to the complaint, the defendants claimed that applying Kinoki Foot Pads to the soles of the feet at night would remove heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, parasites, chemicals, and cellulite from their bodies. The ads also claimed that use of the foot pads could treat depression, fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. [FTC charges marketers of Kinoki Foot Pads with deceptive advertising; seeks funds for consumer redress. FTC news release, Jan 28, 2009] http://www.casewatch.org/ftc/news/2009/kinoki.shtml

When applied to the feet, foot pads darken, which marketers claim is evidence that toxins are being drawn out from the body. However, investigators have demonstrated that the darkening is caused by contact with moisture from any source and has nothing to do with “toxins.” [Barrett S. The "detox" foot pad scam. Device Watch, Feb 5, 2009] http://www.devicewatch.org/reports/kinoki.shtml

It used to baffle me at how many people acutally buy into these rip-offs – But as I’ve become wiser – I’ve grown to understand human nature – and how these types of dirt-bag companies prey on the desperate people who are conned and misled into wasting their hard earned money for an outright lie.

How do you feel about this stuff?

Have you been cheated in the past?

If so – I’d like to know – so click on that cool ‘Comments’ button right there, and just post it below.

Your trainer,

Joey Atlas

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Get In Shape – Or Suffer the Consequences

This email came in a few weeks ago – in response to one of my snappy newsletters. I was going to answer this one, right here on the blog – but I thought of something a bit more fun – but still very helpful and insightful. YOU are going to put in your 2 cents in the ‘Comments’ section – after you read this email.

Here it is…

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: FW: a personal email for you, C. It’s about your life…
From: c. s. – [email protected]__________.com>
Date: Mon, December 29, 2008 1:46 pm
To: – joey ( at ) joeyatlas . com –

I am 50 yrs old, i weight 200 lbs., i have arthritis in my feet and my knees, it’s a mild form of it…but still sore at times….

i’m not a whiner and never have been…but i have noticed that i have become very tired lately.

My metabolism seems like its slowed downed compared to 10 yrs ago. I seem to look for comfort food ….i do work at General Motors in Canada on the line, but as you know we have been laid off a lot this year, and i have become inactive. I guess i am trying to enjoy the down time, but having said that, i am also do myself a disfavour.

So i joined the gym with my husband but yet to go and work out . My sister just passed away from thyroid cancer she was only 55.

Now i am really concerned for my health.

And now after reading your article on ridding myself of junk and fast foods, it has me motivated to get up and go to the gym and like the Nike slogan ” JUST DO IT”. I am just confused as to what i should be eating and how much….i don’t care for a lot of fish or shell foods…i do like chicken, turkey and beef ….i love most veggies and fruit….I have a 12 year old son and i look after him and my husband first before myself.

I know what i am capable of doing, it’s “JUST DOING IT”.

I need to rid myself of sugar that’s in my body. i have been taking the acidophilos, and it seems to work, i also think i need a chromium supplement to control my blood sugar. But i will tell you what i need most and that is ” ENERGY “. Is there something that you can suggest like siberian ginseng or a combination of something…I used to be in a business called _______ ______ and i took a product of theirs that was called T_________e, it was great i had energy, and i felt great. It also curbed my crave for sweets. Anyways, maybe you might have something like that i could take. But of course it has to meet our F.D.A standards….

well i guess that’s all….

i do love getting your e-mails, they are very inspirational and helpful …..

Thanks again,


OK – its your time to speak up and see if you can lend some helpful advice and direction to “C”. Just click on the ‘Comment’ link below…

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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A Beautiful Butt & Gorgeous Body – What a Combination

- by Joey Atlas – “The Woman’s Trainer”

A Beautiful Butt & Gorgeous Body – What a Combination

Ever since I released The Female Butt Conspiracy Report – there’s been a lot of excitement, buzz and hoopla surrounding the fact that I’m taking this ‘center of the body’ approach to enhancing the female backside along with the rest of her body (in a supporting role) – when we open the doors to ‘S.B.M.’ next month…

I didn’t forget that I still need to send out more info about this amazing project – but you must excuse me as I’ve been sidetracked during the last few weeks – because I’ve decided to take things up a few notches for the ‘S.B.M.’ program…

As we’re pulling all the final pieces of this together – I asked myself… “What else can I add to this that would simply just knock everyone’s socks off in terms of what type of guidance and help you’ll have access to when we release ‘S.B.M.’?

So I came up with a brilliant idea – then called Erik, the programming wizard, to see if he can pull it off – and before we knew it my idea was a reality – and when you see it next month – you are going to be blown away…

Now – I can’t say much more – but this little list will give you a few clues as to what will be connected to the ‘Butt Enhancement Project’ when we open it up next month…

I remind you – you will not find ANYTHING else like this – ANYWHERE…

A – Flat Belly, Tight Tummy, Sexy Stomach
B – Perky Bust, Beautiful Back
C – Sensual Shoulders
D – Attractive Arms
E – Luscious Legs

Remember to be on the early notification list for when we open these coveted spots for the ‘S.B.M.’ program – you’ll want to be sure you’ve signed up for this free download… and be sure to read it:

http://www.MyNewSexyButt.com <=CLICK HERE

We are working around the clock to get this amazing project ready for the Grand Opening next month – and keep in mind this will be available to every woman in the world, until all the Private Client spots have been taken.

