Resveratrol Supplements: The Dirty Truth About Resveratrol


Resveratrol Supplements: The Dirty Truth About Resveratrol

Every few months – there is a “new kid on the block” when it comes to the next “magic pill” – and just like the recent crackdown on the rip-off Acai berry scam – each new supplement scam fades off into the sunset – only to be replaced by the next disappointing, money wasting “magic pill”…

One of the current ‘new kids’ in the spotlight is Resveratrol – and I highlight today’s feature with a question asked, and answered, inside the private member area at my other site…

Here it is:

HI Joey,

I’m new to the forum, but a long-time dedicated and successful “student” of your fitness program!!! Thanks so much for all of your amazing info!!

I have a question for you….what is your opinion of the much-talked about “Resveritrol” that is being marketed as “THE” youth supplement, claiming to increase energy, erase wrinkles, improve muscle tone etc etc?? It’s pricey, but seems to be well-researched and has been covered by some well-respected people such as Oprah and Dr Oz, and CNN, Today show etc etc!! I trust your judgement and your HONEST opinion, so figured I’d get the scoop from you before I spend my hard-earned money!!!

Thanks much!

Here’s my response:

Its the current ‘scam/fad’ of the month.

Show me the actual video footage of this (not clever photos on websites created to sell this stuff) “has been covered by some well-respected people such as Oprah and Dr Oz, and CNN, Today show etc etc!!”

Don’t get ‘sucked in’ by the clever sales story – Just like acai got taken down recently – this will be next.

There are no magic pills – or ‘newly discovered “shortcuts” – save your money – and do what you know works…

BTW – Thanks for your fantastic complements!!
Joey ;-))

And Soleil’s reply:

Thanks Joey! LOL, exactly the response I expected…

I DO know better! Your program has been phenomenal in keeping this 41 year old fit and toned for more than a year now. I’m 5’7″ and 118 pounds! BUT…I have one little “spot” that I can never get perfect enough for my taste! I have a little “band” of “extra” at the top of my legs where they meet my butt!

It’s not unsightly or dimpled/cellulite, but is definitely a thicker “fatty area” that I can’t get rid of! I have faithfully used your program every other day for 1.5 years…no fail…no kidding!

It has produced amazing results for me, and truthfully I look better than many women half my age…but, alas, like many people, I’m greedy in wanting to have that “perfect’ body, LOL! If you have any more ideas or suggestions to help me with that one last spot, I’d be grateful…


Good stuff huh?

Want more of the inside scoop on the soon to be next ‘has been’ fad diet & health supplement?

Here are 2 more places to learn the real deal about scam loaded Resveratrol supplements:

Resveratrol supplement facts

Resveratrol Info: The Inside Scoop

Have some comments or thoughts about this post – click on ‘comment’ below – and let me know.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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Can I Rock Your Body (Get You In Shape) Even Though I “Can’t Spell”?


Can I Rock Your Body (Get You In Shape) Even Though I “Can’t Spell”?

We get boatloads of email – EVERYDAY – here at Atlas Headquarters…

And at least a few of them really grab our attention each day – each in their own special way.

Here is one that provides as interesting perspective – and after reading it – you’ll have a better understanding of the title of today’s post. So, enjoy – and please feel free to share your thoughts and comments at the bottom of the post…

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: spelling
From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, May 21, 2009 6:15 am
To: joey ( at ) joeyatlas . com

Hello, Joey.
I am not writing to be picky. I am writing to share a perspective that could be helpful. Really. I just read your letter about caffeine, etc. I have been enjoying checking out your perspective on fitness and health. I am reading along mentally “deciding” if you are to be trusted. If you are knowledgeable. If you can help me…

Unfortunately, not taking a moment to hit “spellcheck” and revealing that you deliberately don’t know how to spell diarrhea and aren’t going to make the effort to find out how to spell it causes me to doubt your care, and accuracy in presentling other health information. Now, I don’t personally care if you can spell or not and I know the content can still be good but it raises doubt in a reader’s mind…… For me, that causes me to have to work to get past it and becomes an obstacle to credibility.

