Why Women Get Better Results With Home Fitness Videos

Home Fitness Video Insight: Why Women Get Better Results With Home Fitness Videos

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Womens’ Fitness: Ladies Should NOT Be Working Out Like ‘Tough Guys’

-by Joey Atlas, The Woman’s Trainer

Womens’ Fitness: Ladies Should NOT Be Working Out Like ‘Tough Guys’

A few weeks ago I had a new member post a question for me in the private forum of my interactive site (www.BestFitnessAdvice.com) – the one you get free access to when you get started on the ULBHTM program…

Anyway – here’s her question:

“Hi Joey – just ordered the e-Manual today and I’m very excited about this because I’ve been working myself like crazy 6 days a week in the gym – and I’ve been at it for about 7 years now. See, after my second daughter – my body looked like one of those big bean bags that you sit on – it was a mess…

Anyway I joined a gym and basically started doing the same thing that everyone else was doing – ya know – the squats with weight, leg presses leg curls, the smith machine, dead lifts – you name it I was doing it…

All the guys told me I was doing the right thing – to work hard and keep pushing…

Well after seven years and hardly any results – I knew I had to try something else… One of the other mother’s from my kids school told me about your lower body program and emailed me the link to
your site – and well, here I am!

I’m starting your leg, butt, hip, thigh and tummy Makeover in the morning – would you advise that I stay away from the ‘men type’ workouts for a while?”

Thanks, Joey


Hey Collette – welcome to ‘the club’…

First things first: You are a woman – so there is no need for you to think about working out like a man… Now there are 2 key reasons for this…

1 – most men don’t exercise properly (most of them just don’t publicly admit that they are not quite sure if they are doing the right program – most guys do the ‘monkey see – monkey do’ program) – if you watch them – they all do the same exact stuff – it’s like the blind leading the blind…

2 – a woman’s body is much more delicate and sensitive – and doesn’t react favorably to the strenuous nature of the weights and machines that men “like to do” because they are ‘tough guys’.

Most women – after pounding their bodies for several years with the gym type workout routine – start to get aches and pains that they never had before – these aches and pains are a crystal clear warning sign from your body saying “Hey – please stop beating me up every day – what you’re doing is not helping me – it’s hurting me and I don’t know how much more I can take be before I break down.”

So – yes – stay away from ‘the gym’ – at least for all your lower body work – if you still want to go there for some upper body and some cardio – that’s cool…

OK Collette – keep me posted on your progress,

So, have YOU ever done ‘the gym thing’ – did it work for you? Did it feel too strenuous? Was the time commitment a bit unrealistic? Did you get any of the aches and pains? …

… and most importantly…

Did you get ALL the results you were hoping you would get?

Let me know – just post your comment below…

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Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Enhancement Interview

- Joey Atlas being interviewed by Craig Ballantyne of www.TurbulenceFitnessTraining.com

CB: Joey, how did you go from just another trainer to a well known expert in working with female clients on helping them improve their legs, butts, hips, and thighs?

JA: From the start of my career, most of my clients have been women. I always made it a point to take note of the problems that came at the top of the list. It was very rare that a woman did not want to improve her lower body in some way.

Legs, butt, hips, thighs were always included in the desired improvements and quite often they were the only thing that a woman wanted to improve. So, I made it a point to focus my efforts on helping women get the changes they were looking for in their lower bodies.

Whether it was fat reduction and toning, cellulite reduction and shaping or building and sculpting – I have always enjoyed helping someone who is very confused about what to do or even unsure if they are capable of making any improvements at all.

CB: What types of exercises and workouts do you like to use for this purpose? Bodyweight, dumbells, machines? Do you ever get into kettlebells or barbells?

JA: I place emphasis on Bodyweight exercises. There is so much that can be done when you know how the body works in relation to gravity and one’s own bodyweight. So many people get lost in the machine and weight based workout routines and they miss out on so much that can be accomplished with a creative and balanced routine that is based on bodyweight exercises.

I’ll use dumbbells when appropriate and sometimes I’ll have clients use The Atlas Bag, which is a nylon bag I designed, with handles on each end. It holds most average size medicine balls and is very versatile and comfortable.

But the essence of this program – the thing that really brings the short and long term improvements is teaching women what they can do with no equipment – and just a few things that already have in the house. Its a lot of fun to see their progress and their emotional reactions about the changes.