I’ve you have any questions, comments or concerns – please post below by clicking on ‘comment’…

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else…
Be You… Be Fit… Be Sexy…

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

the cellulite killer

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Hot Butt and Thigh Exercise: Walking Lunge Touch-Down

-by Joey Atlas, The Woman’s Trainer

Before you watch the video – get this first if you haven’t yet:

Get your FREE copy of ‘The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Enhancement e-Guide’.

This comes to you in a secure e-guide format that you can download and print to read while you’re relaxing.
[The hard copy printed version sells for $19.00]

“Joey, The information in your e-guide cleared up many years of frustration and failure for me… I was just about to give up when I found you… Now, I got my body and my life back. Any woman in her right mind would be crazy not get this free eguide from you Joey. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.”
— Lynne Derucchi – West Chester, New York

Simply enter your first name and email address below – and I will automatically send your materials to you. Be sure to click the link in the first confirmation email I send you to verify that you are a real person and not a spammer. You must confirm that you are requesting this free e-guide and subscription via email. If you do not see it in your inbox – be sure to check your bulk/spam/junk folder – as it may be incorrectly filtered by your email provider.

Get Your FREE Lower Body e-Guide Here
First Name:

Your info is securely protected – it will not be sold or shared for two reasons.
1 – I plan on having a long, friendly and helpful relationship with you.
2 – It’s illegal and I’m not going to risk my hard earned, rock-solid reputation.

Hot Butt and Thigh Exercise: Walking Lunge Touch-Down

This is the video demonstration I promised after I made this post on my book blog:

Lower Body, Core, Abs and Cardio Exercise COMBINED <= click to read

The video makes perfect sense only if you’ve read the article I mention above…

After you watch the video – please share a link to this page with anyone you know who can use this type of information… And feel free to link to it, bookmark it, etc from your site or social networking area…

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else…
Be You… Be Fit… Be Sexy…

Joey Atlas

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Stunning New Discovery About the Female Butt

-by Joey Atlas, The Woman’s Trainer

Stunning New Discovery About the Female Butt

While going through a bunch of old fitness assessment documents I uncovered an amazing fact that I had to publish today…

Here’s the story…

Just this past week – I was able to finally fulfill a long-time dream of mine…. Which is the dream of working from home – but even more significant is the fact that I can now actually work in any location – I’m no longer tied to an office or a training studio…

The WORLD is now ‘my office’ – (as long as I have a laptop and ‘net access ;-))

So, as I was clearing out my office and sorting what to keep and what to get rid of – I had a chance to start going through about 380 fitness assessments from clients I’ve trained during the last 16 years or so… most of them women…

While doing this I uncovered something so insightful – so powerful – that I had to share it…

In my questionnaire for new clients – there was a section they’d fill out that asked “What are your top 3 Goals You Want to Reach?”

I started noticing how many women were listing some kind of improvement with their butt… It was something I never quite picked up during my full-time training days – I guess I was ‘too close to see it’…

Anyway – the truly surprising discovery was that these women who listed their butt as the # 1 priority for improvement – had the highest percentage of overall success in regards to achieving their goals – most of which had to do with getting their bodies into some kind of respectable shape – WITH emphasis on the BUTTOCKS region…

The more I went through these fitness profiles the more this relationship was becoming evident…

Women who wanted to fix their butt, more than any other region of their body were the most successful at fixing their butt problem issues AND getting the rest of their bodies in great shape as well… And the number was significant… Definitely not a fluke…

And so I had to try to figure out why of course…

And the only thing I could think of is the butt means so much to a woman in terms of her self esteem, the types of clothing she wears, her options when shopping for various articles of clothing, the attention she gets from her man or men in general, and how she feels about herself when she looks in the mirror at her backside, etc, etc… – that she is willing to put enough time, energy and effort into getting the desired results that the rest of her body getting in shape is a mere side effect of her drive and determination to literally “save her ass”…

It may have been that the focus was so concentrated and intentionally directed that being overwhelmed by all the other elements that usually distract so many women – simply were a non-factor – and the typical challenges and obstacles were non-existent – in other words they didn’t stand a chance against the ‘committed spirit’…

This finding was very energizing to me… As you might remember I mentioned in recent article that I’m working on a website/program that will be primarily focused on the female butt and fixing the various types of problem butts that women suffer from…. Finding this kind of amazing reinforcement of the concept is very promising as we are now factoring this into the final edition of this program, before we make it publicly available…

The way it’s designed basically guarantees your success – and that you will improve your butt and keep the improvements FOREVER…

