Get In Shape – Or Suffer the Consequences

This email came in a few weeks ago – in response to one of my snappy newsletters. I was going to answer this one, right here on the blog – but I thought of something a bit more fun – but still very helpful and insightful. YOU are going to put in your 2 cents in the ‘Comments’ section – after you read this email.

Here it is…

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: FW: a personal email for you, C. It’s about your life…
From: c. s. – [email protected]>
Date: Mon, December 29, 2008 1:46 pm
To: – joey ( at ) joeyatlas . com –

I am 50 yrs old, i weight 200 lbs., i have arthritis in my feet and my knees, it’s a mild form of it…but still sore at times….

i’m not a whiner and never have been…but i have noticed that i have become very tired lately.

My metabolism seems like its slowed downed compared to 10 yrs ago. I seem to look for comfort food ….i do work at General Motors in Canada on the line, but as you know we have been laid off a lot this year, and i have become inactive. I guess i am trying to enjoy the down time, but having said that, i am also do myself a disfavour.

So i joined the gym with my husband but yet to go and work out . My sister just passed away from thyroid cancer she was only 55.

Now i am really concerned for my health.

And now after reading your article on ridding myself of junk and fast foods, it has me motivated to get up and go to the gym and like the Nike slogan ” JUST DO IT”. I am just confused as to what i should be eating and how much….i don’t care for a lot of fish or shell foods…i do like chicken, turkey and beef ….i love most veggies and fruit….I have a 12 year old son and i look after him and my husband first before myself.

I know what i am capable of doing, it’s “JUST DOING IT”.

I need to rid myself of sugar that’s in my body. i have been taking the acidophilos, and it seems to work, i also think i need a chromium supplement to control my blood sugar. But i will tell you what i need most and that is ” ENERGY “. Is there something that you can suggest like siberian ginseng or a combination of something…I used to be in a business called _______ ______ and i took a product of theirs that was called T_________e, it was great i had energy, and i felt great. It also curbed my crave for sweets. Anyways, maybe you might have something like that i could take. But of course it has to meet our F.D.A standards….

well i guess that’s all….

i do love getting your e-mails, they are very inspirational and helpful …..

Thanks again,


OK – its your time to speak up and see if you can lend some helpful advice and direction to “C”. Just click on the ‘Comment’ link below…

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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Oprah Show Calls On Joey Atlas – …Yeah Oprah!

- by Joey Atlas – Womens’ Favorite Trainer

Oprah Show Calls On Joey Atlas – …Yeah Oprah!

Just over 2 years ago – on Friday, August 2th, 2006 – I posted an entry on my ‘old’ blog – The Fitness Advisory. I’ve copied and pasted the post below if you wish to read it here, on this blog. But if you want to see the original, date stamped entry – you can read it via the direct link:

Oprah Show Calls on Joey Atlas

Here’s that entry…

Friday, August 2th, 2006:

Joey Atlas on Oprah…
In this week’s live issue of ‘Secrets of a Trainer’ you will learn about how ‘ordinary’ people, just like me and you, get on shows like Oprah and how I am already scheduled to appear on the show.

But before I get into that – I must tell you about this…

Yesterday, I was brainstorming how I would put this email together, you know, a basic outline – then sleep on it (while letting my subconscious do some more of the work) and then sit down today & type it – then send it.

Well, while going through my emails this morning, I came across this one – which most people would write off as coincidence – but if you understand the power of the mind (and our thoughts) and its relation to the energy of the universe – I know you understand this is no coincidence.

It came as a response to the free info I offer through my websites and my emails.

‘Hi Joey: I wonder why Oprah hasn’t discovered you.
Thanks…you are a social contributor!’

Did you catch that line about Oprah discovering me?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this email, I am already scheduled to appear on the show – the program directors just don’t know about it yet.

You see, just like achieving permanent optimal fitness, we must be able to ‘envision’ the results we are working toward AND we have to truly believe we are capable of achieving those results. So in this context I have already scheduled myself to appear on the Oprah show – the rest is just a function of time and me doing what is necessary to make it possible for Oprah to ‘discover me’.

Now – I am no different than you, or any of the others 50,000 subscribers to this e-newsletter – I just happen to have a neatly defined & flexible game-plan – which some of you may in fact also have. Whether or not you desire to be on the Oprah Show is another story. My reason is that an appearance of that magnitude will make my ascent to ‘worldwide fitness personality’ just a little bit faster.

