“Five Critical Facts You Must Know to Turn
Your Lower Body Into a Firm and Sexy
Work of Art with a Few Simple Exercises…”

“WITHOUT Having to Use Sweaty Gyms, Painful Weights, Or Dangerous and Uncomfortable Machines…”

-by Joey Atlas, “The Woman’s Trainer”

Jacksonville, FL – No doubt about it: The lower body trouble spots and problem areas of a woman can be extremely stubborn and quite depressing.

From ‘too fat, heavy and flabby’ to ‘very lumpy, unshapely and covered with cellulite’ – the female leg, butt, hip, thigh and tummy areas can be the toughest problem areas to fix.

But armed with the right information and a tiny bit of energy you can make definite, visible and long-lasting improvements. By the time you finish reading this article – you’ll know exactly what to do, to start fixing your worst body areas that cause you embarrassment and frustration every day…

Let’s get started…

There are five crucial factors you must know:

1 – You have several hundred muscles in your leg, butt, hip, thigh and lower stomach area…

The major problem is, not exercising these muscles correctly will make your trouble spots worse and more pronounced – while risking serious injury… However, the right exercises that use these muscles in harmony with each other can bring definite results without spending unrealistic amounts of time on ineffective exercises and risking long term set-backs. You don’t need access to a gym – because this type of approach doesn’t require weights and machines…

2 – Regardless of your leg, butt, hip, thigh and tummy goals…

– from fat/flab/cellulite reduction to firming, slimming, building, toning, lifting and sculpting – the “right combination” of exercise variables will give you much better results in a shorter amount of time… Combine these variables improperly and you’ll just keep spinning your wheels, with no results to show for your efforts – just a lot of frustration, anger and wasted energy…

Here’s an important quiz for you – before you get to critical factor number 3…

QUIZ: Can You Relate to Any of This?…

Are you desperately unhappy with the unattractive condition of your lower body? Out of sheer embarrassment do you try to hide your problem areas and trouble spots (sometimes your whole body) behind big, baggy clothing?

Are you afraid of what’s going to happen to your body as you continue to get older?

Do you depressingly avoid social situations, like the beach or poolside gatherings, that require exposing parts of your body that make you feel extremely self conscious, as if others are staring at you in disgust…

Do you absolutely hate clothes shopping because of the pain and humiliation which comes from not being able to buy the latest sexy fashions? Do you hate settling for frumpy, ugly outfits that can cover all the fat layers inside and hide the nasty flab & horrible cellulite…

Are your relationships affected – especially with your man and the intimacy you share? Is your sex life basically withering away – and if “it” happens – do you only make love in the dark to avoid being ‘seen’?

Is your self confidence and self esteem slowly wearing away? Does it feel like your personality and spirit are getting smothered into non-existence because of the poor self-image you have of yourself?

Are you obsessed with “how bad you look” and are your prevailing thoughts focused on anger, frustration and self disappointment…

Have you made efforts, maybe repeated failed efforts, at getting on ‘some kind of program’ or trying some phony ‘solution in a bottle’? Do you feel led astray, swindled or fleeced – and now just so confused as to what’s legitimate and what’s pure trash?

Have you wasted hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars out of desperation, on scam diet products, misleading beauty treatments and ineffective fitness programs in the past – only to become even more disgusted with your physical appearance – when none of those things did what they promised?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these, don’t worry – because it’s simply not completely your fault… and most importantly – You can fix almost all of this – with the things you are gonna learn in this article…

3 – Age, genetics and body type have much less impact on…

…how your body looks and feels, than you may have been led to believe by traditional media, your friend’s sister’s brother in law or your family physician. Truth be told, your body is quite adaptable when treated properly “with the right program” as opposed to trying to force change on it with inappropriate, heavy weight-training and uncomfortable machine type exercise programs…

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— Lynne Derucchi – West Chester, New York

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Here’s What All This Means to You…

I assume you answered ‘yes’ to at least a few of those questions in the quiz above…

Well, imagine this…

It’s obvious there are some areas of your body that absolutely need improvements, and you believe you just found something that is going to work for you, finally… So, without hesitation you start doing some of these exercises – at the convenience of your own schedule – right in your own home…

Some days you do 20 minutes, some days you do 40 or 50 minutes because you want the improvements to happen even quicker…

Two or three weeks go by and you start to see and feel improvements in your lower body that you almost never thought could happen to you… But now it is…

And these welcome changes are positively affecting all other areas of you life… You are now able to shop for fashionable, sexy clothing that fits perfectly and comfortably – and looks attractive…

You get more attention from men in public and your self confidence improves dramatically…

Love-making and intimacy is so much better now – your husband or boyfriend is turned on and wants to make love to you more often – and so do you!

Your self esteem flourishes as you now love to see yourself in the mirror – with or WITHOUT clothes…

You love getting dressed, as all your cute outfits look amazing on you and your body is now in beautiful proportion…

You look forward to spring and summer as you shop for figure-hugging shorts and eye-catching swim wear…

Your feelings of depression fade with every passing week as you get your body into firm & sexy shape and your happiness radiates because now you can enjoy life again as a ‘normal’ woman…

Read on, to make those changes happen…

4 – You CAN’T improve or enhance your leg, butt, hip, thigh or tummy areas with…

…cellulite creams, lotions, wrap treatments, diet/fat burning pills, butt enhancement supplements or any other money wasting scam that sounds too good to be true. (You may have already wasted A LOT of money on some of these).

Deceptive marketing companies take advantage of advertising loopholes that allow them to lie to you on the packaging and in their advertisements.

