4 Lower-Body Exercises; Body-weight Leg, Butt & Thigh Workout for Women


4 Lower-Body Exercises; Body-weight Leg, Butt & Thigh Workout for Women

Synergistic body-weight exercises for women can help the average female achieve specific lower body goals. Primary examples are:

ONE: Anti Cellulite Exercises for targeting the cause of dimples & shadows
TWO: Toning Exercises for toning, strengthening and lifting saggy or droopy muscles
THREE: Sculpting Exercises for shaping specific lower body areas and trouble zones
FOUR: Firming Exercises for tightening up soft/atrophied muscles and smoothing bumpy skin

In this leg, butt and thigh exercise video clip, I bring you through a combination sequence of four body-weight exercises which stimulate the legs, glutes and thigh zones. These will also get the middle and lower back working as well to help tighten, tone and reduce flab.

This mini-workout can be done as a solo exercise routine – or you can combine it with the other free exercises on this website – or in my complete, home and travel workout programs for purchase (e-manuals,dvds, etc…)

This lower-body exercise combo-sequence includes four body-weight movements. They are:

ONE – Exercise Ball Double-Leg, Hamstring Curl (for back of thighs & butt)

Lying down on a mat or soft surface, facing up – place your heels and calves on top of an exercise ball (55cm or 65cm is ideal). Arms on the ground at your sides. Lift your hips off the ground by pushing your heels and calves into the ball. That is your starting position. Then curl your heels in toward your hamstrings, while pushing your hips toward the sky. Stop when the bottom of your feet are on top of the ball. Then slowly return the the starting position.

TWO – Double-Leg, Knee-Up & Down (for quads, fronts of thighs)

Get onto your hands and knees – on an exercise mat or soft surface. Bring your toes forward. Then slowly lift your knees off the ground and get your glutes up toward the sky – so your legs are almost fully straightened. Then slowly return to the start position – lightly touching your knees to the ground.

THREE – Symmetrical Hip-Extensions (glutes, low and mid back)

Lying down face-up now. Bend your knees and point your toes upward – so your heels are the only part of your feet touching the floor or mat. Push your heels into the ground and lift your hips toward the sky. Give a slight pause at the top. Then slowly lower your hips to touch the mat. Breath out on the way up (as you exert) and breath in on the way down (as you relax).

FOUR – Exercise Ball Squats (for the whole lower body)

Place an exercise ball (size 55cm – 65cm) against a wall and then lean against it with your lower back area. With your feet shoulder width apart – slowly squat down as the ball rolls up toward your upper back/shoulder blade area. Pause for a second or two – then slowly return to the top position, keeping a slight bend in the knees at the top. Breath in going down – breath out going up.

If going through this body-weight exercise circuit is too easy – try it a second and third time. You can also add 5 or 10 repetitions to each set for a longer exercise sessions and a more intense fitness challenge.

After you’ve tried this lower-body exercise sequence – please post your feedback and comments below – and then please do share this with anyone else you know who can benefit from this kind of helpful fitness information.

As always – I remind you to get your doctor’s medical clearance for exercise before starting any new exercise program – or if you are unsure about your own physical ability and readiness for exercise.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens Body Enhancement Specialist



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Infomercial Fitness Products for Women: What’s the Deal???!!!

- by Joey Atlas: ‘The Woman’s Trainer’

Every minute of the day (and night) there are infomercials hocking all sorts of products. A large percentage of these are exercise products, targeted at women and their lower body trouble spots & problem areas – something I’m an expert in, arguably one of THE top experts in the world.

You may be surprised to know that I (used to) watch these marketing presentations on a regular basis (before I removed all TV’s form the house). But unlike every other viewer – I’m watching them from a totally different perspective. I’ll expand upon that in the future…

Sure there is a small percentage of items which are worthy and effective – if used. But…

In the last few months – something has transpired that’s been brewing for a few years now. Several factors came together and a flash of brilliance caused me to open my inventor’s notebook and start sketching my concept.

First – What are the ‘factors’?

1 – My disgust and dismay for the outright lies on some of these infomercials.

2 – The consumer reports and complaints about the products sold via infomercials.

3 – A challenge that was issued by someone – for me to create a product (home exercise unit) which incorporates and enhances my methods in The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover.