Besides the piece of mental energy I may have provided you with in the paragraphs above here is something else that may fuel your fires…

Last week I received an email from an actual client who has purchased 2 of my programs and does read each issue of this newsletter (You’ll know who you are once you read the next paragraph ;-)

She happens to be a biz development/marketing specialist and here is what she had to say:

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your programs – I’ve been doing them for almost 3 weeks and I love them – but from a business standpoint may I offer some advice?

First, every time I get one of your e-newsletters (which goes out to both actual clients and non-paying subscribers) I have to wonder why you are not charging for it. I believe that even those of us who have purchased some of your programs should still pay extra for what your now offer as a freebee e-newsletter. You are spending valuable time writing it and the content is usually brilliant compared to most of the other fitness newsletters out there.

What intrigues me most is that you allow people who have never purchased any of your programs to subscribe as long as they wish – that’s charity, not business. Now I am a little ‘mature’ (from the old school) and sort of new to the internet models of doing business, so maybe I’m not seeing the whole picture.

I think you have a lot more to offer in terms of your biz structure and what you offer and ultimately how successful the business is.

Please take this as constructive criticism/advice from a client who believes you have lots of upward potential.’
– name withheld

Now – rather than answer this one directly – I thought it would be best to answer thru this newsletter so everybody understands why I do what I do AND how we can help each other move forward in life.

My motivations are simple – by helping others with small but powerful pieces of advice without expecting ‘payment’ in return – that goodwill comes back to me in some form or another. Its one of the laws of the universe. By unselfishly offering helpful information to those who want it – with no strings attached, at some point the same ‘energy’ is going to come back to me with something that I desire to be ‘helped with’.

Sometimes its fast sometimes it takes a while. But part of this is based on our mental state and our readiness to ‘accept’ the aid being offered.

From a business standpoint this has been proving to be a wise way of operating. One example is that just by ‘word of mouth’ or ‘word of email’ many of you have sent your friends and family members to my one of my websites to sign up for the newsletter – and a good many of those people have purchased at least one of my programs – and that is just one small example.

On a related note, as many of your testimonials and success stories have proven what help I am capable of offering – even just from some of the no-cost info I provide, in the near future I may be looking for some assistance (in the form of some return ‘energy’) from all subscribers and clients, in an effort to help me speed up the process by which the program directors at Oprah actually put me on the schedule.

In other words, we are all going to have a hand in this and I’m going to illustrate by example that almost anything you can think of in your mind’s eye can become reality if you truly desire it.

Now here’s why I’m high-lighting that ‘old’ blog post…

I worked wire to wire today on the two projects I recently mentioned; the ‘Butt Enhancement’ Project and the ‘Fat-Loss/Diet Coaching’ Project…

So – I didn’t have a chance to answer the phone all day – but I knew I had a bunch of voicemails waiting for me…

The last voicemail was from someone at… ‘The Oprah Show’…requesting that I call back, left me their number, etc., etc…

I have no idea what the inquiry is about – but we’ll find out tomorrow when I return the call…

I’ll keep you posted…

And remember…

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else…
Be You… Be Fit… Be Sexy…

the cellulite killer

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Stunning New Discovery About the Female Butt

-by Joey Atlas, The Woman’s Trainer

Stunning New Discovery About the Female Butt

While going through a bunch of old fitness assessment documents I uncovered an amazing fact that I had to publish today…

Here’s the story…

Just this past week – I was able to finally fulfill a long-time dream of mine…. Which is the dream of working from home – but even more significant is the fact that I can now actually work in any location – I’m no longer tied to an office or a training studio…

The WORLD is now ‘my office’ – (as long as I have a laptop and ‘net access ;-))

So, as I was clearing out my office and sorting what to keep and what to get rid of – I had a chance to start going through about 380 fitness assessments from clients I’ve trained during the last 16 years or so… most of them women…

While doing this I uncovered something so insightful – so powerful – that I had to share it…

In my questionnaire for new clients – there was a section they’d fill out that asked “What are your top 3 Goals You Want to Reach?”

