5 Top Foods to Manage Menopause Symptoms

Try These 5 Top Foods to Manage Your Menopause Symptoms

Menopause can make life a challenge in many ways. Finding even just a few ways to manage the symptoms can go a long way in making your days more pleasant and positive.

One of the most powerful and health promoting nutrient groups are EFA’s, better known as; essential fatty acids. Omega-3’s are an ideal and abundant source of EFA’s and here are five foods which can fulfill all your EFA needs, to help manage menopause symptoms and make your life more enjoyable:

1: Wild Caught Salmon (avoid farm-raised when possible). Other fish sources high in Omega-3’s are cod and halibut.

2: Kidney Beans – mix with chopped sweet peppers and arugala; add your favorite extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you have an EFA power-meal. Pinto beans and white beans are also excellent options for this little recipe.

3: Wall-Nuts – enjoy with your favorite fruit, such as fresh figs or melon. Pecans and hazelnuts are also great choices.

4: Ground Flax Seeds – add into your favorite salad at lunch and/or dinner. Goes well in smoothie shakes too. And you can also sprinkle over steamed veggies.

5: Cauliflower – cook just like you’d make mashed potatoes, add your favorite nut oil (almond, macadamia, etc) for an extra boost of Omega-3’s, sprinkle with black pepper, paprika and sea salt.

Here is the complete article:
Essential Foods to Help Manage Menopause Symptoms

And here is an excellent e-book loaded with extremely helpful information on all aspects of Menopause and management of Menopause Symptoms:

control menopause symptoms book

The Ultimate Guide to Menopause Symptoms and How to Manage Them ASAP

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Your trainer for life,

– Joey Atlas

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Best Fitness Snacks to Crush Cravings & Satisfy You

I get this question a lot:

“Joey, what are some good snack foods that taste good and satisfy my cravings?”

When you are trying to keep your body and health at it’s best – what you put into your body is a critical factor. No two ways about it…

But it’s no secret that the challenge of ‘snacking’ can be the “Achilles heel” of your perfect fitness and nutrition plan. One slip-up and you drive yourself crazy thinking you’ll never be able to “stick with it” all because you haven’t mastered the art of snacking with satisfaction and wiping out your deadliest cravings…

Snacking properly is a critical part of your long term success. It’s one of the reasons so many people “fall off the program”. However – the right “snack tactics” can be your greatest ally in your personal quest.

Here are my top picks for ‘fitness’ snacks to keep you on target for your goals, and SATISFIED:

1 – One and a half ounces of almonds, cashews or walnuts and a small banana.
The mixture of high-fiber carbs/protein/healthy fats provides your body with the proper ‘fuel-mixture’ which wipes out feelings of hunger – and the urge to eat even more. With those 2 elements gone – you’ve ‘busted’ your cravings and it’s smooth sailing to your next meal-time.

2 – One cheddar cheese stick and an apple (gala, jonagold, braeburn, etc). The same physiological principle I mention in #1 applies here too. BUT – here’s an added tactic that not too many people know about. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on your apple slices – and sprinkle cayenne pepper on your cheese stick. These 2 spices have a positive effect on your blood sugar/insulin levels – and help keep your appetite in check for a while. I use both of these spices every day, on various snacks and foods.

3 – One half cup of dried-fruit & nut granola mix and carrot sticks. Same principles as # 1 & 2 above. And don’t forget the 2 spices.

4 – A nutrition bar with proper nutrient ratios for stable blood sugar levels and optimal energy. You want to be sure to stay away from any type of bar with artificial/chemical sweeteners (such as aspartame, acesulfame-potassium, sucralose, etc…). These can do a number on your stomach and actually increase your appetite (not good!) – not to mention your long term health.

My top recommendation for a nutrition bar is this one:
Crave Killer Nutrition Bar <= click to see it

The EFA's in these bars work magic on getting rid of hunger - and since they taste incredible, your cravings are totally busted and gone.

WARNING: if you have kids, and they find your stash of these bars - they will devour them. Yes, they are that good. Truth be told - I'm glad to let my kids eat these because there is no crap in them - and they are USDA Organic. Only 180 calories and ready for you to just grab and go.

The amazing dark chocolate coating is enough to make your mouth water just by looking at it:
healthy, crave-busting nutrition bars for the fitness lifestyle <= go check them out

All 3 flavors are incredible and what's perfect is I place a quick re-order every 3-4 weeks. I don't ever worry about running out of these because every month my new stash is delivered right to my doorstep. Life is easy - and good!