4 – A realization that the Atlas Bodyweight and Band, Family Home Gym contains a component that can be perfectly utilized in the lower body unit for women. (NOTE: The Atlas Bodyweight and Band, Family Home Gym is being designed and prototyped as we speak. The first one will be built for use in my home, by me and my family. Once the Patent documents are filed – I will post some of the design graphics on one of my blogs.)

What does this mean?

It means I’m working on a female specific, home exercise apparatus which allows my methods in The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover program to be further enhanced and expanded.

What does this have to do with infomercials?

Infomercials have a literal monopoly on exercise gadgets that target specific areas of the body – for the male or female gender. The main problem, however, is that most – and I mean the VAST majority type of most – simply do not deliver on promised results.

The reasons why are obvious (to me) – however, I’m not here to criticize other institutions – but what I can do is create something better that delivers results above and beyond anything else that is on the market.

As an independent fitness leader – my main goal is to truly help people succeed.

Infomercial companies, on the other hand, have a different primary goal: to maximize profits for company owners and/or shareholders. The customer(s) come second or third or fourth…

The power of the internet provides solo professionals, like me, the opportunity to “do things my way” – and literally compete with the ‘giant companies’ by delivering a very targeted, friendly and client-plus-results oriented business model.

As I develop the (1) Atlas Family Home Gym and the (2) ‘lower body apparatus’ for women (I can’t reveal the name just yet) – I will share more and more details on my blogs and in my newsletters.

The ‘invention’ and ‘new product’ field has many twists and turns, sometimes quite challenging and brain-bending. BUT, because it’s in the area where I’ve been gifted and where my long standing passion is fueled – It’s very fun and rewarding to slowly bring a concept to reality with the aim of helping others succeed in areas of their life where they’ve been unsuccessful before.

If you have any thoughts, comments, questions – or just want to volunteer your brainstorm ideas – please post them below by clicking on that oval ‘Comments’ button… – I’ll be reading all of them.

Your trainer for life – your trainer FOREVER,

Joey Atlas

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Hot Butt and Thigh Exercise: Walking Lunge Touch-Down

-by Joey Atlas, The Woman’s Trainer

Before you watch the video – get this first if you haven’t yet:

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Hot Butt and Thigh Exercise: Walking Lunge Touch-Down

This is the video demonstration I promised after I made this post on my book blog:

Lower Body, Core, Abs and Cardio Exercise COMBINED <= click to read

The video makes perfect sense only if you’ve read the article I mention above…

After you watch the video – please share a link to this page with anyone you know who can use this type of information… And feel free to link to it, bookmark it, etc from your site or social networking area…

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else…
Be You… Be Fit… Be Sexy…

Joey Atlas

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Worst Cellulite Treatment Gives You More Cellulite!

- by Joey Atlas – Womens’ Favorite Trainer

The Worst Cellulite Treatment Actually Gives You More Cellulite!

As I looked at some of the recent success stories that I’ve received (a few of which have been posted on the home page) – it made me realize that there are supposed ‘cellulite treatments’ in the form of exercises, creams, lotions, wraps and pills (just to name a few) – that are actually causing more cellulite on women’s toughest problem areas.

Here’s why…

Prime Example: A woman gets so fed up with the cellulite on her legs, butt, hips and thighs – and finally decides to start an exercise program (something she really doesn’t want to do) – because the girl that does her nails told her that she heard exercising helps get rid of cellulite… [Please note this type of scenario can happen many ways... i.e. - a helpful hubby buys the wife a B.S. piece of anti cellulite exercise equipment, boyfriend encourages his girl to join Curves for women... too many to list...]

So she begrudgingly joins the local fitness center and gets put on a program with all the typical weights and machines for legs – which is the equivalent of feeling the need to break an egg before you put it into the frying pan… with a freakin’ sledge hammer for Pete’s sake!