I started noticing how many women were listing some kind of improvement with their butt… It was something I never quite picked up during my full-time training days – I guess I was ‘too close to see it’…

Anyway – the truly surprising discovery was that these women who listed their butt as the # 1 priority for improvement – had the highest percentage of overall success in regards to achieving their goals – most of which had to do with getting their bodies into some kind of respectable shape – WITH emphasis on the BUTTOCKS region…

The more I went through these fitness profiles the more this relationship was becoming evident…

Women who wanted to fix their butt, more than any other region of their body were the most successful at fixing their butt problem issues AND getting the rest of their bodies in great shape as well… And the number was significant… Definitely not a fluke…

And so I had to try to figure out why of course…

And the only thing I could think of is the butt means so much to a woman in terms of her self esteem, the types of clothing she wears, her options when shopping for various articles of clothing, the attention she gets from her man or men in general, and how she feels about herself when she looks in the mirror at her backside, etc, etc… – that she is willing to put enough time, energy and effort into getting the desired results that the rest of her body getting in shape is a mere side effect of her drive and determination to literally “save her ass”…

It may have been that the focus was so concentrated and intentionally directed that being overwhelmed by all the other elements that usually distract so many women – simply were a non-factor – and the typical challenges and obstacles were non-existent – in other words they didn’t stand a chance against the ‘committed spirit’…

This finding was very energizing to me… As you might remember I mentioned in recent article that I’m working on a website/program that will be primarily focused on the female butt and fixing the various types of problem butts that women suffer from…. Finding this kind of amazing reinforcement of the concept is very promising as we are now factoring this into the final edition of this program, before we make it publicly available…

The way it’s designed basically guarantees your success – and that you will improve your butt and keep the improvements FOREVER…

You might be a bit anxious and excited about this thing – and I can understand as we are pretty excited too – there is NOTHING else like it…

In the meantime – If you want to start putting into words the problem(s) you are having with your backside – and the types of exact improvements you want to make with it – leave your comments below – I’d love to hear from you…

Your trainer for life,

the cellulite killer

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Womens’ Fitness: Ladies Should NOT Be Working Out Like ‘Tough Guys’

-by Joey Atlas, The Woman’s Trainer

Womens’ Fitness: Ladies Should NOT Be Working Out Like ‘Tough Guys’

A few weeks ago I had a new member post a question for me in the private forum of my interactive site ( – the one you get free access to when you get started on the ULBHTM program…

Anyway – here’s her question:

“Hi Joey – just ordered the e-Manual today and I’m very excited about this because I’ve been working myself like crazy 6 days a week in the gym – and I’ve been at it for about 7 years now. See, after my second daughter – my body looked like one of those big bean bags that you sit on – it was a mess…

Anyway I joined a gym and basically started doing the same thing that everyone else was doing – ya know – the squats with weight, leg presses leg curls, the smith machine, dead lifts – you name it I was doing it…

All the guys told me I was doing the right thing – to work hard and keep pushing…

Well after seven years and hardly any results – I knew I had to try something else… One of the other mother’s from my kids school told me about your lower body program and emailed me the link to
your site – and well, here I am!

I’m starting your leg, butt, hip, thigh and tummy Makeover in the morning – would you advise that I stay away from the ‘men type’ workouts for a while?”

Thanks, Joey


Hey Collette – welcome to ‘the club’…

First things first: You are a woman – so there is no need for you to think about working out like a man… Now there are 2 key reasons for this…

1 – most men don’t exercise properly (most of them just don’t publicly admit that they are not quite sure if they are doing the right program – most guys do the ‘monkey see – monkey do’ program) – if you watch them – they all do the same exact stuff – it’s like the blind leading the blind…

2 – a woman’s body is much more delicate and sensitive – and doesn’t react favorably to the strenuous nature of the weights and machines that men “like to do” because they are ‘tough guys’.

Most women – after pounding their bodies for several years with the gym type workout routine – start to get aches and pains that they never had before – these aches and pains are a crystal clear warning sign from your body saying “Hey – please stop beating me up every day – what you’re doing is not helping me – it’s hurting me and I don’t know how much more I can take be before I break down.”

So – yes – stay away from ‘the gym’ – at least for all your lower body work – if you still want to go there for some upper body and some cardio – that’s cool…

OK Collette – keep me posted on your progress,

So, have YOU ever done ‘the gym thing’ – did it work for you? Did it feel too strenuous? Was the time commitment a bit unrealistic? Did you get any of the aches and pains? …

… and most importantly…

Did you get ALL the results you were hoping you would get?

Let me know – just post your comment below…

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Seductive Exercises: Turn Him On With These Easy Moves

- by Joey Atlas, Sexual Enhancement Therapist (<= How's that for a cool title!? ;-))

Seductive Exercises: Turn Him On With These Easy Moves

I posted a version of this on one of my other blogs and got a welcome response from it – so I thought it would be good to share it here as well.

There’s no question about it… being in better shape means better love making, intimacy and of course, ‘performance’.

sexual exercises
Sexual Exercises

Please remember – ‘better shape’ is a relative term – and I’m not suggesting, at all, you have to be a perfect ’10’.