Let me know how much you love them,

Joey Atlas; M.S., Exercise Physiology - Partner of ProGrade Nutrition
p.s. - Don't miss these:

Lies and Myths of The Weight Loss Industry

The Untold Metabolism Supplement Story

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Fat Loss Diet and Fat Loss Pills: The Dark Side…

- by Joey Atlas – ‘The Woman’s Trainer’

Fat Loss Diet and Fat Loss Pills: The Dark Side…

When I’m out and about, running errands, grocery shopping, whatever… – I’m always taking a quick inventory of the fat loss diets and pills – that are being marketed to desperate women. Knowing what I know – I can look at these things for what they are – nothing more than a cleverly packaged and marketed “thing”…

See the truth is – if these things really did what they promised – most women would be in the tight and sexy shape they desire – but as you and I know – this is not the case…

If you read the chapter in ‘Fatness to Fitness’ that talks about how these companies can get away with these tactics – you’d understand why it’s all allowed to continue costing womens lots and lots of money for nothing in return…

The reason why I’m writing about this today – is I’ve been getting a LOT of emails inquiring about “diet tricks” or “diet secrets” or “diet pills” that actually work…

Now – When someone asks about a ‘diet pill’ that actually works – they always admit – they want to be able to not exercise – still eat like crap and just take the pill and lose the fat. I can tell you straight up – it doesn’t exist and will never. And anything that’s out there now – carries very gross and health crippling side effects…

That being said there are some things that do help, please notice the key word ‘HELP’ – by no means am I telling you there’s a magic pill out there… – if you are exercising a little (gotta be the right exercises though) and you eat pretty good for what your daily needs require, there are a few things that can help you burn extra fat – and keep it off easier… I’m not gonna get into what those agents are – that story will be covered another day…

OK – in terms of the dieting tricks or secrets… I recently realized that most women don’t really want a nutrition plan per se… what women really want are shortcut tactics and dieting tricks for fat loss that are healthy but do WORK… but of course they want them from someone they trust and know…

A few days ago I was talking about this to a friend of mine, Frank, who spent a lot of time with me in my competition years – these were times when I’d take my body fat from 19.7% down to 4.5% in a matter 7 weeks on average. Frank saw everything I did – every move I made during these weeks of methodical fat loss. He knew that my exercise habits didn’t change – it was all simple tweaks and tricks in how I ate…

In his words, he would say “It’s like you flip a switch and your body fat literally melts away while you’re asleep or something.”

And he was right – but it wasn’t only me… see I had a huge advantage over most of my counterparts – I was an exercise physiology major – and most other bodybuilders or female fitness competitors were in accounting, construction, engineering, journalism, etc…

So the only thing they learned about losing fat was what most everyone in the mainstream world were learning – not very helpful stuff…

But some realized what I knew, and how fast I got my results and asked for help – so I gave it to them – I started sharing my tactics and strategies with some people, mostly women (most guys were too proud to ask for help) that really wanted it and appreciated too… and they’d get the same results – fast fat loss, while maintaining muscle tone – without sacrificing their well-being one bit…

Anyway, Frank says “Why don’t you pull together all of those fat loss tricks and shortcuts you used to use and put them into some kind of easy tutorial that women could learn from quickly and just do?”

I said “I don’t know Frank, some of it can be seen as little radical even though its not, but you know how perception is everything… and besides a lot of the fitness insiders closely guard some of these secrets from the mainstream world – I’m not sure I wanna ruffle any feathers, ya know?”

Some of this is considered ‘Underground’ stuff – because it’s not like the stuff you read in your daily newspaper fitness column, like…

* You need to eat breakfast every day
* You need to follow the food pyramid guidelines
* You be sure to get 5 – 7 servings of veggies daily

No – it’s way different and much more specific than that…

Frank said “Yeah but did you ever ask yourself why this stuff really isn’t taught in the ‘real world’ like to regular people? There’s really no valid reason and somebody will eventually come out with this stuff – and it might as well be you Joey.”

I told Frank he was right – and that I’m gonna do it, what the hell !…

So now as I ponder this – I would like your input and feedback. As I pull together these fat loss tactics and the precise but simple instructions on how to easily follow them – tell me below in the comment form – write as much as you want to – TELL ME YOUR WISHES – be open and honest…

– what your specific needs are – what would be most important to you in a fat loss plan
– what diet or fat loss challenges hinder you the most
– what features would be found in your ideal diet or fat loss plan
– describe the perfect diet (be realistic) and what would be most helpful to you and your lifestyle
– why do you think you have struggled in the past
– what confuses you the most and frustrates you
– what things have you tried that made you feel ripped off and cheated

And feel free to add anything you want to see addressed in your perfect fat loss tool, handbook or program. And remember this is specifically about food/diet – not exercise, not workouts…

Your trainer for life,

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Counting Calories Frustrating You? Try Calorie Shifting

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

If Counting Calories is Frustrating You? You May Want to Try Calorie Shifting

I originally wrote this article for my ‘members only’ site, BestFitnessAdvice.com – and its a strategy that has helped a handful of people make some serious improvements in their health and body – primarily from body fat reduction.