So she gets into the routine …bustin’ her ass for a few weeks …the initial soreness subsides and she’s cruisin’ along – doing 2 or 3 tough leg workouts every week…

But – every time she strips down before getting in the shower – she looks in the mirror and the dimpled & shadowy skin is still there – …no cellulite reduction – just a little stronger in the legs – BUT with a few new aches and pains to go along with the early stages of humiliation…

Now – let me make note here – this happens with all the bogus cellulite scams and treatments out there.. But here’s the problem – exercise, wait let me specify… THE PROPER EXERCISES do reduce and get rid of cellulite… But exercises that are prescribed to the masses – are not structured to target and get rid of cellulite…

Here’s an analogy that will help illustrate this beautifully…

Remember the scene in Rocky where he beats the crap out of the side of beef?

cellulite treatment article
Rocky Beating a Dead Horse (I mean cow)

When he’s done throwing punches the side of beef is still fully intact… BUT it’s bruised and bloodied, and battered with a few broken ribs on the inside… – later on, that same side of beef which took a brutal beating, gets sliced, diced and filleted into several dozen pieces (or filayed, or falaid…) with a small but sharp butcher knife WITHOUT the butcher breaking one bead of sweat…

See, the butcher got the job done properly with the right tools and the right technique…

Which brings me back to the point about cellulite treatments that actually make it worse…

cellulite exercise for thighs butt
Body Bruising Exercise

I’ll keep this simple and to the point…

So our lady that we mentioned earlier… Shes a few more weeks in and she’s convinced the cellulite isn’t going away – as a matter of fact – as much as she hates to admit it – she’s actually noticing that it’s getting worse!!

That’s because it is… See, an exercise program that doesn’t get rid of cellulite – won’t stop it from getting worse either. Nasty but true!… Easy to understand, right?

So naturally she quits the brutal gym workouts and gives up altogether… But here’s the bigger problem… She still believes that the program she was following was supposed to get rid of her cellulite – when in reality it wasn’t – and because of this – she now believes it’s her “genetics” that has doomed her body and her happiness for the rest of her life…

This happens every day… I know, because I’ve been helping women like this for about 21 years now. It used to bother me a lot – until I learned how to it put it into perspective – and since I’ve put this fact into perspective – it’s helped me realize with more clarity the gift I’ve been given in being able to empathize with and guide toward success the type of woman who has experienced this type of misdirection and subsequent letdown…

You may have “cellulite” (dimples and shadows)… You may not have any cellulite – or you may be trying to prevent cellulite as you ‘mature’ (as you get “older”)… either way…

I hope this article has helped you understand the perils of the wrong cellulite treatment and how to avoid the pain and agony that can result from going down the wrong path.

I’d love to hear from you – so please post your comments, questions, nagging problems, burning desires below – or if you just want to tell me how handsome I am or that I look like a cross between Danny Devito and Mr. Clean – that’s fine by me ;-))

Your trainer for life…

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True Cellulite Treatment – 6 Insider Tips for Cellulite Reduction

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

True Cellulite Treatment – 6 Insider Tips for Cellulite Reduction…

1 – You must stop sitting on your ass all day long, Sweetheart… It’s a known fact that sitting on your ass all day makes it bigger, fatter and wider – creating more area, a larger canvas shall we say, for nasty cellulite to ‘show up’. And, I’m willing to bet the more sitting you are doing the less exercise you are doing. Am I right or am I right?

2 – You gotta stop working out like a freakin’ nut job… You can exercise ’til you cripple yourself and pass out – But that doesn’t mean you’ll get rid of your depressing cellulite. Yes, exercise does help get rid of cellulite, its one of the few things (arguably the only way) that does work in this regard – BUT it must be the right type of exercise program – If it is not, you’ll just be wasting your time, risking possible injury (and possibly making the cellulite worse). I’ve seen this happen time and time again over the years. And I still see women doing this.

3 – [One of my personal favorites] Make lots of love… I’m not suggesting you to start acting like an easy fluzy – or is it floozie? Whatever it is – you know what I’m talking about. If you are in a good relationship – then put some more emphasis on the ‘physical’ part of it. And don’t be a bump on a log who just lays there and takes it without expending some of your own energy and creativity.