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while know exactly what I mean…

Absolute perfection is not the goal – but continuous, realistic improvement is…

… But what most women don’t know is how fast the sexual enhancement effects of a few simple exercises can be realized and experienced…

This fantastic email puts it perfectly –

Hey Joey!

I recently bought your Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual and as soon as I came home yesterday I started “the Makeover”. After moving the living room table aside, I put my fitness mat on the floor and started the exercises – excellent instructions, I must say…

Many of these exercises are unknown to me but I quickly got the hang of them… your instructions make it quite simple. The exercises are fun, brilliant and deliver a stimulus to strategic muscle areas – a VERY targeted routine, I have to admit.

I gotta say, Joey – this is a far-cry from the typical body-busting squats & lunges with weights and machine routines I’ve been through at the gym, a pleasant departure, for sure… I’m surprised at how much ‘deeper’ and evenly I feel this routine working…

Anyhow, my husband got home from his meeting as I was finishing up the last few moves and he was pretty excited to be able to watch me doing this. He grabbed some cereal and sat down and said ‘I LOVE your workout outfit’…

He made me laugh… I asked him if he thought I was doing the exercises the right way…

He really likes your program and made a few comments about the exercises… All of this created a romantic mood in him (and me). He went into the bathroom and posted a note that said “True love lasts forever…”. My heart melted and needless to say we had some “intimate” time together – it was wonderful ;-))

This program will enhance many marriages and improve relationships, Joey – excellent job – I LOVE it, and what it’s doing for my body, mind and spirit… ;-))

– Taunia,

I love getting emails like this!

Now, as fate would have it – not long after I posted this on the other blog – I had a bunch of women enthusiastically respond… and here are just a few of those sizzling responses…

Hi Joey,

I can tell you that after doing your Lower Body program for 10 months there is an amazing change in my body. The changes occurred gradually and so it was easy for me to notice how the change is positively affecting my marriage.

My husband and I have a much better sex life.

I feel so much better ‘in my skin’ that I’m not afraid to try different things in the bedroom. I have more of an internal drive and I’m just so glad that we found you on the internet.

I am a cellulitey (my word) person even though I’m only a size 4 and when I searched on the web for something to change my body, i ran across your Lower Body Makeover program. I’m SO glad i did!!!

Although the skin is still a little dimpled (and improving each month), my body shape is so much better and my skin is so much smoother.

Thank you for helping women all over the world!!!


I love it, I love it, I love it!! Yeah Baby!

hi joey,

Your magic methods are working wonders for me….

i have been following your program and strategies… and i must say it has changed my life for good ! …i’ve re-gained all the self confidence and inner beauty that i had slowly lost over a period of time ‘coz of a fast paced professional life in a competitive world….

YOU are doing a great job…keep it up……!

thanks a ton,

kalpita chodankar – india, mumbai

As I said earlier – being in better physical condition is a catalyst for many other things we do in life – including one of the most enjoyable acts – sex with the one you love. Improving your fitness of the mind, body and spirit will improve your sex life – in more ways than just the superficial appearance part…

More on that to be covered later…

What are your thoughts and/or experiences about sex and exercise? Please post below – I’ll be waiting to hear from you…

Your trainer for life…

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Another Mother Gets Her Sexy Back… And Her Life!

- by Joey Atlas
A few months ago I added a thank you note to the home page of this site that has inspired many women since I added it…

Now it’s important to note that we get a load of ‘thank yous’, some with ‘before and after’ photos, every week – the problem is 99% of the women that send them in are very modest or shy and they specifically ask us not to make the info public…

Of course – I completely respect that and obey their wishes – (please keep those success stories coming – even if you don’t want us to post them on the site)

Below is an email that just came in a few days ago. There is real power in Roxie’s words – if you miss the message the first time – read it again slowly. And please share your comments or thoughts after you read her email…


I just had to share this, because – your e-mails are so encouraging… I’ve never been much into exercise and after 2 years of hormones and then the birth of my daughter – I just never seemed to be motivated to take care of me. Hence, I ended up being in the neighborhood of 164 lbs and standing ONLY 4’11”.

Even when young and thinner, I had the blessing of your typical Cuban body… Curvacious… Nicely curved calfs, thighs, hips … well you get the picture. As the years passed and the fat lbs came… The curves remained, only much larger and more prominent (very unhealthy and unsexy).