CB: What would be a typical workout schedule for a beginner client with about 20 – 40 pounds to lose?

JA: We start with 5 – 8 minutes of lower body and core stretching. Then we’ll spend about 15 minutes on the mat, going through a series of beginner level, leg, butt, hip, thigh, ab and core moves. I teach this as ‘building a foundation’.

We may add some upper body moves while still on the mat and then it’s up to standing where the client is led through a series of beginner level lower body moves that lasts about 12 more minutes. This is followed by 5 minutes of lower body stretching.

This routine is recommended 2 – 3 times per week. One interesting note here is that even with women who tell me ‘they have been exercising’ or even if I know I’m dealing with someone who is clearly not a beginner – I’ll still run them through the beginner level program – because 99.7% of the time – my methods are different than anything else they’ve been doing, or may have tried in the past. And this surprises a lot of the female ‘fitness veterans’ – but it’s a pleasant surprise. – That’s why I get paid the ‘big bucks’, right?

CB: That’s for sure, Joey. How about something for a woman who is a little more advanced after going through your beginner and intermediate level program?

JA: For a more advanced client the outline is generally the same, but some of the exercise variations may be more challenging and the way the program is put together can also challenge a client beyond what they have been doing previously.

There is a cumulative effect that comes from how certain exercises are put into sequence with others. I like to take advantage this effect as opposed to ‘adding more weight’ or ‘doing more sets of the same exercise’. Again, 2 – 3 times per week is usually a good frequency.

If the advanced client is at a maintenance level – then it’s possible that once or twice per week is just fine.

CB: How do you educate your clients on nutrition and what are some of the tricks and tips you give to maximize compliance and results?

JA: I like to illustrate some of the long standing myths & misconceptions and re-educate clients about realistic, fitness promoting nutrition. Everything I teach is based on the proven concept of ‘daily caloric intake’.

As most, but not all, women want to lose weight – the biggest challenge is creating the daily caloric deficit needed to result in fat loss and toning. One of the ‘tricks’ I teach goes against what most experts are teaching.

I’m not saying those experts are wrong but I offer a different approach. It’s called ‘calorie shifting’…

Most people believe they are supposed to eat breakfast everyday because its healthy, etc, etc… However there are a lot of people who do this and find that it makes them hungrier and this causes them to consume more calories than they would like to over the course of a day. What I suggest, and I do this everyday as well – because it really works for me, is not to skip breakfast, but to push it later into the day.

For example, I’ll have a cup of tea or espresso with a little organic skim milk, at about 7am. But I don’t eat breakfast until 10:30 or 11am, lunch would be at around 2:30 or 3pm and so on.

In effect, all my meals are pushed back a few hours leaving less time for snacking and munching on unnecessary calories – making it so much easier to stay in the ideal daily caloric intake range.Lots of women who need to lose weight – who have been unsuccessful in the past – do well with this approach.

CB: And what about cardio? Do you use long cardio, intervals, or something else…a mix? What works best here?

JA: This all depends on the client. All of the above choices can work, but the key is to prescribe what they enjoy the most (this is rule number one) – because this makes long term adherence much more likely – and this is where permanent results are achieved.

Anytime you can get someone to stick with something for the long haul, you increase the possibility that it will become habit and harder to give up. Exercise is addictive when done properly. The results naturally follow.

CB: What are some lifestyle factors and obstacles that your clients have to avoid? What are some typical situations they find themselves in and how do they avoid temptation, setbacks or reverting bad habits?

JA: One of the more prevalent is vacation or holidays. For some reason people tend to put exercise on the back burner and on top of that they increase their food and beverage consumption, way more than they need to.

The root of this lies in whether or not the person has defined their values and if fitness is a part of those values or if it’s ‘just a way to look better in a bathing suit’ – which I consider a short term, superficial compulsion.

The more superficial the reasons for pursuing fitness are, the more likely there will be episodes of self sabotage, setbacks and most likely, failure. When fitness pursuits are based on getting the most out of life, for as long as possible, then a strong value system is in place and actions become based on these values.

The ‘sexy body’ is a natural by-product of the person’s values and matching ‘habits of daily life’.

CB: And finally, do you have any insights or tips that might surprise us…is there something that people think is good for fat loss but you disagree with…or vice versa? Any original tips would be great.