They don’t care about you at all – they just want your money, nothing else…

Dramatic Lower Body Improvements Can Happen to YOU

You can start fixing your lower body and seeing results more quickly when you combine the 3 types of muscle contractions into your exercises – here’s why…

I began training women in the early 90’s – just after I graduated from State University at New York (Buffalo) with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology…

Just like every other fitness pro – I started my career in the health clubs – using typical weights and machines to train my female clients – the results they got were good – but I knew they could be even better – …much better…

After one year in the health club scene – I decided to strike out on my own and start doing personal training in people’s homes – with my specialty being women…

No Painful Weights – No Dangerous Machines – No Crowded Gyms – Just Incredible Improvements

I falsely thought my biggest challenge would be to find ways to create effective home exercise programs without having access to all the weights and machines found in your typical fitness center… But this turned out to be a true blessing in disguise…

I was ‘forced’ to be creative and really find a way to help all my female clients get the results they were paying me for (I used to charge $4,080.00 for just 4 weeks of training with me.)

So I started doing research on the primary types of muscle contractions and how these came into play during certain types of exercises – I analyzed how they could be combined, varied, sequenced – you name it – I tried it…

My biggest discovery was that these 3 types of muscle contractions be only done with body-weight exercises, if and only if, the exercises were done in a certain way in regards to movement tempo, order of the exercises and how they were grouped together…

Based on my findings, I immediately created a laser-targeted program, entirely focused on the most troublesome areas of the female body – the legs, butt, hips, thighs and lower stomach…

The results were absolutely mind-boggling – I became the busiest trainer in town – and I had a waiting list of female clients a mile long… The changes these women experienced were actually surprising me – because they were far better than anything I had seen in the gym…

Here’s Where it Gets REALLY Exciting for Us

As you can imagine… things are cruising along and business is beyond great…

I’m in a training session with Jeanine, one of my first clients, who happens to be a marketing consultant…

Three Types of Muscle Contractions COMBINED Are the Magic Behind the Method

She asks – “Joey how did you create this program – how did you know how good this would work for women – even though it’s so different than the mainstream stuff?”

Here’s my answer to her…

“I don’t mean to get technical here – but bare with me, you’ll be glad you did…

There are 3 types of muscle contractions:

1 – Concentric – muscle shortens as it contracts
2 – Eccentric – muscle lengthens as it contracts
3 – Isometric – muscle stays same length while contracting

There are long running debates in the fitness industry as to which type of exercise movement yields the best results for women…

But this is the foundation of the ‘Bigger Problem’ – see, most exercise equipment is designed to use only one of these types of muscle contractions – and most of the time it’s Concentric…

Concentric – very limiting to say the least when used by itself (this is one of the reasons women get poor results, if any at all) – and most of the time – this is how people train with weights as well…

Eccentric – while very effective – is usually only occasionally used with weight training. Eccentric exercises with weights are very hard and very dangerous – especially for women.

Isometric – are extremely effective – but very few trainers know how to incorporate them into an exercise program, properly – and so you hardly ever see anyone doing isometric exercises – a crying shame because they work like gangbusters – when done properly…

But here’s where the real magic comes in…

5- You’ll make dramatic improvements in your worst trouble spots and most stubborn problem areas…

…if you do simple, yet carefully structured, body-weight exercises (no weights & no machines) which combine all three types of muscle movements: Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric. This is a crucial factor for women that cannot be addressed with typical weight and machine type exercise programs…

When these 3 types of muscle movements are combined – the results are almost baffling…

BUT – the only way to combine these for maximum results and SAFETY is by focusing on body-weight type exercises – because its basically impossible to achieve this when using weights and machines…

But even more powerful is this…

You Can Do This Anytime, Anywhere – At the Convenience of Your Own Schedule

As you can imagine – this is very counter-intuitive to the mainstream fitness industry – because the industry is built on weights and machines. And for the every-day person – when you say ‘fitness’ – the first thing that comes to mind is weight training and exercise machines.

So making the switch to body-weight exercises that don’t require any equipment or weights is pretty hard to grasp… hard to grasp until you experience this type of laser targeted, body improving method, of course…

By getting rid of all the equipment and weights – you now have access to a program that you can do anytime, anywhere – this eliminates dozens of excuses that have held you back in the past and stopped you from fixing your lower body problems…”

Jeanine then asks…

“So there’s no other program out there that combines all 3 types of muscle contractions into one method?”

I say “That’s right.”

She says, “That’s it, Joey! – That’s why this program works – and that’s what women need to know! – We have to come up with a specific name for it…” …and so we did – but before I tell you the famous name of this method I have another client I’d like you to meet – her name is Chantal Marandola…

“Dear Joey (please excuse my english ;-),

I was a young “looker” but I let my body go to pot as I aged. However, I got it back after I found you and your method! See, when I started your program I was out of shape and flabby. Around a size 11 or so and about 146-149 lbs. give or take depending on time of month… My lower body was the worst. Jiggly inner thighs that rubbed together and cellulite on my buttocks and the front and back sides of my thighs.

It made me very self conscious and depressed – and at 45 years old this was not good. After just a few months of your program I am down to a firm, tight and curvy clothing size and at the sweet healthy weight I love being! Here are my before and after photos to show you my successes.

Look how puffy and bloated I look in the first 2 photos. I always used to wear baggy black clothing to try and cover all my imperfections. I was trying to hide myself from the world. I hated being seen – and avoided many different types of social situations because of how I looked, and felt about myself.


Here (below) is what I look like now, Joey! My legs, butt, hips and thighs are tight and toned with beautiful lifted shape, my belly rolls are gone and my arms don’t jiggle anymore.