There were many mitigating circumstances starting at the young age of 4, when I was kidnapped, through countless failed relationships, which culminated in my husband of 12 years waking up one morning to tell me he was leaving on that day, because he had been gay all along.

Then sometime ago, I went on line, not so much looking to lose weight because I had tried them all and I had failed miserably at all, but to find a way doing something about the part of my body I hated the most!

My butt and thighs!

I stumbled across your site, signed up and have been receiving your e-mails ever since. As time has progressed different areas of my life have stabilized due to my faith in Christ, my friends and the extensive support system I am blessed with. Part of my “road to recovery” was the continuing e-mails, from YOU, Joey, with sound, ‘real people’, doable advice. It just made sense!

I don’t do everything you say or follow through all the time, but nonetheless it has still made a significant difference in my perception, allowing me to know that I can be thinner, toned and in shape. That with a little dedication and effort ….. I too can have a “normal” butt, thighs, etc.

I turned 40 in December… and to the giant I had wrestled with all of my life, I finally said “enough!” – “Do everything you want to do that others said you were not capable of, start living outside the box that has been built around you the first 40 years of your life.” Don’t get me wrong those who loved me had tried to protect me so much out of their love, that they had stifled my spirit.

So I decided that I was going to go wayyyyy outside my little secure box and dream really big – I just filled the registration to join Team ‘n Training from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and plan on running a marathon. I have not yet started the training, much less crossed the finish line and I have accomplished one of the greatest things of my life.

I dared to dream and chose to act without being afraid of failing.

When my family asks “why?” I simply smile and say “WHY NOT!”

Anyway, there were many factors in my progress, but your e-mails of advice and sound, common sense knowledge, are what allowed me to see that exercise was not my enemy, then I realized I liked how I felt after it.

A little here a little there, but always a part of my daily life… I now weigh in the neighborhood of 135 lbs., depending on the time of month, and the beauty of it is, I don’t care what I weigh or what my thighs look like. Because I am learning to focus on the changes that are sculpting the next 40 + years of my life.

Thank you from me and the countless people you reach out via e-mail.


Beautiful stuff – I love it!

Remember – I’m looking forward to hearing from you too! Yes, you!

Your trainer for life,

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Got Back Pain? Beware the Hidden Dangers of Exercise

- Contributed by Steven Hefferon, CMT, PTA –

If you go to the gym to get healthy and fit, look good, feel good and pamper your ego, then I urge you take a minute to think about something…

Do you remember the old adage, “People like to do what they are good at and comfortable with”? Are you living that old adage at the gym? Most people do. They have a set routine at the gym and it’s that routine coupled with the mechanics of the equipment that can lead to trouble–either very quickly or over time.

Here is the problem. Working out can lead to injury, no question. The challenge is in knowing how it can happen and how to prevent it. There are two basic categories of injuries: the sudden accident (a.k.a. trauma) and what can be described as the Process Injury (in other words, the long, slow development of a condition.) My goal is to protect you from both types of injury.

Traumatic Injury at the Gym

Let’s start with the 5 basic concepts of working out in order to show you how easy it is to injure yourself in a traumatic way.

Intensity: How hard you work out.
Frequency: How often you work out.
Duration: How long you work out.
Progressive Resistance: Using more resistance with each set you perform.
Progressive Overload: Starting at a higher level of resistance at subsequent workouts.

Each one of these principles has the ability to cause injury. But when you couple them with having a trainer or workout partner egging you on to eek out one more rep as you get fatigued, you go into all kinds of contorted positions to get the job done.

All of a sudden, Bam-O! A hundred different injuries can happen. And they will take a long time to heal. You will have defeated the entire purpose of going to the gym in the first place.

Please understand that the body can tolerate a lot of abuse before you pay the penalty of an injury. Just know that injuries can happen in seconds and the effects can last a lifetime.

Injury as a Process

Traumatic injuries do happen. But more often it is the slow progression injuries that are far more sinister and very well may be the root cause of some traumatic injuries. So I would like to focus on what happens over the long term so that you can make a change now to prevent injuries.

I have spent the last 10 years of my life dealing specifically with what are called muscle imbalances and their effects on the back and body. In describing the concept I will use some examples and try to make you aware of what possible injuries you could be facing.

Let me begin by describing what muscle imbalances are and then give you an example. Muscle imbalance can be defined as strength and flexibility of one muscle group compared to the opposite muscle group. So if you compare the strength and flexibility of the quadriceps to the opposite muscle group, the hamstrings, in nine out of 10 people the quads will be overly strong and overly tight compared to the hamstrings. That’s the definition of having a muscle imbalance.

