Mother Day 2009 – a Poem for Virginia Gennusa

Late last night – I wrote this half-sleepin’
But I think after readin’ you’ll frame it for keepin’

It was a miraculous day – Some would say heavenly
March 16th, 1970

5 minutes before midnight – you became a mother
And within 4 years you’d add another and another

With infant pneumonia – I tested your mettle
That would be your first sign – life would rarely be settle

Despite my bull-head, and off centered approach
You guided me right – like a tough loving coach

Can’t say you were perfect – heck nobody is
But you still worked your magic – like a natural wiz

I pushed you to the limits – doing some real stupid stuff
Like when the Private I’s rang the bell – Oh man that was rough

But its times like those that give me material for today
And helps us give meaning to this grand holiday

You taught us tradition through Italian food
So now when I cook – my kids are like “Dude!”

All boys Catholic high school – I thought I’d never forgive you
Looking back now – I realize you did actually have your wits with you

With your keen intuition and some old school ways
You raised some good kids – like that show, Happy Days

No more kidding around – all joking aside
Whatever I say to close – must be magnified

I did the best I could in this poem to you
As with my life – that’s what you did too

And your best wasn’t perfect – ‘cuz it didn’t have to be
Your ‘good enough’ was perfect for me

It got me this far – and I’m far from done yet
Bigger things to come? Oh yeah, you bet

So for all you’ve done – and everything you’ve been – there’s only one more thing to say
…and that’s “Mom, I love you, Happy Mother Day”.


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