If you want the true benefits of definite cellulite reduction – you have to take the ‘bull’ by the horns (or ‘the horn’ in this case) and work it good. There are many great positions and pleasurable movements that will allow you to break a good sweat as you work out your butt, hip and thighs – …yeah baby… (your significant other can send me a personal ‘thank you’ via the comment section of this blogsite ;-))

cellulite on sharon stone butt and thighs
Nasty Cellulite on Sharon Stone’s Butt, Hips & Thighs
Proves She Is Not Following Joey’s Program

4 – Quickly disown your dear mother… If you have cellulite – there’s a good chance you’re blaming your innocent mom for it. Well, this is a load of bs – it doesn’t matter what your mom’s rear end and thighs look like – you are not her and she is not you. Understand? – so you can forget about the lame genetic excuse – despite what your friend’s, brother’s sister in law is telling you about ‘genetics’. Next time you talk to your mom – ask her what she has tried to do about her cellulite problem.

And she’ll say something like – “Oh, darling – I’ve tried everything for this cottage cheese on my lower body – the creams, the body wraps, the pills that gave me the GI condition – even those plastic undergarments. It’s horrible – your father hasn’t made love to me with the lights on in about 35 years, maybe longer – now that I think about it – the rotten son of a bitch hasn’t made love to me in 35 years with the lights off either! Anyhow – why do you ask sweetheart?”

Then you ask her – “Well mother, have you ever tried the Cellulite Reduction version of the Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover from Joey Atlas? – They call him ‘The Ladies’ Trainer’ – and he’s a hottie too.”

And she’ll say, “Honey, you know I was never one for the gym and lifting weights and doing those machines. Is Joey related to Charles by any chance?”

And you’ll say, “Ok mom, you obviously haven’t done Joey’s exercise program – because his program doesn’t even involve weights and machines – you can do his whole program at home. I guess there is hope for me after all. I gotta go, mom – I’m ordering Joey’s program – talk to you later. Hey, one last thought – maybe you should try Joey’s program – Who knows maybe you’ll get lucky with dad, again…”

5 – Make these super simple tweaks to your daily nutrition… Reduce your sodium (salt) intake, reduce/eliminate your intake of artificial (chemical) sweeteners and food additives, make olive oil part of your daily nutrition, hydrate (drink water or like fluids) consistently, every day.

6 – This entry was much too controversial and had to be removed… “Sorry”…:

Before you go – read the email right there below my photo, you’ll be glad you did…

Do you have cellulite? What are you doing to get rid of it? What have you tried in the past? I want to hear about it…

And I would love your feedback, comments and questions regarding this article…

Post your comments below – we all want to know… just click on ‘COMMENTS’

Your trainer,

PS – Pam just forwarded me this email – and I just had to share it with you:

“Hi Joey,

I never wrote any product reviews or feedbacks…

– but here I just have to…

Your Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover rocks!

Ok. here is my story…

I have always been in a pretty good shape even though never really worked out and been to a gym just once;

BUT couple months ago I noticed that my jeans did not fit like before and i saw cellulite on a back of my legs and butt!

I panicked! summer was coming.

I have an office job and barely get up from my chair during the day…here is the result.

I started looking for a gym in my area but most of them do not offer any classes and I just hate treadmill and any other machines; plus i dont really have much time with my job and school.

So i gave up the gym idea and decided to buy some dvds and just do it at home.

I bought my 1st dvd, pilates and hated it. I had to use that rubber pilates band which was really uncomfortable; it even slipped and hit me couple times in a face. I had a good laugh.

Then i decided to browse google for “cellulite reduction”….

I wasn’t gonna buy any creams or do any expensive wrap sessions…I just wanted to see what they offer.

I found your ULBHTM program with a perfect title… leg, butt, hip, thigh… and I just knew that was it.

I couldn’t wait to get started.

At the beginning I did my workout every other day… and only after first few times i could feel and see the results.

I knew it was working!

…i could feel muscles that i never even knew I had …especially my inner thighs and right under the butt cheeks.

And the best thing i was not sore that bad! I did all exercises and full count from the very first time.

Anyways, i am on level 2 for over a week now…and my butt looks like from Victoria Secret catalog :)) well almost… – but its only been a month!

I am addicted to your program, Joey…

I am actually thinking of working on my abs now too…

Do you have any exercise program for that?

Thanks again! – Natalya Nam

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Best Leg Lift Exercise for Toning, Slimming and Sculpting

- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

A common question I get from many women is, “What’s the best leg lift exercise for toning and slimming my legs?”

What made me think about writing this article is actually not the question but an experience I had during my own lower body workout a few days ago.