I’ve been trying for years and years to get my body back… when I was young I was very sexy and desirable – I always had men after me… I never thought I needed exercise or to watch what I ate – but as the years went by – my body slowly fell apart – and everything was gone…

Worst of all it really took the passion and spontaneity out of my love life with my husband – and how could I blame him – I let myself go… and I knew it was time to do something about it…

Well, after only 2 months of following your advices – I have made dramatic changes – I am still amazed myself. I get so many compliments from friends and family – they all want to know how I did it and I just tell them, Joey Atlas and his Firmetrics program!

You have changed my life Joey – I feel young, healthy and sexy and desirable again! I have so much energy and my spirit is alive.

Please feel free to use my photos and informations to help inspire other women who have tried many things but failed.

Millions of thank yous to you,”

– Chantal Marandola, President

— Marandola Artists Management, Mission Viejo, California

-results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

I love Chantal’s story – it’s very rewarding for me to get these types of ‘thank you’ letters…

Ok – back to how we created the name…

Your Lower Body Gets Firm, Toned & Sexy With Simple, Unique and Clever Method

She (Jeanine) says – “Joey, you have to come up with some type of name or trademark for this method. Everything you just told me – you have to sum up in one word – if you eventually want to make something really big out of it – like with your own books, dvds or classes.”

So we started brainstorming and after about 20 minutes – we coined the term FIRMETRICS (TM) – this was perfect because it signified the combination of all 3 types of muscle movement in the ‘METRICS’ part – and it highlighted one the main physical goals of every woman which is to be sexy and ‘FIRM’.

Before we finish our session, Jeanine says “You know Joey, 99% percent of the women in this world can’t afford to hire a personal trainer – but if you could find a way to create a training manual, you would make your program affordable for nearly every woman in the world – and with the dramatic results this thing delivers – it’ll be bigger than Buns of Steel and Thigh Master put together.”

As she’s saying this – I’m thinking of how many lives would be transformed for women all over the world – so that night I can’t sleep and I start outlining the manual…

A Custom Tailored Program, Laser-Targeted at Womens’ Most Stubborn Trouble Spots and Nastiest Problem Areas

At first I’m stumped – because I’m trying to figure out how to put a 16-week, $4,080.00 women’s home exercise program into manual form – with photos and written instructions. [For me to train women privately in their home - my lowest rate was $85 per 45 minute session - and the Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover featuring FIRMETRICS was packaged at 3 sessions per week for 16 weeks.]

The next time I meet with Jeanine I tell her “I don’t know if I can do this, Jeanine – I’m trying to turn a $4,000.00 custom personal training program for women into a set of low-cost training manuals – I really don’t know where to start and my schedule is booked from sun-up to sun-down – how do I find the time?”

She says, “First thing you need to do is stop taking on new clients and stop running your ad in the local papers – just to open up enough time in your schedule to get this set of manuals done. I’ll find you a good photographer and you can have this project done in a week.

Just think, Joey – once its done you can make the entire program available to women everywhere for probably less than the cost of just one training session with you. You’ll be bigger than Jack LaLanne.”

So the first thing I do is stop running the ad in the local papers – to free up my time to create the 100 page manual for women…

So the ad stops running and after a few weeks I have some clear time in my schedule, I crank out the whole outline and meet up with the photographer to coordinate all the exercise photos we’ll be taking…

Like a man on fire I get the complete manuals done in about 10 days – full color photos and all – it turns out to be a beautiful 3 volume set… and by the time I had completed it, Jeanine had created the title – “The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover” – featuring FIRMETRICS (TM)

When I started putting together the packaging and the marketing material for these manuals – I simply went into my file that contained stacks of ‘thank you’ letters and testimonials from all of my female clients (and some of their husbands ;-)) like the one you read above from Chantal – and I started picking out all of the main benefits I could find.

Here’s What These Women Experienced, In Their Own Words

  • “The nasty dimples, shadows and ripples tighten up and get smooth & sexy…
  • “My body regained that pleasing, feminine proportion that looks balanced and womanly – not like some kind of out of whack, weird looking figure…
  • “My legs, butt, hips and thighs are leaner, tighter and firmer – like a ‘lift’ without surgery…
  • “My belly ‘pooch’ and ‘muffin top’ got smaller with each passing week until it vanished…
  • “Yay! I got my life back – I’m not a ‘prisoner of the gym’ anymore and I’m not spending 2 hours a day on exercise that doesn’t work – WOOHOO!…
  • “My clothes are getting looser and looser proving the fat and flab are melting away as my body burns those excess stored calories as fuel…
  • “I wake up every morning with ‘happy’ energy that lasts all day, every day – well almost every day ;-)) (I am a mom ya know!!)…
  • “My boyfriend is always passing complements at me now and telling me how my body is looking better and better…
  • “My self esteem and feelings of attractiveness have come back in full force – I feel like a new woman – strike that – I AM A NEW WOMAN!…
  • “I started shopping for fashionable, form-fitting dresses, skirts and bikinis again – and honestly, I never thought I’d see the day…
  • “My friends are ‘dying to know’ what I’ve been doing – they’re all super-envious of my new tight and shapely figure…
  • “I used to make up excuses so I could avoid all social gatherings – especially the summertime, outdoor ones – now I brim with enthusiasm to be with people and be seen – it’s nice to be able to flaunt what you’ve got in a classy kind of way…
  • “I have no fear of wearing any outfit I wish, from hot jeans to seductive lingerie (my husband is VERY excited about this too!)…
  • “Now I actually love to see myself, natural and naked in the mirror – front, side and back! – toned, firm, curvy and beautiful…
  • “My love life has that intimate eroticism back and my man is re-energized with that heated passion I love so much…
  • “I feel like a real woman again because I got that seductive, flirtatious quality back and I radiate with self-confidence…
  • “I love when ‘eyes are on me’ because I know I’m an eye-catcher and not a turn off… I get more smiles and complements from men now – it feels good to be desired…
  • -results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