Maybe other readers find it endearing, amusing or whatever. I am looking for solid information from a thorough, credible person. It is my health (very important) and there are so many options and opinions out there to sift through. If you have a credible opinion, it is helpful to present it that way. With care. And spellcheck. :-)

In appreciation,

Before I give you a chance to leave your thoughts below – I wanted to see if you caught Barbara’s misspelling…

“presentling” …I’m not sure that’s a word… hmmm… maybe her ‘spellcheck’ wasn’t working…

Barb – don’t take this the wrong way – I do this in fun – …I still appreciate you – and I’m also VERY sure my programs will help you immensely – even though I’m guilty of a few tiepoes here and there ;-)

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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Hot Fitness Interview: Listen to Joey Atlas Now for FREE


Hot Fitness Interview: Listen to Joey Atlas Now for FREE

In this audio interview conducted by Cassie Rohn, from the Sexy Living Society – I share some insightful, eye-opening and extremely helpful tips about your body, your health and your fitness.

Right now it’s free to listen to – so just click the play button here…


Enjoy and please pass it along to anyone you know who can benefit from hearing it. And feel free to leave your comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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A Mother’s Day Poem for Joey’s Mom – Mother’s Day 2009

Mother Day 2009 – a Poem for Virginia Gennusa

Late last night – I wrote this half-sleepin’
But I think after readin’ you’ll frame it for keepin’

It was a miraculous day – Some would say heavenly
March 16th, 1970

5 minutes before midnight – you became a mother
And within 4 years you’d add another and another

With infant pneumonia – I tested your mettle
That would be your first sign – life would rarely be settle

Despite my bull-head, and off centered approach
You guided me right – like a tough loving coach

Can’t say you were perfect – heck nobody is
But you still worked your magic – like a natural wiz

I pushed you to the limits – doing some real stupid stuff
Like when the Private I’s rang the bell – Oh man that was rough

But its times like those that give me material for today
And helps us give meaning to this grand holiday

You taught us tradition through Italian food
So now when I cook – my kids are like “Dude!”

All boys Catholic high school – I thought I’d never forgive you
Looking back now – I realize you did actually have your wits with you

With your keen intuition and some old school ways
You raised some good kids – like that show, Happy Days

No more kidding around – all joking aside
Whatever I say to close – must be magnified

I did the best I could in this poem to you
As with my life – that’s what you did too

And your best wasn’t perfect – ‘cuz it didn’t have to be
Your ‘good enough’ was perfect for me

It got me this far – and I’m far from done yet
Bigger things to come? Oh yeah, you bet

So for all you’ve done – and everything you’ve been – there’s only one more thing to say
…and that’s “Mom, I love you, Happy Mother Day”.


If you enjoyed this masterpiece – please share it today
& if you’re a mom too – Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Feel free to leave your comments below – Thanks!!


How to Get a Sexy Butt & Body: 5 Great Examples


How to Get a Sexy Butt & Body: 5 Great Examples

Last week a woman sent me an email question…

She wanted to know if she can have total access to the SBM program,
*at no charge at all* – not even the small reduced rate for the
first several months. Well, I replied with something even better
than F-R-E-E…

I let her know that as a special, secret bonus (clients only learn
of this AFTER they claim a ‘Free-for-Life’ spot) – I offer a step
by step, ‘connect the dots’ checklist that walks you through how to
create your own, personal (and FREE) blog/website – that does 2
things for you:

1 – It acts as a realtime, multidimensional fitness/nutrition
‘journal’ that enhances the priceless accountability factor you
need, to get into – and STAY in fantastic shape for the rest of
your life.

2 – It enables you to earn lifetime commissions when visitors to
your blog – go on to sign up at SBM as a result of you sharing your
‘story’, weekly progress and great success, with the world…

So, in essence – what I give you is a way to become a Private
Client in SBM for life – and the potential to earn more extra
dinero – every single month.

Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say?

And to show you how real – and effective this is – I’ve pulled 5
live examples from behind the scenes at SBM – to share with you.

Keep in mind some of these women knew nothing beyond being able to
just check their email – just a few shorts weeks ago…

Now look at what they are doing with my simple, “hold you by the
hand” guidance…

Visit each of their sites – and feel free to stay up to date with
them by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button…

Don’t be surprised if while reading some of their daily entries you
jump up and say “On my god – that’s me too!!”

Each of these women have lots of real world information to share –
and they post it at least every few days right on their personal
sites that you see listed above.

We would love for you to join us, if you haven’t already….

But – if you are still looking for some silly fad to deliver you to
eternal fitness “with no effort at all, while you eat as much as
you want…” then my program is not for you – it’s simply not a
phony fad…

It’s the real deal… And we’ve created it for YOU.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone else you know who
can use some quality motivation and wise direction in their quest
for a great body – and optimal health to match it.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas: Co-creator with
Erik ‘The Wizard’ Wickstrom of

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Boom Kickin’ ‘ Workout Music: FREE Workout Music from ‘DJ’ Joey Atlas


Boom Kickin’ ‘ Workout Music: Free Workout Music from ‘DJ’ Joey Atlas

Bookmark this post to get all free updates to my Kickin’ Workout Music Playlist, so you… “Never Miss a Beat!”

You can also access the Joey Atlas Workout Music Playlist right here – in real time – “Never Miss a Beat!”:

Joey Atlas Workout Music Station

Enjoy – and pass it around to all your friends who can use some good workout music – Especially your friends who exercise at home…

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

PS – just starting writing a lense at Squidoo:
Butt Hip & Thigh Exercises and Workouts

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More Weight Loss Lies & Diet Product Scams


More Weight Loss Lies & Diet Product Scams

Enviga Beverage Weight-Loss Claims ‘Curbed’

Coke, Nestle, and Beverage Partnership Worldwide (BPW) have settled charges that they falsely advertised that Enviga, a green tea beverage, can result in weight loss by burning extra calories.

The charges were brought by coalition of 26 states and the District of Columbia, led by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. The companies have agreed to re-label Enviga and any similar product to add disclosures, to disclaim any weight loss benefit, and to note that weight loss is only possible through diet and exercise.

They also agreed to pay $650,000 to the states. In 2007, Blumenthal began investigating questionable claims that drinking Enviga would burn more calories than it contains and implying that consuming the product would lead to weight loss. The claims were based on a small 3-day study that could not establish that any calorie burning associated with Enviga could be sustained over time.

The settlement requires that in any marketing of Enviga, or a similarly formulated beverage, that uses the terms “the calorie burner,” “negative calories,” “drink negative,” or makes any claims explicitly or implicitly that consumers will burn calories by drinking Enviga, there must be a clear and conspicuous disclosure that the product does not produce weight loss without diet and exercise.

The other participating states were Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and the District of Columbia.

[Attorney General announces settlement resolving weight loss and calorie-burning claims about Enviga. Press release, Connecticut Attorney General, Feb 26, 2009]

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Your Sexy Butt (and Body) Makeover is Here – Just in time…

Go here for all the ‘hot & heavy’ details.. See you there baby!!


Weight Training Nightmare: The Deadly Myth About Personal Trainers and Weight Training


Weight Training Nightmare: The Deadly Myth About Personal Trainers and Weight Training

One of the biggest ‘misconceptions’ people have about personal trainers sounds something like this…

“If I had the money to hire a personal trainer I would be in perfect shape.”

Having been in this industry for over 20 years – I’ve come to learn that this is actually just a cop-out excuse for most people. Plain and simple…

But, today – I want to show you the hidden danger in this excuse disguised as a ‘misconception’.

Let’s assume you have the money to hire a personal trainer to get you – and keep you in shape. It is extremely important that you are aware of the fact that all trainers are not safe trainers.

