Mother’s Day Gifts I Promised You Are Ready


Last week I promised I’d be sending you 2 FREE gifts:


2 – My extremely insightful audio interview with Holly Rigsby

Even though I’m referring to these as Mother’s Day gifts – the truth is they are for ALL women – as they will help you immensely, regardless of your age or ‘maternal status’.

Before I hand them over to you – all I ask is that you share them with everyone you know – who will appreciate them or benefit from them – as your way of saying ‘thanks’ – and allowing me to continue to bring you more freebies every month.

Here is the second one: – Actually for this one – you will also be getting 12 additional audio interviews, in addition to mine – ALL COMPLETELY FREE – The giving never stops with ‘Joey Atlas’! – here’s how it works:

You go to – read about everything you’ll have access to – and then sign up for free access at the bottom of the page – Keep in mind – since this is free – the number of spots will be limited. If you sign up for a free spot – you will then be offered the opportunity to purchase the whole package of interviews when this 6 week series is over. YOU ARE NOT obligated to make the purchase – it is only for people who want to download and store the interviews forever- for future access.

Who Loves You? —–> Joey Atlas!!

Send some love this way by leaving your comments below…

Your Trainer,

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Hydration for Sexy Body, Clear Mind and Happy Spirit

Lots of great feedback on the last post – thanks for that…

The 2 freebies I mentioned are in the works – as well as 3 others – including the article on walking. Stay tuned for them.

For now – below is a link to your 12 page [FREE] e-Guide on proper hydration – through water/fluid intake.

We’ve been getting lots of questions about various aspects of hydration – so the e-Guide is a collection of all the answers in one place for you. Additionally – we’ve been getting emails asking about ‘Fitnessjuice’ – something I mentioned on my old blog about 10 months ago – the answers for that are here as well.

Hydration for Health, Wellness, Fitness and Performance <= Click Here

After you download your free copy - visit 'The Fit Blog' at that site (the link is at the top of the site) - for today's article post - and don't forget to leave your comments or questions at the bottom.

Here is the direct link if you need it <= Click Here

Be Fit - Be Sexy,

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Walking Can Fix Your Toughest Trouble Spots

by Joey Atlas – M.S. – Exercise Physiology

Before I tell your how walking can help fix trouble spots – I have 2 other items to share with you.

1 – Two days ago – the purchase page for the Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual was ‘unavailable’ – My apologies if you were one of the people who couldn’t place your order during that time. I just found out that when the number visitors to that page is too high – it shuts down to any additional visitors trying to place an order – for security purposes. Not sure if this is true – but it makes sense as there have been a lot of women coming to this site to order the e-Manual.

2 – Because of this huge success of the e-Manual – I’m putting together a 2-part, free gift as my way of saying thanks to everyone – event to those few of you who haven’t purchased a copy of the e-Manual.

Part 1 is going to be ‘The Trouble Spot Tune-Up’ - a mini-workout targeting your lower body that you’ll be able to do in as little as 10 minutes – this will be a 5 page pdf download with full color photos – just like the complete e-Manual (over 105 pages).

Part 2 is going to be an incredible streaming audio interview I just did with Holly Rigsby of – that you’ll be able to listen to right on your computer. Holly ‘heard through the grapevine’ about my program – and just knew she needed to get the answers to a bunch of questions that many women have not been able to get answers to.

We did the 75 minute interview yesterday – and I absolutely stunned Holly – she couldn’t believe the kind of stuff I was sharing with her. I listened to the uncut replay after the interview – and I must to admit – it was the first time I really opened up about some of the most pressing issues females are faced with when it comes to body image and making improvements in their toughest problem areas.

In the next few weeks I’ll be offering these 2 items to you, completely free – with NO STRINGS ATTACHED – again, as my way of saying ‘thanks’ and giving something back. Stay tuned for those…

Now – about walking for your trouble spots…

It’s a common questions I get often, “Joey, will walking help me with my lower body?”

The simple answer is yes. BUT – how you use walking all depends on your current level of fitness and what exact things you are trying to improve. I’ll be talking more about this in future articles. But for know I need to address something of deeper importance that has to do with walking…

For those of you who have been subscribing for a year or longer may remember my newsletter a year ago – that focused on a condition called ‘Angelman Syndrome’ – for those who has just started subscribing recently – here is the crux of the story.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with 2 great clients for the past 7 years, Rob and Debbie Schiller, I started with Rob first – and then with Deb after she gave birth to their second son, Ethan. When Ethan was just a few years old – he was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. It was a trying time for the Schillers and they knew life was going to hold a new set of challenges from that moment forward.