Then I created a summary of what’s actually in this program – here it is…

Here Are Some of the Powerful Ingredients Behind FIRMETRICS and
The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover

  • How to get more dramatic results out of 18 minutes of laser-focused exercise than most ‘fitness veterans’ get in 90 minutes – without the body-bashing effects of weights and machines
  • Shrink, tighten & lift your inner thighs with one targeted exercise. You’ll NEVER see this anywhere else because I developed and perfected it
  • 7 exercises that MUST almost always be done without weights, to prevent you from bulking up (most women do these with weight – and they wonder why they can’t slim down!)
  • Specific ‘sequencing’ of 9 specific butt, thigh and core exercises – without ‘sequencing’, your efforts can lead to frustration and failure – this is another key reason why so many women put in a LOT of effort and get no results
  • 6 easy to find foods that naturally crank up your digestion and metabolism – you probably have them in your pantry right now
  • The exact lower core and upper thigh exercises that lingerie models (young and old) swear by – to keep their tight, seductive hourglass figures intact for years – EVEN after several pregnancies
  • What to sprinkle on your food to wipe out an overactive appetite and banish hunger pains to prevent unwanted lower body-fat, flab and cellulite
  • The body toning drink that prevents you from eating unnecessary calories: Hint: its cheap, healthy and available in any store – I tell you what it is and when you could drink it
  • A secret component of FIRMETRICS (TM) called ‘motion-tempo’ and how it leads to visible changes in your most stubborn trouble spots
  • Seven exercises you can do before you even get out of bed – that lift & tighten your butt, trim your legs and burn off lower belly flab like a match melts eyeliner
  • Five simple but very concentrated moves old-time burlesque show girls used to do to get rid of cellulite and prevent career ending saddle bags (you may NEVER see these in the health club)
  • ‘Exercise Clusters’ – another exclusive ingredient in the FIRMETRICS method – I developed these for VERY BUSY WOMEN who sometimes may only have 10, 15 or 20 minutes to exercise on certain days of the week – but still need something that works – the combined effect of these mini ‘Clusters’ is much greater than each move done separately
  • ‘Cumulative Synergy’ – gives you faster body enhancing results in less time per session, and in fewer weeks than any other worthy program out there… you can only get this when you combine Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric movements – something only FIRMETRICS does
  • Two brilliant variations of a 10 minute exercise routine you can do anywhere, anytime – that targets your worst problem spots like a guided missile to sculpt, shape and lift those areas
  • Three great exercises that MUST almost always be done, one right after the other – or every single repetition could be a complete waste of time … I see women doing these separately all the time – sad but true – and they wonder why their bodies don’t change for the better…
  • Four simple moves you do on the floor… to tone and tighten your jiggly wide hips and can slim your thick legs… Ballet dancers do these to maintain their firmly toned, beautiful figures (they’re not all born like that)
  • How we use a chair for 3 of the most effective knee friendly, butt lifting, flab tightening, waist trimming exercises any woman can do – regardless of your age – Las Vegas Showgirls do these on their days off
  • The right way to use an exercise ball to slim, lift and shape the areas of your body that you are trying to improve – WITHOUT hurting yourself or looking like a fool
  • Nine exercises that should NOT be done with weights unless you want to build massive, tree-trunk thighs that rub together, and door-wide hips that feel like heavy suitcases
  • How to use a pantry step or the first step on your staircase for 5 ‘knee and back friendly’ exercises that give you that beautifully balanced, head turning proportion from top to bottom – say goodbye to your dreaded pear-shaped body – say hello to hot clothes that fit perfectly
  • Why stair stepping machines can make your legs larger & butt bulkier and how to choose & simplify your cardio to avoid this type of unwanted nightmare
  • How to correctly position your body in relation to gravity for sure-fire results… this is one of the ‘hush-hush’ secrets to doing away with joint damaging weights, and back breaking machines
  • The position of your toes can completely change the effectiveness and the results you get from any given exercise – I show you the exact positions your toes should be in for best results – hardly anyone pays attention to this kind of detail
  • There’s a lot more to add to this list yet – I just need to find the time!

OK – where was I? …Oh yeah!

…At this point the manuals are done and I start marketing them through local mom’s clubs, high schools, women’s groups… basically wherever I could find women between the ages of 16 to 76 – and they’re selling like hot cakes – I literally couldn’t print them fast enough…

But there were still a lot of women who were asking for an even cheaper version – and the only way I could do this was to create a digital e-Manual version that women could download and print themselves – doing this would allow me to cut the price DRASTICALLY – since I’d be cutting out the paper, printing and binding costs… – and truth be told – it was the greatest move I ever made…

Since I released the digital version – sales have skyrocketed, and I haven’t looked back since…

Now women all over the world are getting immediate access to this results delivering program and since its all delivered as an instant digital download that you can use immediately because I give you everything you need to get your body into firm and sexy shape, without leaving your home or killing your self in the gym…

Just like Nicki from Australia:

Nicki's Photos of Toning & Cellulite Reduction

Nicki's Photos of Toning & Cellulite Reduction

Hi Joey,
I have attached some pics of proof for you. The first 3 are photos I took 3 weeks ago before I started your program. The next 3 (black G-string) are photos I took today, just 3 weeks into the program.

I have been doing the program every other day for 3 weeks. I hope the pics show the dramatic changes that I am seeing in the mirror and feeling. I definitely notice a difference in the shape and texture of my legs and my buns and thighs. I definitely have less cellulite on my lower body.
Joey I really want to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have really opened my eyes. I now feel armed with all of the knowledge about cellulite and why I had it.