I happened to be at the local YMCA and I was finishing up my leg workout off to the side on a mat in some open floor space. About 30 feet from me were two other women doing some of their own leg lift exercises.

best leg lift exercise for toning slimming and sculpting
Toning Leg Lift Exercise

I got up to get a quick drink at the water fountain and a woman who had been watching my whole leg workout while she was on the treadmill came over to me and said, “I was watching your whole workout and what surprises me is that you didn’t use any weights or leg machines and your legs and butt look amazing.”

I thanked her and briefly explained a bit of my ‘leg exercise’ philosophy. She then commented on the noticeable difference between how I was doing my leg lift exercises on the mat as compared to the 2 women who were also doing leg lift exercises on the floor. She asked me for some insight on this.

I explained, “Most people haven’t learned that leg exercise tempo, form, sequence and grouping are just as important as the actual exercises. Then you introduce ‘micro-varying’ to your leg exercise program and you really make things happen. You were watching me do all of these things. These were the differences you were seeing between me and the 2 women over there doing their own versions of leg lift exercises.”

So in answering the question, “What’s the best leg lift exercise for toning and slimming my legs?”…

There is no single best leg lift exercise – but rather how you perform the leg exercise in regards to exercise tempo, form, sequence and what other leg exercises you are grouping it with. Beyond that – you want to consider ‘micro-varying’ your leg exercises for long term progression.

This is where the best results are achieved and that is really what we are after. The best results – and not actually ‘the best leg lift exercise’.

These are the principles that have made The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover so popular among so many types of women. The program teaches the exact ways to perform each exercise with all the elements I mention above.

Women who use the ULBHTM for their leg, butt, hip and thigh areas get results. Women who kind of just go through the motions without regard to leg exercise tempo, form, sequence and grouping (like the 2 women at the YMCA) – get no results or very limited results.

Are you getting the results you want?

Or are you getting no results?

Let me know – leave a ‘comment’ below…

Your trainer,

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Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Enhancement Interview

- Joey Atlas being interviewed by Craig Ballantyne of www.TurbulenceFitnessTraining.com

CB: Joey, how did you go from just another trainer to a well known expert in working with female clients on helping them improve their legs, butts, hips, and thighs?

JA: From the start of my career, most of my clients have been women. I always made it a point to take note of the problems that came at the top of the list. It was very rare that a woman did not want to improve her lower body in some way.

Legs, butt, hips, thighs were always included in the desired improvements and quite often they were the only thing that a woman wanted to improve. So, I made it a point to focus my efforts on helping women get the changes they were looking for in their lower bodies.

Whether it was fat reduction and toning, cellulite reduction and shaping or building and sculpting – I have always enjoyed helping someone who is very confused about what to do or even unsure if they are capable of making any improvements at all.

CB: What types of exercises and workouts do you like to use for this purpose? Bodyweight, dumbells, machines? Do you ever get into kettlebells or barbells?

JA: I place emphasis on Bodyweight exercises. There is so much that can be done when you know how the body works in relation to gravity and one’s own bodyweight. So many people get lost in the machine and weight based workout routines and they miss out on so much that can be accomplished with a creative and balanced routine that is based on bodyweight exercises.

I’ll use dumbbells when appropriate and sometimes I’ll have clients use The Atlas Bag, which is a nylon bag I designed, with handles on each end. It holds most average size medicine balls and is very versatile and comfortable.

But the essence of this program – the thing that really brings the short and long term improvements is teaching women what they can do with no equipment – and just a few things that already have in the house. Its a lot of fun to see their progress and their emotional reactions about the changes.

CB: What would be a typical workout schedule for a beginner client with about 20 – 40 pounds to lose?

JA: We start with 5 – 8 minutes of lower body and core stretching. Then we’ll spend about 15 minutes on the mat, going through a series of beginner level, leg, butt, hip, thigh, ab and core moves. I teach this as ‘building a foundation’.

We may add some upper body moves while still on the mat and then it’s up to standing where the client is led through a series of beginner level lower body moves that lasts about 12 more minutes. This is followed by 5 minutes of lower body stretching.