JA: I’ll go back to my ‘skipping breakfast’ concept mentioned above – calorie shifting. This takes a lot of people by surprise. Knowing that I have a masters degree in exercise physiology – they are waiting for some complex, scientific reason about why this works, when it goes against most of what we hear in the mainstream media.

And when I boil it all down – it’s simply a way of manipulating daily caloric intake in a way that makes it easier to implement and stick with. Women who want to lose body fat love it – because it’s easy and it works – that’s really all they want.

And here is something else that will become more prevalent in the mainstream media within the next 4 – 8 years… One of the things that people think is good for fat loss, but I strongly disagree with, is the number artificial sweeteners that are being used in the reduced calorie foods and diet drinks.

I won’t mention any trade or chemical names but these are substances I would not recommend to anyone.

This is one of the reasons I started creating my own healthy ‘fitness beverage’. I couldn’t find a truly healthy, all natural, tasteful drink that was low in calories and was really conducive to the fitness lifestyle. So I did some research and started making my own.

My clients are pushing me to bring it to the public, so I’m exploring that possibility. Oh – and here is something else that really gets me – these artificial sweeteners are also being used in regular versions of foods and drinks – with no notices on the labels. You have to find out by reading the ingredients list.

I know this because it happened to me. By chance, I was reading the label of a type of fairly healthy bread we had been buying for years. To my surprise – the company had started using one of the most widely used artificial sweeteners as an ingredient and didn’t even mention it on the packaging, except for in the very small ingredients list.

I thought this was an absolute joke and we simply stopped buying this company’s products.

CB: Thanks Joey – the info you shared here is great stuff – and will truly help a lot of women out there.

JA: My pleasure Craig – thanks for having me.



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Mother’s Day Gifts I Promised You Are Ready


Last week I promised I’d be sending you 2 FREE gifts:


2 – My extremely insightful audio interview with Holly Rigsby

Even though I’m referring to these as Mother’s Day gifts – the truth is they are for ALL women – as they will help you immensely, regardless of your age or ‘maternal status’.

Before I hand them over to you – all I ask is that you share them with everyone you know – who will appreciate them or benefit from them – as your way of saying ‘thanks’ – and allowing me to continue to bring you more freebies every month.

Here is the second one: – Actually for this one – you will also be getting 12 additional audio interviews, in addition to mine – ALL COMPLETELY FREE – The giving never stops with ‘Joey Atlas’! – here’s how it works:

You go to http://www.WomanYouDeserveThis.com – read about everything you’ll have access to – and then sign up for free access at the bottom of the page – Keep in mind – since this is free – the number of spots will be limited. If you sign up for a free spot – you will then be offered the opportunity to purchase the whole package of interviews when this 6 week series is over. YOU ARE NOT obligated to make the purchase – it is only for people who want to download and store the interviews forever- for future access.

Who Loves You? —–> Joey Atlas!!

Send some love this way by leaving your comments below…

Your Trainer,

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Cellulite – The Unsolved Mystery – or Perfect Scam Set-Up?

By – Joey Atlas, M.S. Exercise Physiology

As a woman – you either ‘have cellulite’ or you know at least one other woman who suffers from this beauty crippling ‘condition’.

I understand you may have heard many other ‘opinions’ or read various articles on the subject – but I’m here to give you some helpful info from a very different perspective – one that is sure to help you – or anyone you might know who is looking for help in reducing or completely getting rid of cellulite.

First things first:

You don’t ‘have cellulite’ – Cellulite is not a ‘thing’

It’s simply a word, derived from French and Latin roots, that is used to describe the bumpy/dimpled appearance of skin. (the roots are ‘cellula’ and ‘-itis’)

Ponder this:

There are women who are ‘skinny’ – with the appearance of cellulite, and there are women who are ‘fat’ with no signs of cellulite at all.

So what gives?

Well – lets back up a little – to help us put this into perspective.

If we take two overweight women – one without the appearance of cellulite, and one with the appearance of it – we have to first answer the question: Why/How is this?

Before I get further into this – keep in mind I earned a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology – part of which entailed spending eight complete weeks dissecting a human body (cadaver) from the skin, down to the deepest layers (inside the vital organs) – which included EVERY layer in between.

So we ask, What causes the appearance of cellulite?

First – If we were to analyze the fat from the 2 overweight women mentioned above – we would find no physiological or biological difference between the fat in their lower bodies.

BUT we would find some structural differences along with several other factors that are affected by lifestyle habits.