I am no longer going to be the woman sucked in by any gimmick or sales pitch relating to cellulite. It really amazes me how much BS there is about cellulite. It is so disgusting that so many companies prey on us vulnerable women to get us to buy their product, which THEY know themselves will NOT work.
I have been fighting the cellulite battle for as long as I can remember and you Joey have been the only person who has given me the right tools and information to win this battle.

I now know I will win the battle because in such a short time I am already experiencing changes in my lower body. My inner thighs are firmer and smaller, my bottom is lifting and so are my legs…..literally lifting, it is an amazing feeling. I am already fitting into clothes that I haven’t been able to for years, and all this is happening at the age of 41 and AFTER 2 children!
The odd thing is I have always been fit and healthy, going to the gym for the last 20 years, lifting weights and following gym programs; BUT I have had a more noticeable change in only 3 weeks with your program than I have ever seen with doing weights and machines for 20 odd years. It might sound crazy to some, but it’s true no matter which way you cut it.
As I told you I am canceling my gym membership because I know I am better off doing your precise program at home. I had been doing your program at my gym for the last 3 weeks and one of the trainers said to me and I quote “Nicki why are you doing those exercises instead of your weights. You won’t tone your body doing those exercises, you need to do weights.”
It was at that moment that I made my final decision to say goodbye to the gym. That trainer has no idea how way off base she is. And the sad thing is, this happens every day in gyms all over the world.
To put it into perspective I was paying $80 per month for my gym membership before I decided to quit. The decision was easy. Not to mention all the money I will now save by not buying all the ineffective cellulite creams, lotions and gimmicks.
I am more than happy to spread the word about you Joey and your program. If there are any women out there who want to improve their body shape and get rid their cellulite forever then I would not hesitate to tell them to use your unique program.
I would also be happy Joey to keep you up to date with my future progress and send you more updated photos every few weeks to show my progress. I have also included a photo of my face so you can put a face to my name and lower body, lol.
I hope this helps Joey, because women do need to hear this. You may use my pics for the website for women to see with their own eyes. You have me addicted and I am telling all of my friends to check you out and get onboard.
Keep smiling,
P.S. The first 2 photos are attached to this email (before I started) and the other email has the other photos (3 weeks into the program). The files were too big to send in one email.
-results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual

The ULBHTM Digital e-Manual

And in my efforts to give you as much as possible so you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible – AND since this is a time of year that you need this kind of help the most, I’m also including these 12 Special Bonuses, FOR A LIMITED TIME, at no extra charge.

(These are also downloadable digital PDF’s that you’ll read on screen or print, except for the FREE home exercise DVD…)

Here they are:

– The Ultimate ‘Make Me Sexy’ Home Exercise Package –

>> Bonus # 1 – The Complete ’28 Days to Life’ version of the Blow-Torch “Diet”

($37.95 value) – This is my prescription for realistic, well-balanced nutrition. No matter what your goals are – these quick and simple meal plans are all easily adjustable to suit your needs. All the foods are readily available at most neighborhood supermarkets, including Target and Wal-Mart. No questionable supplements, no hard to find items and no ‘one-food fasting phases’ – or anything crazy like that.

With this, you also get ‘My Secret Seven Best Bed-Time Snacks’ ($17.97 value) – I know evenings can be tough when you are trying to eat right and stay away from junk food calories. It used to be one of my most challenging times until I learned about these foods and started using them each night as my fat burning ‘desert’. You can print and post this handy reminder card on your refrigerator so you can’t ‘mess up’. Crush your cravings and stop all temptations with ‘My Secret Seven’

>> Bonus # 2 – The Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover Travel Cheat Sheets

($17.00 value) – If you are going on the road – and don’t want to take your printed PDFs with you – just slip your Travel Cheat Sheets into your bag and you are ready to go. No missed exercise sessions – no excuses and your results keep coming – no matter where you are or where you go.

>> Bonus # 3 – All Three Versions of Progression Plans (outlines all sets, reps, days ,weeks, etc…) NO GUESSWORK FOR YOU:

– Fat Reduction, Slimming and Firming Progression Plans ($18.99 value)
– Building, Sculpting and Lifting Progression Plans ($18.99 value)
– Cellulite Reduction, Toning and Shaping Progression Plans ($18.99 value)

>> Bonus # 4 – Seven Steps to Building and Sculpting a Firm, Curvy Lower Body

($19.97 value) – I created this specifically for the woman who has no shape or size in her lower body and wants to build up some sexy, confidence boosting curves and ‘shapeliness’ – also very important for preventing and fighting osteoporosis, diabetes – and the nasty, body weakening effects of aging.

>> Bonus # 5 – The Cardio Report – Lower Body Edition

($15.00 value) – One of the most frequently asked questions from women who purchase the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover – Womens Home Exercise program is “How much and what kind of cardiovascular exercise should I do in addition to your program, Joey?” I wrote The Cardio Report to answer that specific question for you. I didn’t realize how many women get this wrong until I started taking questions via email.

>> Bonus # 6 – The ‘Before and After’ Coaching Questionnaire and Progress Tracker

($22.00 value) Taking a ‘before and after’ approach to getting started on and staying with your program will help you make it a natural part of your life – and MUCH more fun too. This Coaching Questionnaire is a refined and updated version of what I used to use when I was working with clients in a one-on-one setting. (Nobody else in my field is doing this – but I know there will be a bunch of ‘copy-cats’ once this gets around). I will also be looking forward to your ‘Before and After’ story with photos (I encourage this greatly!)!! This Coaching Questionnaire basically outlines your success. When you start reading it and filling in the blanks – you’ll see exactly why.

>> Bonus # 7 – SURPRISE BONUS – I can’t tell you what it is – or I’ll ruin the ‘Surprise’ ;-))

($55.00 value) (Women LOVE this.)