Several weeks ago I sent out a free PDF success story that was submitted to me from, Lisa, one of our members. She mentioned the impact that calorie shifting had on her success when combined with the Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh program, with changing her body and life – and we got a ton of emails asking more about the ‘calorie shifting’ concept.

lisa before leg butt hip thigh exercise program—————lisa after leg butt hip thigh exercise program
Lisa Before Calorie Shifting – – Lisa After Calorie Shifting

So here it is. Enjoy it – use it – and please share your results with us…

The challenge of eating a nutrient dense, low calorie diet that promotes healthy weight and optimal fitness – while at the same time trying to keep daily caloric intake at appropriate levels for one’s goals (usually fat/weight loss) can be one the most difficult juggling acts to master. In working with many clients with various daily habits and patterns – I’ve realized that a good number of people can benefit from “shifting their calories” instead of just counting calories to accomplish healthy nutrition and weight management.

Depending on the time you wake up in the morning – starting your day with breakfast may not be the ideal way to kick off the fulfillment of your daily nutritional needs. Now, I know this goes against traditional advice, but read on to fully understand this approach as it applies to counting calories.

I’ve worked with clients in the past who have tried to eat breakfast (in many forms and variations) first thing in the morning, and they would find that doing this made them hungrier the rest of the day and it usually led to increased daily caloric intake – enough to cause long term weight gain.

There are some people who wake up relatively early and start the day with breakfast and continue to eat relatively well throughout the day. Often, these types of people, although eating healthy foods, are taking in too many calories in the span of a whole day and either have trouble losing weight or continue to gain weight.

Now, for the caloric shifting part. We will talk about meal shifting (instead of calorie shifting) to keep matters simple – but understand, a meal is made up of calories.

A simple strategy for those who find that keeping a lid on daily caloric intake is a challenge – is to push back the time that the first meal is eaten. Lets call this meal breakfast, even though some people may find it strange to call a meal eaten at 10:30 or 11 am, breakfast.

So, instead of eating your normal breakfast at 6:30 or 8 am, you don’t skip it, you just push it back a few hours – toward your normal lunch time. In effect, you are moving, most likely, 300 – 500 (maybe more) calories and taking them in at a later time, maybe 3 or 4 hours later than normal.

Here is what happens to most people who I coach with this method. They find they are not starving for a big lunch (which also gets pushed back a few hours – to about 2pm (give or take 30 minutes). Additionally, they are not ravenous by dinner time, when most people self destruct and do so until bedtime, by snacking after dinner.

So, a result of this meal shifting is a reduction in ‘overactive appetite’ – not a bad reduction, but a healthy reduction – one that is very helpful in preventing one from over-stuffing the stomach and going beyond their daily caloric needs, day after day after day. (This is how people ‘slowly’ gain a lot of weight over the span of several years.)

Lets back up a little – if dinner time food raids are a challenge, then this meal shifting can help you reduce that eating urge after work and put you in a better position to control the volume of food you put on your plate and the number of calories you put in your body.

So, ‘the calorie shift’ is also helpful for people who snack every few hours once they do start eating. By delaying when you start eating in the morning – you also delay the snack intervals you enjoy – and in effect you may reduce your total daily snacks to 2 or 3 instead of 5 or 6 (including your after dinner snack). When all is said and done, by days end you will have taken in less calories than you would have, had you started with an early breakfast.

Common ‘side effects’ of this strategy are increased energy, less bloating and stomach discomfort, better sleep patterns and a few others. Hmm – I wonder why?

There are several factors inside of this calorie based fat-loss strategy to be aware of. The types of foods you choose, the volume of foods you choose and the realization that you need less calories than you think you do to function optimally on a day to day basis.

I also realize that this may go against the “You’ll shut down your metabolism, by starving yourself!” crowd. But believe me, this is far from starving yourself, very far. I tell you this firsthand, because it’s how I’ve helped many people take control of their, nutrition, body weight and fitness – and it’s how I manage my own daily nutrition and my metabolism keeps burning right along.