In short, Ethan grows physically – but everything else lags far behind – requiring every function – to include some type of assistance from another family member or caretaker.

What does walking have to do with this?

Every year the Schillers host a Walk-A-Thon here in Jacksonville – that is tied to a worldwide fundraiser – to help find a cure for this heartbreaking condition. This is the kind of walk thats helps ‘trouble spots’ that can only be conquered by the united forces and resources of many people working together – such as me putting together this article to raise awareness and rally for some support.

To wrap this up – all I ask, if you can spare anything (if you can’t we understand – just put Ethan and the foundation in your prayers) – even a dollar – is that you help us by making a small contribution to the Angelman Foundation – here on a page made specially for Ethan. While you are there you can watch the video from last year’s Walk a Thon – also – you can see all of the other donors – our’s will be listed as – “from the ‘Atlas Family’ – “Onward, Ethan!…

You DO NOT HAVE TO participate in the walk a thon – in order to make a donation – and again – you can do this from anywhere in the world – at this page:

If you can donate – be sure to put …from Team Atlas” – in the comment section with your name – so we can show our support together.

I THANK YOU deeply for any help you can offer,


Oprah Show Connects With Joey Atlas and You…

- by Joey Atlas, M.S. – Exercise Physiology

You may not like Oprah, you may absolutely love her or you may not even know who she is.

I love what she is doing – and no matter what your opinion of her or your personal situation in life right now – she has something for us, of priceless value – that she is giving away for free – to everyone who wants it. This is information that is not only life changing but literally, world changing. I’m going to show you exactly where to get in on this, but first let me tell you how ‘I found it’.

In the past several years, my yearning for self improvement and my desire to expand how I help people achieve a better body, mind and spirit has helped me open my ears to things that I would not have heard in the past.

Former Muscle-Head Seeks Enlightenment

Remember – I ‘m a former hardcore bodybuilder (drug-free) who has been transformed by my own, internal compass into a ‘whole-istic fitness teacher’. Meaning? Your superficial appearance is only one element of your fitness – it does not define it – nor does it summarize it. Being truly ‘sexy’ is not skin deep – it goes much deeper than that… And being ‘sexy’ is not about what others think about you – its what you know and believe about yourself…

‘Sexy’ comes in many shapes and sizes. What a boring world it would be if everyone looked exactly the same and we were all ‘sexy’.

Back to my original thought…

While I’m no spiritual grand master, I’m learning a lot in a very brief amount of time – from many different sources. One of these sources, that is available for free to anyone reading this article is courtesy of Oprah Winfrey and a close friend of hers, author – Eckhart Tolle. I have XMRadio in my SUV – and while I do love various types of music (very varied) I also hunger for more knowledge and appreciate ‘good’ talk shows that aim to teach and share valuable information. Oprah and Friends is one of those shows (ch 156 on XM) that aims to teach, help and share.

Depending on your psychological age – the material may be very easy for you to grasp, a little challenging to grasp – or not ‘graspable’ at all. Whatever the case – just start listening and following along – if you don’t ‘get it’ now – you may ‘get it’ in a few weeks, months or in a few years. This stuff is so powerful – I can NOT even put it into words – you just have to listen to understand what I mean.

The ‘Whole You’ Versus Your ‘Trouble Spots’

Why am I doing this? Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, I do want to help you with ‘your stubborn problem areas’. I do want you to have better self esteem. I do want you to ‘feel like a woman again’. Because, most importantly I want you to have a better life – and this is the kind of stuff – that if you can start to internalize, makes my offerings get much easier ‘to understand and trust’ and the results you get by implementing my advice helps you realize positive, definite improvements at record speeds… Because your mind ‘is in the right place’.

There are several ways to get this info and it’s also offered as closed captioned – here is the page: (click here => Understand Your Life – and Improve Your World

And – I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again – some of the best things in life really are free.

If you like what I shared with you – please come back and post a comment below – and share this article with your friends and family. And then – also let the people at Oprah know that Joey Atlas pointed you to their offerings – you can do that here:

Click here => Talk to Oprah
There are many ways to communicate with them – the page above has several options. If you have a fitness or weight loss success story – you can share it there. And there’s an ‘Email Us’ option in the left side bar.

“Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit!

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