You might be a bit anxious and excited about this thing – and I can understand as we are pretty excited too – there is NOTHING else like it…

In the meantime – If you want to start putting into words the problem(s) you are having with your backside – and the types of exact improvements you want to make with it – leave your comments below – I’d love to hear from you…

Your trainer for life,

the cellulite killer

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Fat Loss Diet and Fat Loss Pills: The Dark Side…

- by Joey Atlas – ‘The Woman’s Trainer’

Fat Loss Diet and Fat Loss Pills: The Dark Side…

When I’m out and about, running errands, grocery shopping, whatever… – I’m always taking a quick inventory of the fat loss diets and pills – that are being marketed to desperate women. Knowing what I know – I can look at these things for what they are – nothing more than a cleverly packaged and marketed “thing”…

See the truth is – if these things really did what they promised – most women would be in the tight and sexy shape they desire – but as you and I know – this is not the case…

If you read the chapter in ‘Fatness to Fitness’ that talks about how these companies can get away with these tactics – you’d understand why it’s all allowed to continue costing womens lots and lots of money for nothing in return…

The reason why I’m writing about this today – is I’ve been getting a LOT of emails inquiring about “diet tricks” or “diet secrets” or “diet pills” that actually work…

Now – When someone asks about a ‘diet pill’ that actually works – they always admit – they want to be able to not exercise – still eat like crap and just take the pill and lose the fat. I can tell you straight up – it doesn’t exist and will never. And anything that’s out there now – carries very gross and health crippling side effects…

That being said there are some things that do help, please notice the key word ‘HELP’ – by no means am I telling you there’s a magic pill out there… – if you are exercising a little (gotta be the right exercises though) and you eat pretty good for what your daily needs require, there are a few things that can help you burn extra fat – and keep it off easier… I’m not gonna get into what those agents are – that story will be covered another day…

OK – in terms of the dieting tricks or secrets… I recently realized that most women don’t really want a nutrition plan per se… what women really want are shortcut tactics and dieting tricks for fat loss that are healthy but do WORK… but of course they want them from someone they trust and know…

A few days ago I was talking about this to a friend of mine, Frank, who spent a lot of time with me in my competition years – these were times when I’d take my body fat from 19.7% down to 4.5% in a matter 7 weeks on average. Frank saw everything I did – every move I made during these weeks of methodical fat loss. He knew that my exercise habits didn’t change – it was all simple tweaks and tricks in how I ate…

In his words, he would say “It’s like you flip a switch and your body fat literally melts away while you’re asleep or something.”

And he was right – but it wasn’t only me… see I had a huge advantage over most of my counterparts – I was an exercise physiology major – and most other bodybuilders or female fitness competitors were in accounting, construction, engineering, journalism, etc…

So the only thing they learned about losing fat was what most everyone in the mainstream world were learning – not very helpful stuff…

But some realized what I knew, and how fast I got my results and asked for help – so I gave it to them – I started sharing my tactics and strategies with some people, mostly women (most guys were too proud to ask for help) that really wanted it and appreciated too… and they’d get the same results – fast fat loss, while maintaining muscle tone – without sacrificing their well-being one bit…

Anyway, Frank says “Why don’t you pull together all of those fat loss tricks and shortcuts you used to use and put them into some kind of easy tutorial that women could learn from quickly and just do?”

I said “I don’t know Frank, some of it can be seen as little radical even though its not, but you know how perception is everything… and besides a lot of the fitness insiders closely guard some of these secrets from the mainstream world – I’m not sure I wanna ruffle any feathers, ya know?”

Some of this is considered ‘Underground’ stuff – because it’s not like the stuff you read in your daily newspaper fitness column, like…

* You need to eat breakfast every day
* You need to follow the food pyramid guidelines
* You be sure to get 5 – 7 servings of veggies daily

No – it’s way different and much more specific than that…

Frank said “Yeah but did you ever ask yourself why this stuff really isn’t taught in the ‘real world’ like to regular people? There’s really no valid reason and somebody will eventually come out with this stuff – and it might as well be you Joey.”

I told Frank he was right – and that I’m gonna do it, what the hell !…

So now as I ponder this – I would like your input and feedback. As I pull together these fat loss tactics and the precise but simple instructions on how to easily follow them – tell me below in the comment form – write as much as you want to – TELL ME YOUR WISHES – be open and honest…

– what your specific needs are – what would be most important to you in a fat loss plan
– what diet or fat loss challenges hinder you the most
– what features would be found in your ideal diet or fat loss plan
– describe the perfect diet (be realistic) and what would be most helpful to you and your lifestyle
– why do you think you have struggled in the past
– what confuses you the most and frustrates you
– what things have you tried that made you feel ripped off and cheated

And feel free to add anything you want to see addressed in your perfect fat loss tool, handbook or program. And remember this is specifically about food/diet – not exercise, not workouts…

Your trainer for life,

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