Case in point – Pam just forwarded this email to me from a ‘Joey Atlas Client’ in the UK.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Can I workout now?
From: kathleen c…… – ‘anonymous’ –
Date: Fri, February 13, 2009 8:43 am
To: “Your Trainer: Joey Atlas”

Hi Joey,

I had been doing your Ultimate Lower Body workouts and (in addition) went to the gym with a PT (personal trainer) a couple of times a week.

I was in good shape and ‘well’. However, I injured my neck during a weight training session with my PT and had to rest a while to recover.

On starting back training, I was passed as ‘fit’ by my PT to lift weights again.

It was a disaster.

I have had chronic pain in my neck and shoulders and now I’m having physio (therapy) to improve things (rehabilitate).

Long story made short, I have not been training for 4 months now. All my gains in fitness and general shape are lost. I just walk every other day for an hour.

Do you think I could start back with the Lower Body workouts and be safe now? I don’t want to do upper body work as I am so frightened of further damage.


Kate C…….

Pam answered her email directly – so I’m not going to rehash the answer here – but here are a few valuable lessons I want you to take from this:

1 – A certified personal trainer is not necessarily a ‘safe’ trainer. Frankly, some trainers are downright psychotic – I can say this because I’ve seen them with my own eyes in all types of settings. **NOTE: There are also many EXCELLENT trainers all over the world.**

2 – If a trainer injures you – Don’t ask them if you are well enough to resume exercising (see the proper medical pro.)

3 – If a trainer injures you – don’t go back to the same trainer – if you “must have a trainer…”

4 – Traditional weight training is not for everyone – as a matter of fact most people can work amazing wonders on their body with a program that only consists of about 15% weight training – most of the rest is bodyweight and band training.

5 – Learn to be your own personal trainer. Anything you think a trainer can do for you – you can do better yourself, as long as you have the right information.

6 – **this one is for you – Let me know if I left any ‘lessons’ out here – just click on ‘Comment’ below and let us know…

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

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Kinoki Foot Pads?: Step Directly on Bullshit with Kinoki Foot Pads


Kinoki Foot Pads?: Step Directly On Bullshit with Kinoki Foot Pads

There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t get at least a half dozen emails asking about specific health or fitness products. Though I don’t have time to answer them all directly – we do try hard to post as many of them as possible on at least one of my sites.

Today is a good one…

Many people have been asking for my opinion about these foot pads that turn black when you wear them overnight.

My good colleague, Dr Stephen Barrett – at ‘Quackwatch’ has pulled this gem right from the FTC’s files.

Here you go…

FTC sues “detox” Kinoki Foot Pad Marketers

The Federal Trade Commission has charged Yehuda (“Juda”) Levin, Baruch Levin, and their Xacta 3000 Inc. with deceptive advertising. According to the complaint, the defendants claimed that applying Kinoki Foot Pads to the soles of the feet at night would remove heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, parasites, chemicals, and cellulite from their bodies. The ads also claimed that use of the foot pads could treat depression, fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. [FTC charges marketers of Kinoki Foot Pads with deceptive advertising; seeks funds for consumer redress. FTC news release, Jan 28, 2009]

When applied to the feet, foot pads darken, which marketers claim is evidence that toxins are being drawn out from the body. However, investigators have demonstrated that the darkening is caused by contact with moisture from any source and has nothing to do with “toxins.” [Barrett S. The "detox" foot pad scam. Device Watch, Feb 5, 2009]

It used to baffle me at how many people acutally buy into these rip-offs – But as I’ve become wiser – I’ve grown to understand human nature – and how these types of dirt-bag companies prey on the desperate people who are conned and misled into wasting their hard earned money for an outright lie.

How do you feel about this stuff?

Have you been cheated in the past?

If so – I’d like to know – so click on that cool ‘Comments’ button right there, and just post it below.

Your trainer,

Joey Atlas

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