How Back and Body Injures Start!

The quads are always going to be stronger then the hamstrings, so you may be wondering what is wrong with that. Let me give you some possible examples of what can happen if your quads are out of balance with your hamstrings. As I give this example, understand that there are other imbalances that often happen at the same time to develop this condition. For example, the hip flexors and the glutes can be out of balance too.

When the quads are out of balance with the hamstrings, there can be uneven and excessive wear and tear on the cartilage and ligaments of the knee. The knee will not function correctly and conditions will develop to the point were running or physical activity will be impossible.

Second, balance between the quads and the hamstrings keep the pelvis in a neutral and stable position. But when you have overly strong and overly tight quads, your pelvis will be pulled in several different directions. In some cases the whole pelvis is pulled excessively forward. In other cases one side of the pelvis comes even more forward and the hip goes too high, causing the pelvis to rotate. This is very common in physically active women over 40.

When the pelvis is not in the most neutral and most stable position possible, the spine may go into abnormal curvature. It is that abnormal curvature caused by the muscle imbalance that can set you up for hip problems, SI joint problems, back problems and sciatica.

How Does This Happen?

The very equipment you are using at the gym is either directly or indirectly helping you develop your muscle imbalances and setting you up for future problems.

Let me give you some examples. You cannot help but develop raw quad strength when you use the leg extension machine. As I asked you before, do you stick to exercises that you like to do? Let’s face it, everyone hates to work the hamstrings because they are weak and it is hard to do. So most people overwork their quads and under-work their hamstrings.

Another example is the calf raise machine. Again, the calf muscle will always be stronger then the muscles in front of the shin, but when you blast your calves and do not work the muscles in the front of the shin you are setting yourself up for planter fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis and even knee problems.

Let me recap. Working out with gym equipment puts enormous unnatural force through the joint, restricts movements to linear motions and can very easily overdevelop muscle groups. This combined with the development to muscle imbalances—is a hidden root cause of most if not all physical injuries at the gym.

Action Steps

As with any new desire to make a change in your life, you must first have a starting point. There is no easier way to get started then to take an inventory of where you are right now. It will not help you at all to make subjective assessments about yourself and not be honest, so I have a few suggestions:

Take photos of yourself. I would not always recommend this. But in cases were your health and wellness are at stake, why not? Here is what you can do. Put on a bathing suit and have someone take photos, front, back and both sides, making sure that you see head to toe. Then take a look–not with a judging eye but a caring eye, looking for areas that are not in balance. For example, is your head straight? Is your head over your shoulders or is it forward of your shoulders? Are your shoulders level? What about your hips, are they level? (Look at your side view and suit line as a guide.)

Those are just some of the areas that you can gauge yourself on. You can also use the photos as a reference of how you are now so you can look back at how you were then.

Feel the pain. The best way to assess pain is by asking yourself how you feel in the morning, during the day and at night. With this one you will need to be honest with yourself, and I suggest that you write this down. You can even mark up the photos you took by writing on them at the body part or parts where you feel pain.

Listen to your body. If you are working out and you feel a little something and you’re not quite sure what it is, rest assured it’s your body telling you it does not like what you are doing to it.

Build your awareness. If you live with fear, worry or doubt about your weight, health or medical condition, the best way to overcome that it is to build your knowledge on the subject. Study what others already know. And remember to always stay enthusiastic about the process. That is the secret to achieving your goals.

If you do not mind I would like to end with a short story of a one of my clients. She is a 43-year-old professional with a desk job. One day she decided that she was going to lose 20 pounds by summer. So she joined the gym, where she took a spinning class, used weights and at the same time trained for a 6K run on Memorial Day. She did this for about four months. Fast-forward to race day. She starts the race and within the first mile she knows she is in trouble. But she decides to finish the race because the pain is not that bad.

I get a call that night. She tells me that she cannot walk and asks if massage would help. I go over that same night. When I get there she is on crutches. She cannot walk. She has foot pain, knee pain and the effects of Piriformis irritation. I agree to work with her and only do what she can tolerate. I then urge her to see a doctor. On Monday morning, she does.

At the appointment she was diagnosed with a bone spur in her heel, a stress fracture on her tibia by the knee and wicked Piriformis Syndrome. As I write this, two months later, she still has not been able to return to any physical activity.