>> Bonus # 8 – My Insider list of Most Trusted Consumer Protection “Watchdog” websites

($50.00 value) – This is my closely guarded list of the best UNKNOWN consumer protection websites for valuable information you won’t see in the mainstream media. Learn which companies are selling fraudulent or harmful diet/nutrition supplements and beauty treatments – and which ones are legitimate and ethical. This one will save you lots of money, disappointment & maybe your life. Women are getting scammed every day – this is my way of helping you fight back and be a wise consumer.

>> Bonus # 9 – A Behind the Scenes Look at the Atlas Home Gym

($37.00 value) – This is a detailed list of the exact equipment in the Atlas home gym. You’ll be surprised at ‘how little’ there is. You’ll also learn how to get free home exercise devices & fitness accessories. – I’ll tell you how I got an $800 treadmill for FREE. Anyone can do this and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. This stuff is available everywhere – you just need to know where to look.

>> Bonus # 10 – My recently released, Amazon.com Bestselling book, ‘Fatness to Fitness’ (the digital version)

($17.77 value) , Dozens of copies of this book are sold on Amazon.com every day for the price of $14.97 – Many of my best tactics and strategies are in these pages waiting for you, ready to be implemented immediately for real results and improvements. WARNING: You will not find the ordinary, “ho-hum” fitness advice in this hot book…

full body home fitness dvd

NOTE – this book also gives you a private link which allows you to get my Total-Body, 3-Level, On-line Home Fitness Videos for FREE($28.00 value) – Special Link is on page 128 of the book.

>> Bonus # 11 – Optimal Health and Fitness Hydration for Women

($14.97 value) – This is one of the most overlooked and ignored areas of smart fitness and nutrition. I realized there is very limited and ‘hard to understand’ information on this subject – so I wrote a 12 page guide that tells you all you need to know, in terms that you’ll understand, and be able to implement today. Everything about your body, skin complexion, muscle tone and how you function is affected by proper INTERNAL hydration, or lack of hydration. Learn what you are supposed to be doing so you are not hampering your efforts by doing the wrong thing. One of easiest ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite is by lowering your salt intake and paying a little bit of attention to your fluid/water intake. I tell you exactly what you need to know and how to do it in the e-guide.

“OK, Joey! Yes I’m Ready to Feel More Sexy and I Want to Start Fixing My Body Right Away! So, I Want the Digital e-Manual and All of the Bonuses! – How Much Is Everything?

Well, we used to sell the printed, 3-Volume, hard copy, manuals for $160.00 plus shipping (about $177). Now you can get it (plus over $520.00 worth of FREE womens’ home fitness items) for less than $40 if you get started today – here’s how…

Original Printed Hard Copy Version

By creating the digital version and implementing a simple PDF download delivery system – I’m now able to offer this entire program for just $80 – BUT with the current additional 50% discount code on this program your investment in yourself is only $39.97 (delivered instantly via download), instead of $177.00

I am offering the extra 50% Discount incentive for women who download the complete e-Manual before this offer expires.

If you are seeing this message on your screen then you’ve qualified for the 50% discount.

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So let’s do the math here – you get over $520.00 worth of the BEST women’s fitness & health programs and support materials – mainly focused on your leg, butt, hip, thigh and stomach areas – with benefits that extend to all parts of your mind, body and spirit – for only $39.97 using the current 50% Discount Code – …that’s it!

This is a single, one-time purchase – you will NEVER be billed again.

Let’s put this into perspective before I give you my irresistible ‘ATLAS
money-back GUARANTEE’.

How many pairs of shoes or purses have you bought for $40 or more?

More than one I bet. And I’ll bet most of them haven’t been touched in about 8 or 9 months… money spent that has done you little good – if any…

On any given day – what do you spend on your necessities – such as food, a cup of tea, or a ‘coffee’? I’ll bet it’s more than 11 cents, right?

What’s 11 cents? It’s what you would pay, each day, for your Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover – Womens’ Home Fitness Program – if you paid for it over the course of just one year – 11 cents a day!! – that’s it.

But remember – this program will carry you to changes that will last a lifetime – because it’s the type of exercise program that you’ll want to follow forever. When something is easy and quick – you have no excuses…

Ok – on top of that generous offer – here is what I’ll also do for you – so that your mind is at total ease and you have absolutely NO RISK when you get your copy of this program.

You are covered by my Zero Risk
60-Day ‘Getting Results’ or Your Money Back
>> ‘Atlas Guarantee’ <<


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Here’s how it works. You have 58 days to ‘See, Feel and Get Results’ with this simple to follow program (not 2 weeks or 21 days like all the other NON-consumer friendly companies). If you are not satisfied with the physical changes you are experiencing – just let us know and request your refund within the initial 60-day period and we will gladly issue it. If my program doesn’t work for you – you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Fair enough, right? And You’ll still get to keep all the bonuses – All $520.00 worth. (I think it’s more than that!)

What’s the catch? There is none. Well, maybe a little one. In return for me doing all that I can to ensure your success…

All I ask is that you spread the word about this program when you start to see and feel the changes you will experience as a result of using The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover.

That’s fair enough too, right?

But that’s not all… it gets even better for you… Before I finished writing this – I racked my brain trying to think of what else I could give you to make this more than worth your while – basically make it a ‘no-brainer’ for you.

The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual

And here’s what I came up with. When you order The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover Womens Home Exercise e-Manual Digital Package – you will also get:

>> Bonus # 11 – FREE Updates For Life

- ($247.00 lifetime value) That’s right. Every time I add something to the program – you don’t have to buy it again. You get the new material for free, emailed straight to your inbox – no charge whatsoever. Here’s how it works – I contact you through your private, ‘clients-only’ e-newsletter (you register for this on the page right after you place your order – you can’t miss it) and I send you instant download instructions so you can stay right up to date on the latest Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover exercise and nutrition info.