Here’s what we would find structurally:

>> In the woman WITHOUT the appearance of cellulite…

The muscles beneath her fat are firmer and more toned.

The connective tissue that sits between the deepest layers of the skin and the outermost layers of the fat is tighter and smoother.

The fat deposits themselves are more evenly distributed.

factors of cellulite skin
Bumpy Skin ——- Smooth Skin

>> In the woman WITH the appearance of cellulite…

The muscles beneath her fat are very soft and most likely droopy or jiggly.

The connective tissue that sits between the deepest layers of the skin and the outermost layers of the fat is looser and not as taught.

The fat deposits themselves are unevenly distributed, and lumpy in configuration.

butt thigh leg cellulite on woman
‘Cellulite’ on Thighs and Butt

In addition to these differences there are, most likely, differences in lifestyle habits. These are:

1 – Proper exercise, improper exercise – or no exercise at all.

2 – Nutrition habits: besides calories and ‘quality’ of foods eaten, several other factors can have a substantial impact on the appearance of cellulite:

— A: sodium intake levels
— B: hydration habits (types and amount of daily fluid intake)
— C: levels of other minerals in relation to sodium (potassium, etc)

3 – smoking, excessive alcohol intake (drinking), other bad habits.

I will be addressing more about this topic, cellulite, in future articles on this website – but for purposes of this article – I want to stay on point…

So – when we look at the factors above – and the factors that one has control over – it is quite safe to assume that a woman who is affected by the appearance of cellulite in the form of fat combined with several structural challenges – she can definitely reduce the appearance of that cellulite by incorporating habits of proper and specifically targeted exercise, combined with healthy nutrition habits that take into account proper hydration and reduced sodium intake.

Now – lets go back to our original question about the ‘skinny’ woman with cellulite and the ‘fat’ woman with NO cellulite.

It should be very easy to understand that the appearance of cellulite in the ‘skinny’ woman has nothing to do with her having a different kind of fat under her skin – or some ‘cottage cheese’ substance that other women don’t have – but rather several structural factors that result in the dimpled and bumpy texture of the outer layer of the skin.

It is also very likely that these structural factors are ‘in addition to’ poor health habits and the lack of proper exercise.

Hence the reason to realize that cellulite, this thing that doesn’t even actually exist, can be reduced and many times ‘removed’ completely.

In reality we are simply changing the appearance of the surface of the skin. We do this with slight changes in the muscle, nutrient balance, hydration and connective tissue ‘taughtness’. Exercise is the catalyst that drives the reasons for change in the structural components that make up the layers behind the surface of the skin.

Wow! – this was a long one… – As I mentioned – lots more for me to talk about regarding cellulite – such as teen cellulite, pregnancy cellulite (pre, during and post), drug side-effect induced cellulite, menopausal cellulite – and a bunch of others – as well as how companies that promote creams, pills, wraps and other such ineffective products are allowed to lie to you and falsely advertise their products to you – FULLY knowing that you will not get rid of your cellulite by using their products.

I’ll be addressing this and how all of these ‘types’ of cellulite were one of the main ingredients that motivated me to create the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover to help women “cure” their cellulite problems.

Until next time…

Be Fit – Be Sexy.

Your Trainer,

PS – Please share this cellulite article with others – AND leave your comments below by clicking on ‘Comments’ button.

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Walking Can Fix Your Toughest Trouble Spots

by Joey Atlas – M.S. – Exercise Physiology

Before I tell your how walking can help fix trouble spots – I have 2 other items to share with you.

1 – Two days ago – the purchase page for the Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual was ‘unavailable’ – My apologies if you were one of the people who couldn’t place your order during that time. I just found out that when the number visitors to that page is too high – it shuts down to any additional visitors trying to place an order – for security purposes. Not sure if this is true – but it makes sense as there have been a lot of women coming to this site to order the e-Manual.

2 – Because of this huge success of the e-Manual – I’m putting together a 2-part, free gift as my way of saying thanks to everyone – event to those few of you who haven’t purchased a copy of the e-Manual.

Part 1 is going to be ‘The Trouble Spot Tune-Up’ - a mini-workout targeting your lower body that you’ll be able to do in as little as 10 minutes – this will be a 5 page pdf download with full color photos – just like the complete e-Manual (over 105 pages).

