- by Joey Atlas, Sexual Enhancement Therapist (<= How's that for a cool title!? ;-))

Seductive Exercises: Turn Him On With These Easy Moves

I posted a version of this on one of my other blogs and got a welcome response from it – so I thought it would be good to share it here as well.

There’s no question about it… being in better shape means better love making, intimacy and of course, ‘performance’.

sexual exercises
Sexual Exercises

Please remember – ‘better shape’ is a relative term – and I’m not suggesting, at all, you have to be a perfect ’10’.

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while know exactly what I mean…

Absolute perfection is not the goal – but continuous, realistic improvement is…

… But what most women don’t know is how fast the sexual enhancement effects of a few simple exercises can be realized and experienced…

This fantastic email puts it perfectly –

Hey Joey!

I recently bought your Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual and as soon as I came home yesterday I started “the Makeover”. After moving the living room table aside, I put my fitness mat on the floor and started the exercises – excellent instructions, I must say…

Many of these exercises are unknown to me but I quickly got the hang of them… your instructions make it quite simple. The exercises are fun, brilliant and deliver a stimulus to strategic muscle areas – a VERY targeted routine, I have to admit.

I gotta say, Joey – this is a far-cry from the typical body-busting squats & lunges with weights and machine routines I’ve been through at the gym, a pleasant departure, for sure… I’m surprised at how much ‘deeper’ and evenly I feel this routine working…

Anyhow, my husband got home from his meeting as I was finishing up the last few moves and he was pretty excited to be able to watch me doing this. He grabbed some cereal and sat down and said ‘I LOVE your workout outfit’…

He made me laugh… I asked him if he thought I was doing the exercises the right way…

He really likes your program and made a few comments about the exercises… All of this created a romantic mood in him (and me). He went into the bathroom and posted a note that said “True love lasts forever…”. My heart melted and needless to say we had some “intimate” time together – it was wonderful ;-))

This program will enhance many marriages and improve relationships, Joey – excellent job – I LOVE it, and what it’s doing for my body, mind and spirit… ;-))

– Taunia,

I love getting emails like this!

Now, as fate would have it – not long after I posted this on the other blog – I had a bunch of women enthusiastically respond… and here are just a few of those sizzling responses…

Hi Joey,

I can tell you that after doing your Lower Body program for 10 months there is an amazing change in my body. The changes occurred gradually and so it was easy for me to notice how the change is positively affecting my marriage.

My husband and I have a much better sex life.

I feel so much better ‘in my skin’ that I’m not afraid to try different things in the bedroom. I have more of an internal drive and I’m just so glad that we found you on the internet.

I am a cellulitey (my word) person even though I’m only a size 4 and when I searched on the web for something to change my body, i ran across your Lower Body Makeover program. I’m SO glad i did!!!

Although the skin is still a little dimpled (and improving each month), my body shape is so much better and my skin is so much smoother.

Thank you for helping women all over the world!!!


I love it, I love it, I love it!! Yeah Baby!

hi joey,

Your magic methods are working wonders for me….

i have been following your program and strategies… and i must say it has changed my life for good ! …i’ve re-gained all the self confidence and inner beauty that i had slowly lost over a period of time ‘coz of a fast paced professional life in a competitive world….

YOU are doing a great job…keep it up……!

thanks a ton,

kalpita chodankar – india, mumbai

As I said earlier – being in better physical condition is a catalyst for many other things we do in life – including one of the most enjoyable acts – sex with the one you love. Improving your fitness of the mind, body and spirit will improve your sex life – in more ways than just the superficial appearance part…

More on that to be covered later…

What are your thoughts and/or experiences about sex and exercise? Please post below – I’ll be waiting to hear from you…

Your trainer for life…

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