>> Bonus # 12 – FREE Lifetime Subscription to My World Famous ‘Secrets of a Trainer’ e-Newsletter.


($87.00 per year value)This is currently a ‘free to the public’ offering – but eventually I will have to charge for it (as email will NOT be free forever, and my subscriber base grows by several thousand every week) – eventually, when new subscribers have to pay for their subscription – you’ll have nothing to worry about because you’re getting ‘in the door’ now – and this grants you ‘free update’ status – FOREVER.

I don’t know what else I can say at this point except it’s time for you to take action and allow me to help you make the changes you believe you can make. Are you ready? Then let’s go…

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The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual

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Spots and Change Your Life Today


Please Note: This is a downloadable e-book program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only order it through this website. You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own hard-copy and put in a 3 ring binder.

cb order form image lbm

Clicking the above order link will take you to a fully secure page (see image of page above), hosted by the digital product specialist, Clickbank, our ebook retailer. Clickbank sells our products – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a download page to download the e-book program as well as the free bonuses. If you have a high speed internet connection, the downloads usually take less than a minute. The e-book download and free bonuses will be in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, but if you don’t currently have it, a free download is available at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else… Be Fit !

joeyatlasheadshotsmall.jpg joey_atlas_sig_hqe4.gif

M.S. – Exercise Physiology
‘Chief Lower-Bodyologist’
Author – ‘The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover’

Oh! – one last thought…

“Positive actions result in positive outcomes. No action results in no outcomes or a worsening of the situation. In life – things happen for certain reasons. You came across this website for a very good reason. Don’t ignore ‘serendipity’ – I put myself here to help YOU. You didn’t find me by accident.”

Here are a few recent emails from women who’s lives have changed dramatically by following this easy program…


Hi, Pam and Joey!

Well…it’s been a while since I’ve started your program… And I’ve finally found what works to reclaim my Seductive Youth! :-)

But things are moving along great! Well, actually better than great…

At first, even though I wasn’t ‘seeing’ the change… I was feeling it.

My butt, my thighs…. my underwear just fit differently than before (a GOOD thing).

I really liked that because I knew things were changing. I had never done any exercise before that was able change my butt… these are lifting it and making it rounder, smaller and tighter….. Yeah!!!!

Last week I noticed my thighs are really slimming down with a nicely toned shape…. YES!!!

I am really impressed with this workout to say the least…

Like I told you before… I’ve worked out ever since I was a kid and I have a few exercise machines here at home, plus several different DVD’s, books, etc… – nothing ever worked. As a matter of fact….before starting your program I had been doing P90X for I think 7 months and I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted – very frustrating…

But since following Joey’s program I’ve gotten so many compliments… people think I’m younger… because I’m in such good shape now.

I just started a new job and one woman swore I was about 30 years old… (damn I love her… need to remember to do something nice for her!!! ) Truth be told – I’m 44 years old!! That was a great compliment to get from her!

My husband ( who never could keep his hands off me before) is even worse now…well…actually I mean better!!! All our kids are grown and out of the house…so that is much better!!!

Seeing the changes in my entire lower body has given me back the confidence I used to have…. so… it’s very easy to strut around in a thong and a short tank top… gets his attention fast!!!

And it feels great to wear a pair of sexy jeans and not have to worry about how your butt and thighs look… ’cause they’re looking good!!

This is my first week on the maintenance phase of the program…. feels funny only doing it once – so easy and quick!

Joey…I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to create a routine that truly works for women!!

I constantly spread the word about your program and how it has dramatically changed things for me. It’s so nice to look in the mirror naked and see firm thighs and a toned, lifted butt and very little cellulite. In a few more weeks…there wont be any cellulite on my body at all!

I will e-mail you again in a few weeks and give you another update.

I can’t wait for Labor Day… we have a big pool party and you can bet that this year…. I’ll be showing off and getting in the pool!!

Maybe I’ll send you a pic!

Thanks again for everything and keep up the great work!!!

Sherri R.
Pillow, Pennsylvania
-results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

Oh – here’s another good one from,, Lisa Pohlmeier. Not too long ago – Lisa was a middle aged mom, who just ‘let herself go’. She and her group of friends were all convinced being a fat, frumpy mom was a natural part of life and there’s no use in fighting it…

Well, one day Lisa had enough, and she decided that way of thinking can’t be true and she wasn’t going to settle for such a poor excuse – and live the rest of her life unhappy. She broke away from her band of content friends and proved them all wrong…

lisa before leg butt hip thigh exercise programlisa after leg butt hip thigh exercise program
<<= 'Before' --- Lisa --- 'After' =>>

Joey – I wasn’t sure I’d ever be writing you this…

This is my story, Joey: Overweight, Over-the-Hill Mom Turns Back Clock to ‘HOTTIE’ Time Yes, I started your program at a very low point in my life. I’ve dieted on and off most of my life (like most women out there) with temporary results only to be disappointed when the weight returned bringing a few extra depressing pounds with it.

I’ve been on both extremes of the scale (POST pregnancy high of around 190lbs – and a post relationship low of a VERY unhealthy and unfit, untoned 123lbs) and never found the key to being fit and firm in the middle of those two extremes.