This routine is recommended 2 – 3 times per week. One interesting note here is that even with women who tell me ‘they have been exercising’ or even if I know I’m dealing with someone who is clearly not a beginner – I’ll still run them through the beginner level program – because 99.7% of the time – my methods are different than anything else they’ve been doing, or may have tried in the past. And this surprises a lot of the female ‘fitness veterans’ – but it’s a pleasant surprise. – That’s why I get paid the ‘big bucks’, right?

CB: That’s for sure, Joey. How about something for a woman who is a little more advanced after going through your beginner and intermediate level program?

JA: For a more advanced client the outline is generally the same, but some of the exercise variations may be more challenging and the way the program is put together can also challenge a client beyond what they have been doing previously.

There is a cumulative effect that comes from how certain exercises are put into sequence with others. I like to take advantage this effect as opposed to ‘adding more weight’ or ‘doing more sets of the same exercise’. Again, 2 – 3 times per week is usually a good frequency.

If the advanced client is at a maintenance level – then it’s possible that once or twice per week is just fine.

CB: How do you educate your clients on nutrition and what are some of the tricks and tips you give to maximize compliance and results?

JA: I like to illustrate some of the long standing myths & misconceptions and re-educate clients about realistic, fitness promoting nutrition. Everything I teach is based on the proven concept of ‘daily caloric intake’.

As most, but not all, women want to lose weight – the biggest challenge is creating the daily caloric deficit needed to result in fat loss and toning. One of the ‘tricks’ I teach goes against what most experts are teaching.

I’m not saying those experts are wrong but I offer a different approach. It’s called ‘calorie shifting’…

Most people believe they are supposed to eat breakfast everyday because its healthy, etc, etc… However there are a lot of people who do this and find that it makes them hungrier and this causes them to consume more calories than they would like to over the course of a day. What I suggest, and I do this everyday as well – because it really works for me, is not to skip breakfast, but to push it later into the day.

For example, I’ll have a cup of tea or espresso with a little organic skim milk, at about 7am. But I don’t eat breakfast until 10:30 or 11am, lunch would be at around 2:30 or 3pm and so on.

In effect, all my meals are pushed back a few hours leaving less time for snacking and munching on unnecessary calories – making it so much easier to stay in the ideal daily caloric intake range.Lots of women who need to lose weight – who have been unsuccessful in the past – do well with this approach.

CB: And what about cardio? Do you use long cardio, intervals, or something else…a mix? What works best here?

JA: This all depends on the client. All of the above choices can work, but the key is to prescribe what they enjoy the most (this is rule number one) – because this makes long term adherence much more likely – and this is where permanent results are achieved.

Anytime you can get someone to stick with something for the long haul, you increase the possibility that it will become habit and harder to give up. Exercise is addictive when done properly. The results naturally follow.

CB: What are some lifestyle factors and obstacles that your clients have to avoid? What are some typical situations they find themselves in and how do they avoid temptation, setbacks or reverting bad habits?

JA: One of the more prevalent is vacation or holidays. For some reason people tend to put exercise on the back burner and on top of that they increase their food and beverage consumption, way more than they need to.

The root of this lies in whether or not the person has defined their values and if fitness is a part of those values or if it’s ‘just a way to look better in a bathing suit’ – which I consider a short term, superficial compulsion.

The more superficial the reasons for pursuing fitness are, the more likely there will be episodes of self sabotage, setbacks and most likely, failure. When fitness pursuits are based on getting the most out of life, for as long as possible, then a strong value system is in place and actions become based on these values.

The ‘sexy body’ is a natural by-product of the person’s values and matching ‘habits of daily life’.

CB: And finally, do you have any insights or tips that might surprise us…is there something that people think is good for fat loss but you disagree with…or vice versa? Any original tips would be great.

JA: I’ll go back to my ‘skipping breakfast’ concept mentioned above – calorie shifting. This takes a lot of people by surprise. Knowing that I have a masters degree in exercise physiology – they are waiting for some complex, scientific reason about why this works, when it goes against most of what we hear in the mainstream media.

And when I boil it all down – it’s simply a way of manipulating daily caloric intake in a way that makes it easier to implement and stick with. Women who want to lose body fat love it – because it’s easy and it works – that’s really all they want.