Part 2 is going to be an incredible streaming audio interview I just did with Holly Rigsby of BackIntoShapeMommy.com – that you’ll be able to listen to right on your computer. Holly ‘heard through the grapevine’ about my program – and just knew she needed to get the answers to a bunch of questions that many women have not been able to get answers to.

We did the 75 minute interview yesterday – and I absolutely stunned Holly – she couldn’t believe the kind of stuff I was sharing with her. I listened to the uncut replay after the interview – and I must to admit – it was the first time I really opened up about some of the most pressing issues females are faced with when it comes to body image and making improvements in their toughest problem areas.

In the next few weeks I’ll be offering these 2 items to you, completely free – with NO STRINGS ATTACHED – again, as my way of saying ‘thanks’ and giving something back. Stay tuned for those…

Now – about walking for your trouble spots…

It’s a common questions I get often, “Joey, will walking help me with my lower body?”

The simple answer is yes. BUT – how you use walking all depends on your current level of fitness and what exact things you are trying to improve. I’ll be talking more about this in future articles. But for know I need to address something of deeper importance that has to do with walking…

For those of you who have been subscribing for a year or longer may remember my newsletter a year ago – that focused on a condition called ‘Angelman Syndrome’ – for those who has just started subscribing recently – here is the crux of the story.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with 2 great clients for the past 7 years, Rob and Debbie Schiller, I started with Rob first – and then with Deb after she gave birth to their second son, Ethan. When Ethan was just a few years old – he was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. It was a trying time for the Schillers and they knew life was going to hold a new set of challenges from that moment forward.

In short, Ethan grows physically – but everything else lags far behind – requiring every function – to include some type of assistance from another family member or caretaker.

What does walking have to do with this?

Every year the Schillers host a Walk-A-Thon here in Jacksonville – that is tied to a worldwide fundraiser – to help find a cure for this heartbreaking condition. This is the kind of walk thats helps ‘trouble spots’ that can only be conquered by the united forces and resources of many people working together – such as me putting together this article to raise awareness and rally for some support.

To wrap this up – all I ask, if you can spare anything (if you can’t we understand – just put Ethan and the foundation in your prayers) – even a dollar – is that you help us by making a small contribution to the Angelman Foundation – here on a page made specially for Ethan. While you are there you can watch the video from last year’s Walk a Thon – also – you can see all of the other donors – our’s will be listed as – “from the ‘Atlas Family’ – “Onward, Ethan!…

You DO NOT HAVE TO participate in the walk a thon – in order to make a donation – and again – you can do this from anywhere in the world – at this page:

If you can donate – be sure to put …from Team Atlas” – in the comment section with your name – so we can show our support together.

I THANK YOU deeply for any help you can offer,


Mom Gets Her ‘Sexy’ Back – Mother of 3 Turns Back The Clock

- Joey Atlas, M.S. – Exercise Physiology

I started sifting through some of the recent women’s fitness case studies and testimonials we’ve received in the past few weeks – and as I was working on them – I decided to create a nice 13 page free bonus for you to download, print and read.

Also – feel free to share it with anyone you wish – it’s loaded with extremely valuable insights, no matter what your fitness level is and no matter what your specific problem areas and trouble spots are.

This is one to read no matter your age, shape, size, body weight or physical abilities. These exercise principles and ‘diet strategies’ are effective, even if pregnancy is MANY years ahead of you – or if you had your last child 37 years ago…

Pre and Post pregnancy fitness can be confusing and overwhelming – especially the post pregnancy phase. Many times a focus on simple exercises and proven nutritional tactics are all that’s needed to help a new mom get her ‘Sexy’ back. Read the ebooklet below to see how a mother ‘who had tried everything’, and was about to ‘give up’ – turned it all around, simply by finding the right information and putting it to use.

This is a FREE 13 page ebooklet:

NOTE – you must have the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader to open and read it: So, Download the latest Adobe Reader for Free: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html


1- you can click the link below to open it directly (to read on screen or print out)

2 – you ‘right’ click the link and ‘Save to Desktop’ or wherever you would like to save it to.
Click here => Mother of 3 Gets Her Sexy Back

Enjoy and let it fuel your motivation to do the same…

[NOTE - if you want the DVDs, Lisa refers to in our coaching dialog just go to the page below and scroll down to the big blue order preview links - you cant miss 'em.]
Click here => Leg Butt Hip and Thigh Exercise DVDs

Your Trainer,

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