As the dark reality of my 40th birthday was nearing I decided that if I was going to do anything about my body and my life, the time was now and that sent me searching the internet for something to turn it around for me. Unlike most other women, I just wasn’t going to accept what was happening to me…

That’s when I discovered your website and the answer I had been looking for – something realistic, simple and very effective…

I have to admit – I was a bit skeptical at first – because I had tried SO MANY things in the past that failed me – but something about your sincere words and your understanding of what real women are going through made me a believer…

I started following the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh and Tummy Makeover and within a few weeks I saw a transformation taking place that I never would’ve been able to accomplish on my own. I’m now the mom I want to be for my kids but more importantly the person I want to be for ME. I really do feel like a ‘hottie’ again… the Firmetrics principle really sets this apart from everything else…

You are a constant source of information, encouragement and inspiration for me and I couldn’t have gotten here without you. My goal when I started was to get back into my size 4’s and I’M THERE BABY!! I’ve officially lost all the extra fat and flab as the inches have ‘melted’ away along with the horrible cellulite (just a tiny little bit left to go).

I’m including some pictures just to prove how well your program works! The ‘before’ photo is after one of my fad diets. Somehow I managed to convince myself that “I wasn’t that big”….and everyone – my friends and family, let me believe it too. But now I know better… ;-))

Thank you, Joey!

Lisa Pohlmeier
Atlantic Beach
North Carolina

-results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

Emails like that are priceless – I LOVE helping women like this…

TO: Joey Atlas
FROM: Marie Rainey
DATE: Mon, August 11, 2008 – 8:29 pm

“Joey… This is Amazing!

I was so desperate before finding you that It feels like a miracle. After years of frustration in gyms and money wasted on beauty scams.

Several years ago I joined a HUGE Gym in Orlando, Florida. I won’t mention the name but it’s very famous. I had a GREAT trainer, she got a LOT out of me with the upper body. But nothing worked I mean NOTHING for my stubborn lower body problem areas.

We did squats, we used that Smith Machine or whatever it’s called. We used that machine for the calves, all of the machines… we even used machines in the men’s section of that Gym and still NOTHING worked. I was working out 5 times a week on my whole lower body – no matter what I did or tried… NOTHING WORKED.

My upper body looked great. People used to come watch her work with me because they couldn’t believe how much I could lift at my age, back then I was 43 years old, but my lower body was just AWFUL. I was doing 200 lunges a week, you name it I was doing it – but no results…

No results… Until I started your method, Joey. And I mean bigtime results, lifechanging…

My legs and thighs are much less saggy and getting more toned and shapely every week, the saddlebags are going away and there is much much less of that cottage cheese look, on the back of my UM HUM “rear-end”, (it was gross, I hated it!).

My inner thighs are not jiggly and I am developing nice muscle tone on the inside of the inner thighs. I have no clue the actual name of that muscle area but I can see it when I look in the mirror in the back – and I love it!

I have found that the Lifting and Toning section has really helped get rid of my Cellulite. Maybe I didn’t have Cellulite but just had muscles that were in atrophy, and it caused my skin to sag and get bumpy and dimply. BUT nonetheless… as soon as I started with the Lifting and Sculpting section, I started seeing results within 4 workouts – not 4 weeks – 4 workouts! VERY FAST…

I started on the Cellulite Reduction guidelines, and it was working great… but I decided to try the Lifting, Toning and Sculpting and then I started REALLY seeing results. Like most women, I was afraid my legs would get HUGE, but they got more toned, firmer and sexier!

And it’s making a MAJOR difference.

I walk about 4 or 5 days per week so this Lower Body Makeover is the perfect compliment. Older people need to know that there IS something they can do about sagging skin on their body! …build sexy muscle tone that lifts your skin…! There is an answer for sagging knee skin and horrid saddle bags… And I’m living proof… Who knew!

This is no small feat. I am 47 years old… So, what this program is doing for me is simply amazing.

Thanks so much, Joey!”

VERY Satisfied Customer

Marie Rainey
South Carolina
-results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

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The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual

…Awesome story – here’s another…

TO: Joey
FROM: Lisa Weinberger, New Orleans, LA
DATE: Wed, August 13, 2008 – 12:37 pm

Hi Joey,

… Four Trainers, 5 Years, Thousands of Dollars Wasted and NO RESULTS, but then I heard about YOU. So, I have been using your LBHT Makeover for a few weeks now and just have to shout, “THANK GOD FOR JOEY ATLAS!! ROUND OF FRIGGIN’ APPLAUSE!! FINALLY, A MAN WHO KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT WOMEN WANT AND CAN GIVE IT TO THEM!!!”

Joey, there’s a very good reason for my profound statement and that’s because I’m flat out fed up with the stupidity and uselessness of these people who call themselves “certified personal trainers.”

I tell you, Joey, I don’t know where they get their information from or better yet HOW the get “certified”, but they should be required to consult with YOU before they even attempt to train women, and MEN for than matter…

I have been through 4 different trainers in the past 5 years and none of them, I mean NONE, have been able to help me tighten this disgusting, flabby area around my pelvic region and lower body, like your program has, and very quickly I must add.

See, I didn’t always have this problem, only my butt and thighs were the original problem (which your program is also doing amazing wonders for). However, I was more concerned with this pelvic area because it’s not what I was used to.

After 32 years of age I started noticing this flabby bulge starting to spill over the top of my thong underwear, then the bulge started coming out from the bottom of the elastic strip waistband, then my waistband slowly started disappearing from sight… Eeewww, yuck!! So, yes Joey, for 5 years I had to put up with this because of my own lack of fitness knowledge and incompetent “certified personal trainers.”

Then, I found YOU and the rest is HISTORY or rather my fat, flab and cellulite are history!!

Thank you so much!! And my hubby thanks you, too!!

Love ya, Joey!!

Lisa Weinberger
New Orleans, LA
-results not typical; individual results vary depending on consistency, age, body type, previous fitness experiences…

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The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover e-Manual

Joey Atlas Fitness Resources
Atlas International Headquarters
Jacksonville, FL 32258
Toll-Free: 1-866-Yes-Joey


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