And here is something else that will become more prevalent in the mainstream media within the next 4 – 8 years… One of the things that people think is good for fat loss, but I strongly disagree with, is the number artificial sweeteners that are being used in the reduced calorie foods and diet drinks.

I won’t mention any trade or chemical names but these are substances I would not recommend to anyone.

This is one of the reasons I started creating my own healthy ‘fitness beverage’. I couldn’t find a truly healthy, all natural, tasteful drink that was low in calories and was really conducive to the fitness lifestyle. So I did some research and started making my own.

My clients are pushing me to bring it to the public, so I’m exploring that possibility. Oh – and here is something else that really gets me – these artificial sweeteners are also being used in regular versions of foods and drinks – with no notices on the labels. You have to find out by reading the ingredients list.

I know this because it happened to me. By chance, I was reading the label of a type of fairly healthy bread we had been buying for years. To my surprise – the company had started using one of the most widely used artificial sweeteners as an ingredient and didn’t even mention it on the packaging, except for in the very small ingredients list.

I thought this was an absolute joke and we simply stopped buying this company’s products.

CB: Thanks Joey – the info you shared here is great stuff – and will truly help a lot of women out there.

JA: My pleasure Craig – thanks for having me.



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Mother’s Day Gifts I Promised You Are Ready


Last week I promised I’d be sending you 2 FREE gifts:


2 – My extremely insightful audio interview with Holly Rigsby

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Leg Exercises Also Get the Butt, Hips and Thighs

As the first blog article on this site I though it would only be fitting that I start off with clearing up one of the most misunderstood aspects of enhancing the female leg, butt, hip and thigh area.

I used to find it irritating that women would continuously ask me the same type of question. I’m talking about different women over the course of time – many years actually. Although it had/has several variations of it – the question sounds like this…

“Joey, what can I do for my flabby thighs? Is there an exercise or a certain food?”

Again – there have been and still are MANY variations to this question (the cellulite on my butt, the fat on my hips, is there a toning pill, a butt firming supplement, etc… etc…) – you get my point, right?

Over the last several years my ‘irritation’ from these questions tuned to intrigue, curiosity and motivation. Intrigued to learn why women haven’t found the answer before they found me, curiosity as the what other “possible answers or solutions” already existed that weren’t getting the job done, and motivation to create the right solutions and then find a way to deliver the information to women who are ready to fix their problem areas properly and permanently.

This site is part of the solution. The title, ‘Leg Exercises Also Get the Butt, Hips and Thighs’, is part of my answer to all the women I’ve been helping over the years. See, there really is no ‘one’ exercise that targets a specific muscle in the lower body.

In the anatomy drawing below – we are looking at the back view of the butt and thigh area – with some of the surface muscles ‘removed’ to allow us to see the deeper layers.


In this image of the back part of the thigh and butt – I spotted about 18 separate muscles – and this is at a quick glance – if I took my time – or found a better image I would be able to easily point out more than that. Keep in mind we basically all have these same muscles (men and women) [In future articles I'll talk about how there are so many body types even though we all have the same bio-mechanical 'parts'.]

The quick point I’m trying to make here is that with all these muscles in the lower body – there is no one exercise that can be labeled as a true ‘isolation’ exercise to ‘spot reduce’ or to ‘lift the butt’ – however there are exercises that may “seem” like an isolation exercise that does improve a specific ‘problem area’ – but the truth is, a good butt exercise will also work the hips and thighs – a good leg exercise will also work the butt and thighs and a good thigh exercise will also involve the hips, butt and legs.

If I’ve confused you even more than you were before you read this – no worries – I usually have that initial effect on people – but hang in there – as this will all make perfect sense as I help you sort it out in future articles.

Before I sign off – I want to give you some more insight as to why I’m taking the time to write for you. I just did a quick search for the term ‘leg exercises for women’ – as expected one of my sites came up on the first page – but what also came up was some very scary – if not dangerous, websites and articles. Please note that this is only one term, amongst thousands, that women are looking for help under – and the same danger gets carried over to all these other problem areas.

It’s very hard for the average person to decipher good, fitness and nutrition information from misleading, harmful or just plain bad info.

Most of what I saw was completely inappropriate for the average woman who is searching the internet for leg exercise information. I’m simply taking upon myself to help fix this problem – simply because I care.

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