Listen to your body. It may be telling you something…

Steve Hefferon is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Post Rehab Specialist and Co-Founder of the Healthy Back Institute. Steve’s work has helped tens of thousands of people diagnose and address the root cause of their back and body pain by identifying simple muscle imbalances that pull the body out of alignment. Click here => to read your FREE ‘Back Pain Relief Guide’ and to learn more about Steve and The Healthy Back Institute.

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Improving Your Body – A Surefire Method for Definite Results

- by Joey Atlas, Author of The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover
There are often concepts in daily life that apply to more than just one aspect of the things that are most important to you. For example – there are many lessons that I’ve learned in the business of fitness that I carry over into my personal fitness and nutrition plan.

One of these simple lessons has been like gold to me – and maybe it can help you too.

Several years ago I started keeping a short list of 5 questions – that I would answer, from scratch, every 6 – 8 weeks. As simple as this sounds – it has helped me stay focused and clear on my goals and my true intentions.

Before I started doing this – I found that I would unintentionally ‘drift off course’ – or easily get sidetracked from a major project or milestone.

Ever since I started doing this – my business, my fitness and all areas of my life have improved… And on that note I thought it would be a great idea to set up several questions that you can keep referring to every few months to help keep you focused and moving toward your goals in terms of your specific body improvement desires.

Please answer these by clicking below on that ‘COMMENTS’ button just below this article – and feel free to copy and print these for your own use at home or at the office:

1 – How would you describe your worst problem spots, from a physical, visual perspective?

2 – How do these problem areas make you feel? Angry, depressed, fearful, embarrassed, ugly, etc…?

3 – What is your main goal for your lower body? If you could wave a magic wand over your entire lower body area – What would it look like and what would it mean to other aspects of your life? As in relationships, choice of clothes, etc, etc…?

4 – How would you then ‘feel’ after these improvements? Happy, sexy, attractive, empowered, confident, etc, etc…?

5 – How much time are you willing to devote, daily or every other day, to a home exercise routine in order to achieve your most coveted lower body improvement goals? 20 minutes, 35 minutes, 70 minutes, etc, etc…?

I anxiously await your answers and will do all that I can to help you reach your goals…


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Tone Thighs, Leg Slimming, Thinner Thigh, Leg Toning…

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

Tone Thighs, Leg Slimming, Thinner Thigh, Leg Toning – An Exercise in Communication?

One of the biggest challenges (I used to have) in working with women was understanding what they meant by the words they were using to describe their lower body problem areas and WHAT improvements or changes they wanted to make.

Let me explain…

Every day various women come to this site just to stare at my handsome picture and fantasize about me coming to life and stepping out of the computer screen… – Ok, Ok my sense of humor started to take over there for a few seconds – back to the article…

Every day women come to this site because of certain words, feelings and thoughts that are going on in their minds.

Thoughts such as…

I want to tone up my legs…
I need to slim down these fat thighs…
I have to lift this saggy butt…
I would love to firm up my glutes
My legs need some toning…
I want tighter, smaller buns
My thighs should be thinner…
I want curvy hips…
I want my slim hips back…

Now here’s were it gets interesting – and maybe even confusing…

Just because the words being used are different doesn’t necessarily mean that the goals are any different (they may be exactly the same!) – AND, conversely, just because 2 women may use the same exact words to describe their specific lower body goals – doesn’t mean that they are interested in the same end result. Read that one more time… go ahead, I’ll wait for you…

Here’s an example of what I mean. Take a look at this photo:

toned thighs slim legs firm butt
Toned Thighs or Slim Legs?

The legs, butt, hips and thighs of the woman on the left are bigger, curvier and more ‘sculpted’ than the slimmer, less toned, thinner, and more slender lower body of the woman on the right.

Now – let’s stop for a second – and realize that I just used words that “I” would use to describe what I see in the photo. And – it is quite likely that you or another woman reading this would disagree with my choice of words and would want to use different words to describe the different lower bodies.

Doesn’t mean either of us are right or wrong – it’s simply a matter of communication (whihc can sometimes be tricky… ;-))

So, we take this one step further.

For example sake – let’s say I have two women sitting in front of me – one is clearly overweight and in need of fat loss – and the other is NOT overweight but sort of soft, shapeless and un-toned…

Both may use words such as…

“I want to tone and shape my whole lower body…”

– and NEITHER would be wrong. On the other hand he overweight woman may say…

“I want to slim down my thighs and firm up my legs…”

and the other woman might say…

“I want to reduce the flab on my legs, hips and butt – and I want to sculpt them as well – along with my thighs…”

The point I’m trying to make here is this:

Your past experiences, conversations, inferences and perceptions have shaped how you define, describe and verbalize what you see and more importantly what you want. And just because you might use different words than someone else doesn’t mean you are wrong – you are simply communicating as best you can – which is all that anyone can do.