Now, I would like for you to help me circulate this article via social media – so I can share more of these with you in the future. See the ‘Share This’ button below? Click it and you’ll see several easy ways to help me circulate this article. Digg and StumbleUpon are 2 of the easiest, and they are free to join (actually all of them are free) – just click on the link to each and the rest is simple – takes about 90 seconds…

Comments or questions? Just post them below…

Your Trainer,

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Who Do You Exercise For? Your Self or ‘Your Man’

- By Joey Atlas, M.S. Exercise Physiology

We get tons of email every day from around the world. Questions and comments in all areas of female fitness and nutrition. But there is one type of question we get that needs to be addressed in a big way.

It generally sounds like this:

“Joey – can you please tell me exactly how to make my thighs tight and shapely. My man (boyfriend, husband, fiance, whatever..) loves women with sexy thighs and mine are just not in that category… He’s always making comments about how I should try to make my thighs and butt nicer – like the ones we see on tv, etc…

“Joey – I just want to make him happy – so I’m all that he desires. Please help me get my thighs and butt into the best possible shape so my man can love me…”

First – If your motivation for improving the physical aspect of your fitness is fueled by wanting to be more desirable to ‘your man’ – forget about it, sweetheart – go find another man, a real man who is more interested in what’s below the surface of a woman’s skin…

Second – and more importantly, open your eyes (and mind) to the fact that you should want to be fit, strong, sexy and healthy for YOU, as in your SELF. (Tell the shallow jack-ass to go find his ‘happiness’ elsewhere – or maybe just to expand his horizons a little bit.)

Let me make this clear – when I say ‘sexy’ – I don’t mean looking like the images that the media wants us to think is the perfect image of sexy. There are many different versions of ‘sexy’ – and you have your own unique version that nobody else has. Yeah, there may be other women with similar body types, etc – but they are not you and you are not them.

Understand where I’m coming from? ;-))

Take the gift of life you’ve been given – and make it as good as you possibly can – with proven and realistic exercise techniques and proper, well-balanced nutrition.

Here’s a little gift to help with the balanced nutrition part – it’s a PDF you can download and print and post in your kitchen, office or wherever you wish:

8 Healthy Snacks for a Fit and Firm Body < = Click Here

Please feel free to share it with whoever you wish - by using the 'Share This' button below - and don't forget to leave me a comment...

Your trainer,


I started the program yesterday and am very excited about it! It
reminds me of the exercises I used to do way back when!!! I’ve been going to
the gym for about 18 months and feel like I put a lot of time and effort
into it and haven’t realized the results I was seeking. I am quite strong in
the lower body but not as lean or sculpted as I want to be. I was actually
a bit sore after doing only the LBHTM once! This is confirmation that I was
NOT reaching all the lower body muscles you speak of, with machines and weights.


Anna Braheem


Hi Joey,

I am doing the Lower Body workouts. I just started my third week. I can really
feel the exercises working where I need them to. I am following the
progression plans and hope to see even more results soon. I can feel the
muscles in my legs getting firmer each time I do the workouts so I
know they are working. These exercises are great! I am feeling ‘worked’
in areas I have never felt before. Thank you for putting this program
together and helping so many women feel better about ourselves again.

Monica Guidry


Pam and Joey,

The ULBHTM exercises are wonderful. I have been doing gym lessons regularly since 38 years and those exercises Joey has put together are the “classic” exercises which once upon a time were taught in “normal” exercise classes of 30 min or even an hour. But over the years those classes thought they need to be more “fancy” and so they have taken them off the lessons replacing them with more “breathtaking” one. Joey did a good job of realizing that those are the ones which make THE difference in the ‘trouble spot’ parts of the body. I have been doing regularly, for several weeks now, starting with 4-5 exercises which I picked up from his newsletters, and feel REALLY good about it. But now with the manual on hand, I can follow the complete sequences Joey has put together …

Again thanks, and greetings from Rome.
Elke Eggert

leg butt hip thigh order button<= Click to Order Your's

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Hydration for Sexy Body, Clear Mind and Happy Spirit

Lots of great feedback on the last post – thanks for that…

The 2 freebies I mentioned are in the works – as well as 3 others – including the article on walking. Stay tuned for them.

For now – below is a link to your 12 page [FREE] e-Guide on proper hydration – through water/fluid intake.

We’ve been getting lots of questions about various aspects of hydration – so the e-Guide is a collection of all the answers in one place for you. Additionally – we’ve been getting emails asking about ‘Fitnessjuice’ – something I mentioned on my old blog about 10 months ago – the answers for that are here as well.

Hydration for Health, Wellness, Fitness and Performance <= Click Here

After you download your free copy - visit 'The Fit Blog' at that site (the link is at the top of the site) - for today's article post - and don't forget to leave your comments or questions at the bottom.

Here is the direct link if you need it http://atlasjuice.com/the-fit-blog/ <= Click Here

Be Fit - Be Sexy,

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