It’s up to the person or people you are communicating with, to be open enough to realize this universal element of our existence and be insightful enough to understand where you are coming from and what you mean, and to be sure that you are clear on where they are coming from and what they mean.

This is one of the main reasons why the ‘Home’ page of this site is so long – I try to use all the variations of womens problem areas that I know of – as well as using variations of how you and other women may describe their trouble spots and more importantly, the improvements they want in their leg, butt, hip and thigh areas.

I almost started talking about body image or ‘self image’ – because that is also a factor – but I will address that in a future article – as there is much to be shared on that topic…

This article is meant to start a discussion – that I would like your feedback and comments on.

How do you describe your lower body problems?

What improvements do you want to make?

Remember – there is no right or wrong…

Just click on the oval ‘Comment’ button just below here, over to the right a little…

Your Trainer,

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Who Do You Exercise For? Your Self or ‘Your Man’

- By Joey Atlas, M.S. Exercise Physiology

We get tons of email every day from around the world. Questions and comments in all areas of female fitness and nutrition. But there is one type of question we get that needs to be addressed in a big way.

It generally sounds like this:

“Joey – can you please tell me exactly how to make my thighs tight and shapely. My man (boyfriend, husband, fiance, whatever..) loves women with sexy thighs and mine are just not in that category… He’s always making comments about how I should try to make my thighs and butt nicer – like the ones we see on tv, etc…

“Joey – I just want to make him happy – so I’m all that he desires. Please help me get my thighs and butt into the best possible shape so my man can love me…”

First – If your motivation for improving the physical aspect of your fitness is fueled by wanting to be more desirable to ‘your man’ – forget about it, sweetheart – go find another man, a real man who is more interested in what’s below the surface of a woman’s skin…

Second – and more importantly, open your eyes (and mind) to the fact that you should want to be fit, strong, sexy and healthy for YOU, as in your SELF. (Tell the shallow jack-ass to go find his ‘happiness’ elsewhere – or maybe just to expand his horizons a little bit.)

Let me make this clear – when I say ‘sexy’ – I don’t mean looking like the images that the media wants us to think is the perfect image of sexy. There are many different versions of ‘sexy’ – and you have your own unique version that nobody else has. Yeah, there may be other women with similar body types, etc – but they are not you and you are not them.

Understand where I’m coming from? ;-))

Take the gift of life you’ve been given – and make it as good as you possibly can – with proven and realistic exercise techniques and proper, well-balanced nutrition.

Here’s a little gift to help with the balanced nutrition part – it’s a PDF you can download and print and post in your kitchen, office or wherever you wish:

8 Healthy Snacks for a Fit and Firm Body < = Click Here

Please feel free to share it with whoever you wish - by using the 'Share This' button below - and don't forget to leave me a comment...

Your trainer,


I started the program yesterday and am very excited about it! It
reminds me of the exercises I used to do way back when!!! I’ve been going to
the gym for about 18 months and feel like I put a lot of time and effort
into it and haven’t realized the results I was seeking. I am quite strong in
the lower body but not as lean or sculpted as I want to be. I was actually
a bit sore after doing only the LBHTM once! This is confirmation that I was
NOT reaching all the lower body muscles you speak of, with machines and weights.


Anna Braheem


Hi Joey,

I am doing the Lower Body workouts. I just started my third week. I can really
feel the exercises working where I need them to. I am following the
progression plans and hope to see even more results soon. I can feel the
muscles in my legs getting firmer each time I do the workouts so I
know they are working. These exercises are great! I am feeling ‘worked’
in areas I have never felt before. Thank you for putting this program
together and helping so many women feel better about ourselves again.

Monica Guidry


Pam and Joey,

The ULBHTM exercises are wonderful. I have been doing gym lessons regularly since 38 years and those exercises Joey has put together are the “classic” exercises which once upon a time were taught in “normal” exercise classes of 30 min or even an hour. But over the years those classes thought they need to be more “fancy” and so they have taken them off the lessons replacing them with more “breathtaking” one. Joey did a good job of realizing that those are the ones which make THE difference in the ‘trouble spot’ parts of the body. I have been doing regularly, for several weeks now, starting with 4-5 exercises which I picked up from his newsletters, and feel REALLY good about it. But now with the manual on hand, I can follow the complete sequences Joey has put together …

Again thanks, and greetings from Rome.
Elke Eggert

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